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Ungaro pour L'Homme I by Ungaro

Very much akin to Tsar. Where Tsar has more carnation, Ungaro I has more of a pine note, and a bit more spice. Duration is a few hours, and silage stronger than Tsar. Tsar might be slightly more versatile... it becomes more of a skin scent on me, so no problem wearing it to work.

This I think of a Christmas type of frag (along with Helmet Long Cologne) ...The pine & spice are in the forefront for this frag.

My favorite of the Ungaros. (II reminds me of Chanel Pour Homme Concentree - I don't like the root beer note in it, and III was unmemorable)
01st December, 2014

Jicky by Guerlain

After hearing about the dangers of wearing Jicky, I recently had an opportunity to get this in a trade.

I got the EDT and was shocked when I was [b]not[/b] appalled when I tried it. In fact, this could be my signature scent. My expectations were that to run to the sink and scrub away, or prepare myself for self-flaying. ;)

It is a clean lavender scent, with vanilla undertones very reminiscent of Shalimar. [b]Lots[/b] of lavender. You can tell Guerlain cannibalized Jicky to make the prominent lavender notes in Heritage. Nevertheless, the family tree is clear to me in this regard. Still, the lavender in Heritage seems to be a touch sharper. The lavender is not the sharp, piercing lavender you might find in, say, Agua Lavanda; nor is it a calmer English Lavender. I can't quite pin it down. It is a relaxing lavender but at the same time not a bumbling aromatheraputic lavender content to make you rest.

I know it allegedly has civet in it, however, my nose is either ignorant or inured to civet as a base. Duration of the EDT is not that great but the Shalimar-like base lasts for a few more hours once the clean top notes disappear.

I think when a lot of people bemoan the "fecal" smell, they are really associating the clean lavender notes with baby powder and other smells from baby products. I think it is a mental association game going on in peoples heads rather than "oh my god that smells like shit!" That is just my feeling from wearing it. On me, it is very nice scent, and I wouldn't shirk from getting into an elevator when wearing it.

However, more than other scents it may punish you for wearing too much. The lavender notes (perhaps the "guerlinade") are potent at first and slowly die down. Eventually the scent dies to the Shalimar-skin scent, but it takes a while.

Fiancee really liked it on me. I am not sure whether this is due to her loving Shalimar (which I dislike) and also liking lavender.

I would feel comfortable wearing it to work, and plan on getting the EDP. It is a timeless, excellent, comfortable scent for me.
12th September, 2005

Acqua di Selva by Visconti di Modrone

Although the pyramid would seem to indicate that this is a complex scent, I found it to be a rather simple one: Citrus, pine and soap.

Starts off with some nice citric notes before merging into a more subtle soap and pine blend. I wouldn't call it an accord - there seems to be a distinct soap note and a pine note. Dries down to a subtle pine. One time it lasted on me overnight, but generally the scent seems to be short-lived on me. I tend to spray a lot when I wear this.

Mine is EDC; I don't know if they make EDT. An EDT would be a vast improvement, I would think.

Not bad, not great. You could wear this anyplace anytime, I think.

Bowling Green comes closest, but is a lot less formal. Your best bet for a pine scent IMHO is Blenheim Bouquet, although it'll cost you, and is much more dry and rather formal.
04th August, 2005
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Knize Ten by Knize

Here is my review of this scent where I wore the scent all day blind - meaning I did not know the name or manufacturer of the scent:
This is another one where it is probably easier to compare against other scents I have than to describe what I smell.
This seems to be a classic non-linear scent. Overall the scent is subtle. I think it started off with some herbal or tobacco component. The middle and base of this are sweet... the middle notes reminded me of Pierre Cardin Centaures Cuir Fougere, minus the aquatic/mandarin, or perhaps with the hint of mandarin. There is definitely a sweetness to this scent which Cuir Fougere also had.
The "Cuir Fougere" note - if that is what I can call it didn't last long though. I believe I am now in the basenotes and there is a sweet base to this scent consisting mostly of sandalwood, reminiscent of Xeryus's base, but stronger. Xeryus's base comes at you in waves when you least expect it, while this one is fairly consistent and strong. I believe there is some spice mixed in with the sandalwood too. (Xeryus's base is listed as "amber" though, so I might have my note mixed up.) Not sure if the scent will evolve further.
Has some must-like qualities to it.
25th June, 2004

Verveine / Verbena by L'Occitane

Very nice but horrible duration. In a disturbing display of cutness I got two bottles one for myself and one for GF. ... BUT duration was absolutely abysmal. I think the scent was gone within 15 minutes. I ended up returning the Verbenas in exchange for the two previous scents.
I think this might the the pride of the L'Occitane line; the bottle for this has the verbena leaf on it while the rest of the bottles are non-descript. I think I would recommend this only as a refresher, kind of like how one might use 4711 during the summer. Doesn't last long, but while it does, wow! Maybe if they mixed it with some sort of base this one may last longer.
21st June, 2004

Eau de Vetyver by L'Occitane

Top notch, five stars for complexity; Three to four for duration. Classical non-linear construction, with clearly distinct top, middle and base notes. Different from the other vetiver I have, Guerlain Vetiver. The Guerlain Vetiver I found could be jarring at times and harsh. Not so with the L'Occitane. Additionally, Guerlain could wow me one day, and disappoint on the next. I have not found this with the L'Occitane.
I was really hesitant to buy this at first. The top notes on this seemed to be medicinal, Polo (original) like. This top note lasts for a long time, so you may have to bear with the scent if you're not one for that sort of thing. I'm sure L'Occitane probably has this classified as a "unisex" scent, but the top notes pull this one decidedly into the "male" arena.
Middle notes are spices and hint of citrus... quite pleasant, and long-lasting and blend well with the base. The base is where the grasses and tree-groves come out. I find the base notes to be almost aquatic and refreshing.
The image I would associate with the scent is sitting on the grass during the summer shaded by a grove of trees with a slowly running stream nearby. Outside the grove it is scorching, but all is calm in the grove as you are sheltered by the trees.
21st June, 2004

Spirit of Victor by Victor

Its ok... nothing to wow anyone over. One of those fresh-out-of-the-shower type scents. I think I would describe it as a marine-floral if I had to properly categorize it. I think there is lavender in there, but it doesn't predominate like it would in say, Lanvin L'Homme. That's a nice touch... sometimes I think the lavender in scents can be a bit too cloying.
Its kind of like Tommy T - though I think Tommy T is a little bit better. I seem to remember that Zirh smelled similar to this scent as well, though Zirh didn't last as long. You can't go wrong wearing it but I don't think anyone on these boards would buy it at full price (whatever that would be). I think I got it at TJ Maxx for $7 or something like that for 2 oz, so if you see it and you get it at that price, your wallet won't be hurting.
Duration is decent though; on me it is lasting well into the afternoon from a spray in the morning. The bottle is also designed well, with a rubber/metal cap. Too bad the label on the bottle is coming off.
25th May, 2004

Persian Leather by Caswell-Massey

Like most CM fragrances, unidimensional. Classy scent, smooth, subtly sweet, with the slightly dirty leather lingering in the background. Could be used on social occasions or at work. Could be too much for the summer.
Overall, I recommend, but I prefer Zino, which I find to be a richer scent.
16th February, 2004

Jockey Club by Caswell-Massey

Sorry, but an utterly average scent to me. There seems to be something similar in nature between this scent and Newport (old). Nothing distinctive about either scent. Barbershop-like scent, but if I wanted barbershop, I would use Canoe instead.
11th February, 2004

Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang

Good, but underwhelming scent. Top notes are not particularly interesting. Middle notes are akin to Egoiste. Base is soft sweet scent, not ambery.
Still, probably a good formal fragrance, for the office or at night. But if I want subtle, I'll go for Tsar.
Disappointing in that from the components, I was expecting much more of a mans scent with some power. I can't detect the tobacco or leather. I'll go for Quorum instead.
08th February, 2004

Derrick by Orlane

Not sure why this scent is so reviled on the Basenotes boards. I got it for cheap, and all I can say is that there isn't anything special about it. Like any other scent, you shouldn't drown yourself in it. The scent is on the light side at first, but becomes a bit heavier after a couple minutes of wearing. Probably good in the office - three spritzes max.
Top notes are spices, but they dissipate quickly. Base scent is similar to Gucci Nobile, which is ambery and nothing special. More of a '80s scent than a '70s scent though.
For an ambery scent, I prefer YSL M7. And for a '70s scent, I prefer Halston Z-14.
07th February, 2004

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

Solid linear scent, lasts all day. Perhaps since I don't remember the 70's, I don't find that it is reminiscent of that decade. To me it is utterly modern.
While it isn't a scent I would wear on sequential days, I believe it can be worn on practically any occasion, perhaps more so in the fall or winter. To me, this scent smells like I placed my arm in a burning fireplace, and removed it unscathed. On the other hand, my GF calls describes it as indian spices.
Hefty container.
05th February, 2004

Latitude Longitude by Nautica

Unlike other reviewers, I believe this scent can be used day-to-day. Best to use at home, play or work. Definitely not for formal occasions, and probably not for romantic ones.
The tea component complements the dark woods well. Unlike any other woodsy scent I have. Similar to Bulgari pour Homme, but not as long lasting, although the scent has some oomph to it, unlike the Bulgari.
Distinctive bottle - solid metal base and metal top without a lid.
05th February, 2004 (last edited: 07th February, 2004)
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Sandalwood by Caswell-Massey

The scent takes its time getting its act together, but when it does, it's love!
When you first spray it, it is like there isn't anything there. After maybe 45 sec, the aroma hits your nose. (Maybe that's because Sandalwood is typically a basenote.) If you're used to Sandalwood as a soap, then you're in for a big treat. It smells nothing like the Sandalwood soaps I've used. There is a sweetness which lingers through the day, which is not as strong as that in Tricorn, which is Mysore Sandalwood based. The sweetness is tempered by an earthiness, which makes this scent great for all-around use. CM Sandalwood may have a bit of vetiver in it, can't tell. In any case, the scent lasts all day; the duration is the best of CM's lot.
27th January, 2004

Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

I think this may be a great scent for the younger crowd or perhaps on a date, but day-to-day, I would find this to be a bit too sweet, which is the same problem I have with Desire (Dunhill).
In terms of a sweet scent, I prefer Allure or Opium. Thumbs up if you're under 30, neutral if you're over 30.
30th December, 2003

The Dreamer by Versace

Well, after months of searching, I finally found a scent I truly don't like. I found it to be like wearing chemicals, in particular: soap and turpentine.
I know lots of people love this scent and say this is the best of the Versace line, but to me... yuck! I think Fahrenheit may be closest to this scent - not sure, but Fahrenheit at least keeps the florals in check. I think the florals are off-kilter in this scent, which is why I find it to have a chemical smell. Eh, bien...
30th December, 2003

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

A scent probably more appreciated by the person wearing it than by those around. I agree with others that it can be a fleeting scent. But I have also found that on subsequent wearings I have detected the scent later and later in the day.
I have found that the scent doesn't develop much, but that is fine with me. There may be a touch of black/white pepper in the mix, so the scent is not as sweet as the Basenotes description may make it seem.
30th December, 2003

Miracle Homme by Lancôme

A solid 24-7, 365 day-a-year scent. A gourmand scent for the non-bakery nose No cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla scents here!
Though others have compared this scent to Allure (and I agree that there are some elements in common), I believe the scent is closer to Polo Blue.
I think what gives the scent its uniqueness is the Red Pepper note... it seems to be more like a crispy, juicy Bell pepper rather than the spicy pepper found in other scents. This gives it a certain "aquaticness" which I feel Polo Blue has. I can't smell the coffee notes, but I suppose they combine with other notes.
A drawback is that the scent does not last very long, at least on my skin. A moisturizer solves that problem.Nevertheless, in terms of a scent, 5 stars for delight and uniqueness.
30th December, 2003

Burberry for Men by Burberry

Fantastique! The one scent I have which truly brings out the tobacco. Another one of those scents where I find it lasts longer and longer the more times I use it.
I find this scent puts me at ease, even though it is almost a formal scent. The pears give up some sweetness, but this is not the Xeryus Rouge/Pi/Desire sweetness. Imagine pears cooking in honey... The tobacco seems to temper the sweetness. Eventually the pears fade and the tobacco note takes center stage with a touch of sweetness.
30th December, 2003

Acqua di Parma Colonia by Acqua di Parma

The first time I tried this scent, I did not like it. I called it "lemon floor wax." I tried it again. The lemon scent melded into a field of rich roses. Every time I wear this scent, I'm smelling my arms and putting my nose under my shirt collar for a smell.
Definitely not a formal scent, and not for those who only like masculine scents. This is for the days where you have the day off, or just want to lounge around, or need a pick-me-up. It doesn't last very long, but is quite enjoyable.
30th December, 2003

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

My favorite scent. Got me hooked on the YSL line. Vastly different from the original Kouros, and should not be compared with the Kouros.
To me a linear scent. Lasts all day. My grilfriend & brother both call this scent yummy. It puts me in a relaxed mood. I'd describe it as a mix of bakery spices with a touch of woods (very little) and a hint of powder with some insence. The spices are not such that you might be able to pick one out as in, say, Angel, so this is versatile enough to wear at work or at night or day-to-day.
I would also add that with the Camphor top notes, I find this scent could be used in any season, though many might prefer it as a cooler weather scent.
Buy it & love it.
27th December, 2003