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Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Azzaro is a classic. The opening is so fresh, it's magical, the anise is strong and majestic. And, the drydown is one of the best in the business. Nothing too different, it's semi-linear from the mid-notes down to the base-notes. The ambergris and musk are awesome. Just recently, a friend put on one of my shirts that had a bit of Azzaro still clinging to it and she commented on what a fantastic masculine scent it is. It's a great fragrance and its longevity and continued popularity confirm this. For the confident man!
01st July, 2009

Quorum by Antonio Puig

Okay. Finally got around to buying this legend. As a disclaimer of some bias - I am very partial to Puig, I find this house to be historically significant in several ways - not the least of which is value for your consumer dollar. I had read the intensely polarizing reviews here and found both arguments to be true. Which is to say - at first I was thinking insect repellent or lighter fluid or perhaps a combination of both. One gentlemen here at BN said that it was a Latin Polo Green, very true! But, annoyingly so! I mean it was an intense first twenty minutes with two sprays around the throat/collar area. Ah, but then something magical (and endemic to Puig in many ways) began to happen. It really did begin to mellow and become (as my dear friend commented) "comforting." The reviews of Quorum are hilarious to read - one person commented that this would be Dirty Harry's cologne - and I find that to be pretty spot on. This is a brave scent, but I dig it. The drydown is lengthy and rewarding and I am now wondering what Quorum Silver is all about. The reviews at BN are positive! At any rate, if you're a confident man - a spray of this after a shower will no doubt give you a powerful day!
14th June, 2009