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Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

One terrible day, I was able to borrow Coco Mademoiselle from a friend. Sniffing the bottle wasn't bad so I decided to wear it to work. What could go wrong? This is Chanel. At first, the scent on me was interesting and weird. I decided to give it a chance. As time went on, the scent went from interesting to downright offensive. My emotions went from offended, angry, and scared. I was scared because I knew this scent had incredible longevity. There was an urge to roll in a tomato juice bath. I washed and washed till it finally loosened its hold on me. This was the EDP. I almost gave up on Chanel right there frightened to be scarred once more. Fortunately, I was able to try No. 22, No. 19, and No. 5, and I have made my peace with Chanel. Pointing a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle is like pointing a gun at me, I will comply just to stop the pulling of the trigger.
19th August, 2009