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Jovan Musk for Women by Jovan

I recently picked up bottle of the oil at Wal-Mart just for nostalgia. I couldn't believe they still make it. It's definitely worth the $10 even though it is reformulated from the original. It is not as intense or long-lasting, but I'm going to keep it in my collection from now on. I've noticed that whenever I wear it my hubby becomes a "snuggler." He wraps me in his arms, nestles his face into my hair at my neck and inhales me. For a long time.
02nd November, 2011

Tibetan Mountain Temple by Pacifica

Tibetan Mountain Temple Perfume is not for everyone. It's not pretty, feminine or seductive. It isn't fresh or clean. It seems to be mostly orange and ginger. But don't dismiss it outright because of this. At first I thought this scent remained one dimensional. Every time I smell it directly at the point of application, it smells the same from when I apply it until I wash it off.

But thoughout the day while wearing this, I get whiffs of something beautiful that smell like none of the four notes listed (orange, ginger, vetiver, patchouli). When I pinpoint the source, it's me and I realize the notes have blended in subtle ways to create something different and wonderful.

The interesting synergy of the four component oils combined with the longevity on my skin has insured that Tibetan Mountain Temple will be a staple in my fragrance wardrobe.

14th October, 2011

Alien by Thierry Mugler

It was not love at first spray for me. I got Alien as a Christmas gift and made the mistake of spraying it on in front of the giver and almost choking! It smelled medicinal and overly sweet to me - some sort of Campho-Phenique spilled into Splenda concoction. I slipped away and washed it off as soon as I could.

A few days later as I was doing laundry, the sweater I was wearing on Christmas wafted the most amazing fragrance. Surely this amazing scent didn't come from that foul medicine I had sprayed?!

Alien revisted: Same opening stench as before. But after the dry down, amazing floral and woody notes begin to emerge. After a while on my skin, Alien is intoxicating and heady stuff. Don't flee from this if at first you find it off-putting. Let it mellow on your skin and see what happens. For me it's pure other-worldly magic!
04th September, 2011
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Tigress by Fragrances of France

Ah Tigress! I got a bottle of this for my 12th birthday, May 1, 1968. Exotic, mysterious, powerful - it was heady stuff for girl that age. To me Tigress embodies that time of raging hormones. Just the name of it sent a surge of warmth and eagerness through me. When I put it on I thought I could conquer the world. I used up that first bottle in no time and was drawn into the world of fragrance when I set out on my bike, babysitting money in hand,in pursuit of another bottle.
13th August, 2011

Aqua Allegoria Anisia Bella by Guerlain

Light, fresh & crispy when first applied. A couple of hours later is still there, softer, toned down. The next morning it has become deep & woodsy. Long lasting, interesting from start to finish. This is a complex & compelling fragrance.
19th March, 2010

Aqua Allegoria Flora Nerolia by Guerlain

I'm just heartbroken to find out this is discontinued. After the original blast of neroli upon application, this becomes the most subtle, gorgeous fragrance I've tried in a while. The incense ground it just enough to keep it from being too frilly and flowery.
06th March, 2010