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Cocktail by B Never Too Busy Be Beautiful

Notes mentioned in the B Blurb - Ylang absolute , calanga petals, Mediterranean jasmine, rose absolute, orange flowers, oak moss, sandalwood.

Heavy on the ylang there is a definite spike lavender tang in there somewhere, jasmine, this fragrance has a mysterious understated quality to it, kinda like a fighter jet, by the time you are caught in the sillage, the wearer is long gone. Something just a little bit antiseptic, though Not in a bad way though, maybe the alcohol content is high? Between the ylang and sexy oak moss it shimmies in a tight dress whispering "come up and see me sometime" on the skin. The sillage is excellent, longevity excellent. It is a grown up girl's perfume to be sure
16th August, 2009

LP No.9 for Men by Penhaligon's

On first application this stunner is eye wateringly potent. Not in a good way. There is a distinct whiff of two stroke petrol in there as the first drops hit my skin, not unlike Santa Maria Novella's Nostalgia....but forget the opulent leather seats and polished wood interiors of SMNN, for that is where the similarity ends. LP9 dries down rapidly, rolling languidly towards a soft powdery luxuriance, after a few semi drunken hiccups of clove and bitter nutmeg. After a roller coaster ride of half an hour or so, this leaves a soft, seductive trail, which managed to last me a good 12 hours. Not bad at all.
07th August, 2009

Vanille Coco by E.Coudray

An unashamedly delicious and girly Creme Brulee of a perfume. Not for the faint hearted, for the vanilla is indeed a deep, creamy and luscious base upon which dance but a few scintillating notes. The coconut is deepend by the vanilla, thus losing what can often be an overpowering sweetness. There is a delightful powdery iris which holds this juice together, and whilst, yes, the first blast is reminiscent of the "come hither" trail of the finest patisserie/chocolaterie, it never becomes overpowering. It is soft, comforting, smooth as the finest creamy hot chocolate. I also own Jacinthe et Rose. Where the excess spray of these two have fallen on my pillows, the combined scent dances, Salome stylee, seductive, alluring, and of course, utterly irresistible.
06th August, 2009
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Superworldunknown by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful

The only B product I dislike. Whilst it starts off well, it rapidly degenerates into a cacophony of sour fruit bubblegum, something oozy and resinous, and cheap chocolate spanners. Which is terribly sad, as B, as a rule of thumb, produce some lovely products. Just way too much going on. A bit like having the full circus in the ring at once . Yuk.
06th July, 2009

Breath of God by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful

Breath of God - I would love to hang around to experience the dry-down, unfortunately, the first sledgehammer blast sticks to my skin and refuses to mellow. After an hour I have a screaming headache. Yet....I can appreciate the effect by sniffing the soap froma distance. Odd effect. Kinda like Marmite.
06th July, 2009

Keep It Fluffy by B Never Too Busy Be Beautiful

KIF. Mmmm. Not usually my cup of cocoa, but it works. It IS comforting, it is the olfactory equivalent of a cashmere blanket, a box of chocs and a nice singing and dancing movie on's the rub...hold on to your cries of "Heretic!" and spritz your wrist with KIF AND B's Cocktail. Then wait. Suddenly, KIF is grown up and sexy, like Florence Nightingale in Suspenders. Try it....
06th July, 2009

Vétiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

instantaneous blast of vetiver, trailing bergamot right behind it, its a romp in the woods amongst the blackberries, (ouch), its the colours of autum and the dying back of the undergrowth on a river walk. If a man walked by me wearing this, I would be picked up, cartoon style, by the nose and floated along in his wake, two inches from the ground......Is it a little bit "older man"? Yes, of course, but, as with most things, true style is evident by its longevity.

04th July, 2009

Cannelle Orange by L'Occitane

Someone gave me a bottle of this. I can only assume he hated me. It reminds me very much of that Australian "Orange" household cleaning fluid which also makes me nauseous. Not even for freshening the air in my worst enemy's lavatory. Vile. Unutterably vile.
04th July, 2009

Musc Nomade by Annick Goutal

Despite the slightly "granny's dressing table" bottle, this is a must have for me. Maybe this is one of those fragrances which is in harmony with my skin, but every time I come back to this one, it astonishes me. Always warm, slightly sweet, heavy lidded and half asleep, like a baby's contented milky breath. Addictive and seductive, whenever I wear this, you can see passers by being lifted by the nose, slapped, kissed and left wondering why they didnt have the courage to ask me what I'm wearing. If it works this well for you, I guess its worth the cost.
02nd July, 2009

Aqua Manda by Goya

Agreed, if anyone is listening, the revival of Aqua Manda, complete with it's original splendid Blue Glass bottle and Orange Talc shaker is long overdue. The only fragrance that drops a mere hint of this classic is Iskander....
01st July, 2009

Angéliques Sous La Pluie by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

The woods after a rain shower, childhood play camps in the undergrowth, sunlight shafting through the canopy, breaking twigs under footfall. This is my life in a bottle, as fresh as a kid running in from the garden, grubby face and shining eyes. The first blast is a real tear jerker, for the "attack" of this fragrance is the coriander "tang" which has scented the skin of every man I fell in love with, whether he deserved it or not. I cant live without this perfume, it is reliable, faithful and gentle.
01st July, 2009