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Dior Homme Sport (original) by Christian Dior

I can't really tell it apart from L'eau D'issey which I've owned a long time ago and that's certainly not a bad thing.
30th June, 2010

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Love at first sniff. There isn't a whole lot to say. It's exactly as fresh and as sophisticated as I was hoping. No complaints about the coconut note just yet. Maybe I will update this as I wear it for a while.
10th February, 2010

Little Italy by Bond No. 9

This frag is so tart it made my mouth water in a bad way. It's like biting into a fresh lemon, except spicier and slightly more sophisticated. As much as I like bond, this is a disappointment.
08th February, 2010
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French Lover / Bois d'Orage by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

It took me a couple of days to wrap my head around this one. Like everyone's saying, it's uncompromizingly dry and serious. It's actually quite reminiscent of Gucci Pour Homme I (Or is it II? I'm thinking of the woody one)
In any event, the difference is that Gucci smells like pencil shavings whereas French Lover has enough spices and other details well blended in to make it quite a bit more sophisticated, in my humble opinion. If I hadn't already spent all my money on other things, I might have considered buying it even though it's not really my style.
05th February, 2010

Chergui by Serge Lutens

Chergui is incredible but it's fairly girly. Thumbs high up in the sky for a girl who'd wear this. Thumbs up in the sky for a guy who can get away with it as well.
05th February, 2010

Paloma Picasso / Mon Parfum by Paloma Picasso

This is a quintessential stereotypical smell I associate with old ladies. Take that as you will.
24th December, 2009

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

The word "aquatic" is perhaps a little bit misleading. If it makes you think of open beaches in the middle of summer, fresh and refreshing sea breeze blowing your troubles away gently you may be surprised with this one. It's VERY thick and masculine. I'm not joking, it's very intense.

However, the projection on my skin is really weak. If I wore it it would be subtle to not noticeable. Unfortunate. Definitely worth a shot.
25th July, 2009

Joop! Homme by Joop!

I have to admit I didn't believe it when I read the review that mentioned a urinal. Well, how interesting. It smells like flaming rubber, in the midst of candy syrup, all in a urinal. It smells interesting about 1/2 of a breath in but then overpowers the senses afterwards. Absolutely dreadful. Please don't over-apply!
24th July, 2009

Blu pour Homme by Bulgari

This is a very unique smell. That being said I find it absolutely repulsive - it's sweet it neither masculine nor feminine way, it's just disgusting and cloying. This is coming from a fan of A*Men, mind you.

I absolutely cannot see anyone of the younger crowd wearing this.
14th July, 2009

Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

It's sweet but not in a masculine way. I do not enjoy it it. I'll give it to my mother perhaps she'll wear it.
07th July, 2009

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

This is a very interesting fragrance. It smells nothing like I expected it to. It's striking and powerful at first, with the sharpness I attribute to pepper. Once it has your attention, the woody notes and citrus take over. It's a sharp, but at the same time strangely fresh smell.
The only problem with this fragrance is staying power - which is rather weak on my skin. Really weak, actually.

I feel too young to wear this fragrance. Perhaps if I didn't rock a pair of sneakers this scent would work out way better for me. It's very solid.
04th July, 2009

Mexx Pure Life Man by Mexx

This smell is the definition of generic to me. Don't really even want to smell it again. It's not terrible but you're better off not wearing anything in my opinion.
04th July, 2009

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

This one is insane!

The opening is powerfully fresh. Almost too fresh - it smells somewhat like laundry detergent. And yet...! Something in the middle stops it from becoming just that. After the initial blast comes a very fresh and invigorating floral mixture that, on my skin, lasts for an eternity. Beneath all that I-just-smelled-a-beautiful-and-delicious-flower-on-a-summer-afternoon stuff there hides a note of musk that doesn't let itself known until a little later. It's elusive but powerfully masculine - it reminds me of cigarettes somehow.

Amazing smell. I think I'm sold. No wonder it's so popular.
04th July, 2009
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Green Irish Tweed by Creed

No wonder it has so many reviews on this site. Green Irish Tweed is fantastic!
The name had me a little mislead for some reason - I wasn't expecting the blast of freshness that hit my nose as I took a whiff. It's very striking, very masculine, but at the same time not overpowering. It's sophisticated; the top notes dissipate rather quickly revealing a spectacular scent in a couple of minutes. I was expecting something very respectable, suitable for formal occasions but man, was I wrong! It's fresh, youthful and exciting. I enjoy it a great deal.
01st July, 2009

DKNY Be Delicious Men by Donna Karan

I don't like this smell. It seems to have all the components to make it good but they just don't mix together. It smells sour and synthetic.
27th June, 2009

Polo by Ralph Lauren

This fragrance smells like a pine explosion coupled with a swift punch to the nose. I give it credit for being a classic but there's absolutely no way anyone should wear this nowadays, if you ask me. It's very very strong and in your face, I find.
27th June, 2009

Pi by Givenchy

This is a masculine, albeit sweet smell. However there is a catch - it's very... "mature" smelling. I can't see anyone in their twenties wearing this. It's too sweet to get away with.
26th June, 2009

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

I'm reviewing my review, some 5 years later.

This is a nice enough fragrance. It is so popular and so iconic that I don't feel like I can give it any less than a thumbs up.

That said, there are so many other fragrances which excel where AdG is simply mediocre... the thumbs up is bordering on a neutral rating.

Before you buy AdG, why don't you check out L'eau D'issey by Issey Miyake? You might just have an existential moment.
24th June, 2009 (last edited: 28th July, 2014)

Love and Luck for Men by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

I like it. It's very fresh and delicious. Has something very alluring going on for it in the middle. That being said it doesn't have a spark to it. It smells generic to my nose. I'm also not a huge fan of citrus. It's not bad but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, nor do I think I could get away with wearing something like this.

If you're into fresh citrusy smells give it a shot.
24th June, 2009

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

I thought this one would be a tad of a letdown after what I've read, but actually, it's pretty good. It's straightforward, but there's something special about it.
24th June, 2009

Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

I was given a sampler of this at a local mall. It's hard for me to say exactly what I don't like about it. Perhaps it's the fact that it smells overly synthetic? Or maybe it's the fact that it smells overwhelmingly sharp? (Sort of like citrus but it lacks all of the citrus components)

In any event, it's not bad. But it's not my favorite. Too overwhelmingly sharp, synthetic and fresh for my tastes.
24th June, 2009