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Benetton Sport Man by Benetton

Great everyday scent! It's smell is kinda cheap but great. It's not overpowering. Great for normal use on a daily basis.
22nd January, 2010

Hugo XY by Hugo Boss

Wow, just wow. That is one of the really great perfumes I've seen in a while. It's really sort of fresh and light. But it's also stylish. It lasts long and I always get thumbs up from friends who ask me what perfume that is.
Actually I didn't buy it, it was a present for my birthday but I loved it the second I sprayed. Great smell, great design, pretty sturdy bottle - dropped it 1-2 times (oops). :)
15th June, 2009

Cold by Benetton

It's a good smell. I bought it because I wanted to try something different. It's nice but it wears out pretty quickly. The smell lasts only 30 min or so.
I also bought it cause it's cheap and it's 100ml. so I can spray lots of it.
15th June, 2009
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