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Gucci Guilty pour Homme by Gucci

A model told me I smelled really good when I had this on, so....yeah.
20th August, 2012

Dirty English by Juicy Couture

Pleasantly surprised myself by really enjoying this. Too bad it goes bye bye real fast. Smells so good I can't hold it against this cologne though.
20th August, 2012

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Aquatic, citrusy woodsy. Basically the epitome of citrusy aquatic. VERY 90s, almost like a time machine in a bottle. Aqua smells like a superior, much less synthetic version of Calvin Klein's Escape for men. I always received compliments when I wore that, and this smells better, so thumbs up.
27th July, 2012
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The One Gentleman by Dolce & Gabbana

Dominated by a strong creamy vanilla and spice note, very gourmand to me, which is strange because this is classifed as an oriental. Completely linear. Creamy vanilla and spice is what you get from first spray to dry down. Reminds me of a scented candle. I find it boring and a tad feminine.
23rd July, 2012

Satisfaction for Men by Jovan

A bit too heady and fireplace like for me personally. Smoky wood smelling, must be the cedarwood. Very masculine. I can see someone really enjoying this fragrance, even though it just isn't for me, so neutral.
06th February, 2012

Black Musk for Men by Jovan

I bought this blind because it was 75% off at CVS, and I can see why they are discontinuing it. I just sniffed the bottle a moment ago and can tell I'm not going to like it nor desire to wear it. It smells like a boring, generic scent drug store aftershave that always makes me think of dads. I've smelled toiletries that had a better added fragrance than this. I won't give it a thumbs down because I reserve that for offense scents. It is not offense per se, just a VERY cheap smelling drugstore cologne. I might even return it even though it was only five dollars. A MAJOR disappointment considering how fantastic the original musk is. If I paid full price I would have been back the same day.
14th September, 2011

Woodhue for Men by Fabergé

This is a review for the Woodhue I bought at the Vermont Country Store in Weston, Vermont. Packaged and marketed as far as I can tell as the original. I sure hope it is not. I was entranced by the packaging, retro vibe, and potential when you take a whiff of this in the bottle. I like unusual scents from the past. Upon application you get an embarassingly feminine floral baby powder scent, that doesn't seem to develop. I'm glad no one was around when I tried this on, I smell like a dainty old lady. Maybe overtly flowery, powdery scents for men were O.K when this was originally released? Somehow I doubt it. This is the first time I've considered returning a fragrance. Save yourself the money. If you are simply dieing of curiosity, go rub yourself down with baby powder, a spritz of your Grandma's White Shoulders and tah dah! you're wearing Woodhue.
27th June, 2011

Black Walnut by Banana Republic

Straight up tobacco that lasts around a half hour, 45 minutes. You might as well smoke a few cigarettes. Total waste of money.
28th August, 2010

Jovan Musk for Men by Jovan

Warm, spicy musk dry down thats soothing, a bit surreal. Close your eyes and smile. A wrist sniffer. This is a must try. Don't be fooled by the price, its only inexpensive because it has poor longevity. But when its around, Jovan Musk is amazing. Musk influences mood. Positively.
20th October, 2009

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

The epitome of cheap cologne. Offensive and unforgivingly common.
05th July, 2009