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Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford

There used to be a thread here on Tom Ford Oud Fleur and Tobacco Oud (actually found it via a Google search of "tobacco oud tom ford") and after acquiring a bottle of Tobacco Oud - Oud Fleur was way too feminine for me - I thought I'd share my thoughts.

It starts out with a very strong, dusty tobacco leaf accord. As a southerner that's been around tobacco farms since my youth, it was a scent that made me instantly reminisce of being inside of a dusty barn in North Carolina and sitting on top of a heap of freshly dried tobacco leaves that had just been removed from being hung and dried, and subsequently getting yelled at. Then the scent takes an odd turn.

Underneath the tobacco comes a very Oud Wood vibe that subsides rather quickly (it's still there but it's singing backup) and for me, I get some of the same spiciness from Tobacco Oud as I do from Italian Cypress on dry down. Call me odd, but I always got a cinnamon vibe - not the cinnamon stick, but more of the leaf scent that my wife (Jamaican) cooks with which is way subtle - from Italian Cypress on the dry down. I'm getting it here too.

This is not a "clean" scent by no stretch - but nowhere near barnyard skank like Dior Leather Oud. It really goes on dusty, dark, boozy (there's a whisky accord), and then dries down a spicy/woodsy (still not clean) scent that further dries down to a weird mix of Amber Absolute (clean-ish) with some Italian Cypress and Oud Wood dry down. Masculine as heck, like I just hid some freshly wrapped cigars in my well-worn flannel shirt after toasting a visiting neighbor with some well-hidden stash of whisky in my garage (don't tell the wife) after chopping some wood for my fireplace.

Long-lasting, wears well in colder weather (warmer it gets, the spicier it gets actually) and layers great with Oud Wood. Full bottle worthy - not for a lot of folks here. Despite being dusty, tobacco, it's still a very safe scent. It plays close to the skin (colder weather) and doesn't really stray far from prior Tom Ford scents.

In hindsight and after two days of wearing this, its DNA is definitely etched out of prior Tom Ford releases in a way that I can't call it revolutionary. Bits of Amber Absolute, bits of Tobacco Vanille, bits of Oud Wood, bits of Italian Cypress. We're not talking bold like Moss Breches or odd like Purple Patchouli (one of my favorites) but a nice masculine, tobacco with some booze and some dust.

But I like it. A lot.

Hope I didn't bore you with my under-developed nose and drivel.
24th November, 2013 (last edited: 26th November, 2013)

Artisan by John Varvatos

Quite easily my favorite "warm weather" scent so far - and I found it by it being reviewed on another site and just bought it blindly.

And I do not regret it at all. Most "citrus" scents just are that... citrus. Strangely complex, yet straight forward, this scent is one of the few "store boughts" that I think beats out a ton of niche and more expensive scents. But I can't recommend it to all people - I just happen to enjoy citrus scents a lot, they go very well with my body chemistry.

The immediate smell is much like you've just ripped into a tangerine or orange while on the beach, then taking that scent and walking through some greenery and trees where the leaves hit your face and you get to have that residual citrus in your nostrils, clean ocean smell, and then green and woods. The longevity is questionable; however it's a very, very intimate scent... which is perfect for me. I hate bright scents that light up an entire room.

Just don't overdo this one and it can turn bitter on re-application.
13th June, 2009

Miracle Homme L'Aquatonic by Lancôme

This starts out almost like a woman's perfume at first, but an immediate drydown I can smell a cream and the green fern and luckily this finally settles down to a very subtle and close scent that i don't mind wearing. But the initial spray will clear some sinuses - smells like an Avon or Estee Lauder perfume at first spray to me at first though sorta kills it for me.

However, fresh out of the shower, spray on, then dry off, relax, take your time THEN put on a t-shirt; this is perfect for warm, dry weather. Humidity will alter it's smell - at least on my skin - and will stay way too perfume-y.
13th June, 2009
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Banana Republic Classic by Banana Republic

I don't smell any citrus in this at all like any of the prior reviewers. It's very clean - almost TOO clean, like dryer sheet clean - but the drydown is just great. Sticks close to the skin, but my lady loves this on me. Not too strong, can be a bit perfume-y at first, but then again it dies down very quickly.
13th June, 2009