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Cold Silver by Benetton

Benetton Cold Silver
I think it is not as good as the orginial Cold. It seems to be missing the nice top notes of Cold. the basenotes seem weaker than Cold. I was expecting it to be like Cold with maybe the addition of grapefruit or a metallic note. I don't think the Yuzu come out much - which for me seems to reduce the brightness of what it could be.
21st October, 2014 (last edited: 22nd October, 2014)

Samba Ice Man by Perfumer's Workshop

Great refreshing light scent.
Seems made more for hot summer days. A little like the smell of someone who just came in to a warm room from the winter outdoors.
Last a reasonable time. Very inexpensive on-line
21st October, 2014

Force Majeure by Jacques Bogart

Very nice subtle fragrance. I detect very little mint, the bergamont and cinnamon plus a light clove essence gives this fragrance a light easy going, but somewhat sophisticated feel. Warm without being sharp, bitter or too sweet. It can work in a formal and classy as well as romantic evening use. Great for office, or with a suit and tie. Very masculine, yet mild and fresh. Somewhat difficult to find in the US, but worth it if you can find it.
17th May, 2009
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In Leather Man by Etienne Aigner

Hmm.. When I try In Leather Man by Aigner, I find it a somewhat smokey and slightly harsh leather. While I find Curon has a slightly sweet conditioned leather scent. Like the others, I find the In Leather Man is just leather, without much more. Not the treated leather like in Fahrenheit with it's gasoline smell, nor the leather handbag and belt smell of Demeter leather. It seems to me to stay close to the skin with it's deep aroma. While strong at first, it seems to fade after an hour or so, maybe two hours tops. An interesting scent, well made, but not sure if I would wear it to work or in the evening. It seems to be missing the rest of the fragrance to round out the smell.
29th July, 2007

Rouge Royal for Men by Marina de Bourbon

Rouge Royal Is a sweet - red - scent. Close to Jacomo Rouge, but not the same. Not too sweet, but still with a noticeable sweetness. Woody with some spice and maybe amber and possible lavender. It's a nice sweet fragrance that is different than Pi or other overly sweet EDTs. Seems would work well for evenings and nights, but with a light application, it could be OK for work.
02nd July, 2007

PS Silver by Paul Sebastian

Saw this at Marshals a while back, $9.99 for a 4oz bottle of the Eau de cologne. Wasn't sure it was any good, no open boxes to try. So I waited and saw the notes pyramid here. Didn't look too bad maybe even nice if it smelled like I thought the notes would indicate. Went back and got it. Gave it a try when I got home. Nice scent ! Light, and the grapefruit citrus with lavender was nice. It seemed to remind me of some other scent when it was drying down. I couldn't figure what that was but then it dawned on me. While drying down, for a short time it seemed to smell a little like original "Right Guard" underarm deodorant. That then went away as it continued to evolve into a lighter and deeper smell. A pretty good scent, not too strong, good for all around use. Don't let the deodorant reference mislead you, this very good scent for the price.
26th November, 2005

Open by Roger & Gallet

The opening notes seem to remind me of Francesco Smalto pour Homme, not exactly, but very similar with that almost germicidal or disinfectant smell at the start. It then dries down to a much deeper and heavy scent. A very masculine 70’s and 80’s style scent. Seems more of a cold/cool weather style of fragrance.
14th August, 2005

Old Spice White Water by Procter & Gamble

When I saw this at the drugstore, I figured it was just Old Spice with an ozone scent added in. After trying it, I found it not bad at all. It does have a little of the old spice base, but with a nice clean woody fragrance, light on the spice. A very clean fragrance, it would work well for office or casual use. Not something very sophisticated, but a good masculine everyday scent
21st July, 2005

Stetson Black by Stetson

I saw this at WalMart the other day and tried the tester. It seemed to have a deep leather and woods smell. I bought it ($9.59 for 0.75 oz) took it home and tried it on my skin. Not like the Stetson of old, which for me seems too sweet, this was not sweet at all. Stetson Black is a dark wood and leather scent. I would classify this as a casual fragrance. Supposed to have - "Warm Spices and Fresh Woods with notes of Leather and Suede". I was surprised, it has a pretty good smell for a drugstore fragrance.
11th July, 2005

Javari by Body Shop

Javari is an inexpensive (around $22 for 3.4oz) but nice sent. It starts out with a light spice smell of clove and nutmeg. It then drys down to a warm scent of cinnamon, pepper and sage. The smell of pepper is light and the mix of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove give it a wonderful oriental body. It is slightly more of a formal scent than a causal one, but not too warm to be worn to work. I like it and use it in cooler afternoons and evenings. It seems to fade pretty fast, but that my be just my noise. Overall I like it quite a lot.
05th July, 2005

Earl Grey Tea by Demeter Fragrance Library

Earl Gray Tea with itís rich black tea mixed with Bergamot is great tasting and wonderful smelling brew. So when I saw that Demeter had a Earl Gray Tea fragrance I thought ìThis is just what I would likeî. Others seem to suggest that the line had very realistic scents. So I ordered it blind on-line. It was somewhat cheap at $19 for 4oz. Once I got it, I gave it a try. What the heck ! I checked to see if I had ordered the wrong item. Nope, the order was correct. To me it is a very synthetic smelling mix of fake Bergamot and lots of alcohol. What a disappointment ! The saving grace I guess, is that it only lasts 10-15 minutes then disappears completely.
18th March, 2005

Paradigm by Avon

Not a bad fragrance, however when I first applied it, I was reminded of some cheap drugstore type scent. Once the initial blast of alcohol goes away, it emerges as a spicy warm scent with some sharp bits still present. Seems to me more of a casual weekend scent, itís a little too much for office work unless you go very lightly on the application. Maybe good in the afternoon or evening on colder days.
12th March, 2005

Bobby Jones by Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones starts out with a fresh green feel, almost a little like tomato leaves, but not as strong. Then the dry down gets a little warmer with woods and a light musky smell. Nice everyday scent. Seems to me to work better in warm days where a heavy fragrance would be too much. Holds its scent for a couple of hours, but never really gets strong.
06th March, 2005
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B.United Man by Benetton

B-UNITED is one of those fresh blue aquatic ìme-tooî fragrances that every company seems to be making lately. Usually I find Benetton scents to be unique and well made, such as Colors, Benetton Sport Man or Cold. This one smells somewhat like Lomani Network or Samba True Blue, a light and mild blue fresh type smell. Samba True Blue Man, Natural Man and Ice Man, Adidas IceDive, Rochas Aquaman, and Lavin Oxygen all fall in the same sort of fresh aquatic style. However these are nicer more distinctive and are less expensive then the B-United fragrance. B-united is not a bad fragrance, but there are better scents of this type available.
03rd March, 2005

Oleg Cassini pour Homme by Oleg Cassini

Cassini is a spicy scent that starts off with some lavender and basil then drys down to a musk and patchouli base. Inexpensive and not a bad scent for casual everyday use . OK for office or general use. Nothing special here, but not bad for the price.
27th February, 2005

Café-Café Adventure for Men by Cofinluxe

A nice citrus top end, followed by a warm lightly woody dry down. Makes a good scent for the office and casual day time wear. Inexpensive, but a nice fragrance, nothing surprising or shocking. Not a sweet or strong scent, it lasts for a couple of hours. I like it for general use at work or on weekends.
27th February, 2005

Colors Uomo by Benetton

To me this starts off with a prominent citrus and patchouli smell. Seems to stay that way for a while then the vanilla gets more noticeable. Not a sweet scent, the vanilla seems to temper the strong patchouli. Defiantly an 80’s style fragrance, most usable in cooler times or winter. Somewhat dark and heavy with similarities to Z-14 and Quorum, although not a heavy as either of those two. A nice scent for casual dress on a cold winter day. OK in the office if applied lightly.
29th December, 2004

Darkness by John Williams

I saw this at an outdoor swap meet and purchased it for $20 (100 ml). A little high, but comparable to the current online price if you add shipping and handling. I went straight for it since it has been highly praised by some people here on the boards. At first whiff at the swap meet, it smelled pretty good. The bottle was one of the nicer ones I have seen in quite a while, with a unique swiveling plexiglass “cap”. So I bought it. Once I got it home I gave it another try. I was expecting something deep and dark in the vein of Quorum or such. It turns out it is more a somewhat deep, but heavily sweet fragrance. It didn’t seem to have much of a change when it dried down other than becoming sweeter. I became more and more aware of it’s increasing heavy sweetness. Not sure if I want to wear this much, it is so sweet that is almost sickeningly sweet.
29th November, 2004

Wild Country by Avon

Wild Country has a nice vanilla that is not too sweet mixed with a spicy coriander. It seems to me it’s a little like Canoe with slightly more spice. A nice casual scent, it goes well in most daytime events. Seems to remind me of a barber shop fragrance. Possibly more of a cool weather scent, it is still good for all but the most hot and humid days.
29th November, 2004

FUBU Plush for Men by FUBU

This is a little bit of a strange one. Got it cheap at a discount store. Really nice bottle - two cylinders side by side, liquid shows in one but sprays out of the other. To me it’s one of those very light scents that I can’t seem to smell. At first application it seems to have a light licorice or anise smell (maybe the amaretto ?) along with a fresh accord. Then it seems to disappear altogether. I don’t know if it is just me that can’t smell it or if it is so light that no one can smell it. It smells nice for the 10 minutes I can sense it.
21st November, 2004

Caesars Man by Caesars World

Saw this in a discount store and though why not give it a try ? Quite a surprise actually. It is not bad at all. Starts out sharp citrus with noticeable lime. Then warms up with oakmoss, amber and a trace of sandalwood. An 80’s style fragrance, it gives me a feeling of sophistication and formality. Great with formal dress or for business meetings. Not sweet , it seems little formal for jeans and T-shirt use. Inexpensive yet a nice scent.
20th November, 2004

Samba Natural Man by Perfumer's Workshop

This is a great scent ! Light and easy on the nose, yet lasts for 3-4 hours or longer. Great for everyday casual and office use. It’s clean fresh & spicy smell works well in hot summer weather. Very inexpensive. In some ways similar to and reminds me of Bellagio.
19th November, 2004

Perceive for Men by Avon

Not a bad fragrance, but the blend of citrus, sage, and cedar just doesn’t work all that well on me.
19th November, 2004

Network by Lomani

Network by Lomani is a nice warm mild scent. Good for office and causal use. It is not a high class fragrance like Gucci, Guerlain, or Creed. But is better than say Old Spice. It is inexpensive for what you get. Lasts 3-4 hours, with a clean smell of nutmeg and cedar. It is a good general purpose scent for school and work. I like it for office use.
19th November, 2004

El Paso by Lomani

El Paso by Lomani is a moderately fresh fragrance. Although the bottle has a ‘Old West’ design, it seems to me to have an aquatic type scent. Average lasting time of 2-4 hours. More of a drugstore type EDT However, many younger people (18-25) may want this for their full time scent. It is very inexpensive and a good casual or work fragrance
19th November, 2004

Black Suede by Avon

Somewhat of a formal scent. Sweet musky, synthetic leather smell with a powdery drydown. Not bad, but doesn’t work well on my skin.
19th November, 2004

Extreme Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

What a burst of pepper at the start. I love it ! Definitely a manly scent. The pepper then starts to slowly fades and the juniper comes up a notch. Only problem is then the scent seems to quickly disappear. Don’t know if it is just my nose getting used to the smell, or what . Really great smell for as long as it lasts. Just wish it lasted longer on me.
18th April, 2004

OP Blend by Ocean Pacific

When I first saw this I thought – a “kids” fragrance – something a 10th grade boy would bathe in to attract young girls. At first whiff on a test strip, it smelled like so many cheap citrus top note colognes. But after a few minutes a warm complex, peppery, tobacco scent became prominent. Wow, this was no kiddie cologne ! The musky peppery tobacco dry down is something that smells of sophistication and class. It’s got a warmth that is good for cooler autumn and cold winter days. Although for office use I can see it useful for anytime. The base scent seems to last quite a while, although the citrus top notes quickly dissipate. Inexpensive, it’s a good fragrance for most men. I really like it. I find it great for after the gym or casual use as well as more formal use. The bottle is quirky in that it sprays up instead of to the side, also the gelly – rubbery coating seems like a cheap gimmick. The hair/bath gel also has the base scent and leaves you smelling great out of the shower. Others say that it smells like Dolce & Gabbana. I've never tried Dolce & Gabbana, but if it smells like this it is probably pretty good.
26th November, 2003

Cuba Gold by Cuba Paris

Starts with a strong sweet scent (Lavender & Jasmine ?), then settles down to a sweet Vanilla & woods scent with a touch of Vetiver. Very inexpensive and a good deal for the money. Seem to last a moderate time on me. The dry down is a little too sweet for me, but others may like it. Not a bad fragrance, but not something I would wear much. Maybe in evenings – too sweet for the office.
26th November, 2003

Pour Un Homme by Caron

This seems to be a very well made fragrance. It dries down a little sweet, but not sickly sweet. The vanilla is not too strong but adds a nice base. My only real complaint is the clary sage note is a little too strong. This either goes away or maybe I simply get used to it after a half hour so. A classy old-school style scent, I think it still goes well with today’s modern life. A formal fragrance that can be used at the office as well as in the evening. I like it, but for me the clary sage note is too discordant with the rest of the scent. I wear it occasionally in the evenings or sometimes at work. Good, but not one of my favorites.
26th November, 2003