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Givenchy Play by Givenchy

I'm trying this out for my summer fragrance this year. It isn't too loud, works with my skin, and that artificial edge (which can be cloying on its own) helps to play down the various kinds of sunblock I have to coat myself with in the summer months. Is it ridiculous to choose a scent that goes with sunblock? Maybe. Don't care. Doesn't come across as too 'I stole my boyfriend's cologne' on me, it does on some women. If you are a lady who routinely wears things in the tobacco family I think you should give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised. It smells a bit "brand" which I don't usually like, but again, for a summer fragrance that's not the worst thing. Better staying power than I expected from some of the reviews.
16th May, 2011

Vierges & Toreros by Etat Libre d'Orange

siiiiiigh. I liked it...I thought it was kind of interesting, a leather that was different from what I've smelled before...a rude leather. I thought it was a fantastic match with my skin, saleswoman (whose opinion I trust in this case) agreed. Wore it out of the shop to see how it was after a few hours. I really enjoyed that it was a bit louder than the leathers I usually wear, and after the first few minutes it grew a pleasant sweetness that I couldn't really place. All good so far.
I then met up with some friends... who thought it just stank. I liked it enough that I didn't really want to believe them... but then, about 40 minutes after aplication the spritzed arm got red and itchy --I had to scrub the stuff off with soap and hot water, and remained slightly itchy (though not red at least) for the rest of the night. I have NEVER had a reaction like this to a perfume, I don't know what was in there that did it.... so this will have to be a thumbs down for me....
04th May, 2010

cK Free by Calvin Klein

I'm afraid it had too much longevity...even after repeated scrubbings with soap I could smell this for hours. The juniper overwhelmed everything else, and juniper smells terrible on me. That said, I smelled this on a friend's boyfriend and it smelled nice, a bit chemical-sweet for my taste, but nice, and the girlfriend was verrry happy with it.
24th April, 2010
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Hindu Grass by Nasomatto

I agree almost completely with Somerville Metro Man... his description seems pretty spot on (though I disagree on the menthol...camphor, perhaps, but not something I find to be as prominent). The packaging is pretentious and irritating...and the wooden top fits poorly. I've nearly dropped this half a dozen times and we won't even talk about the time I put the bottle in my suitcase... :( I also don't get any incense at all.

But...I like that it's a little crazy and unbalanced in its unfolding -- it entertains me, and more to the point it smells good on me. That's what I want in a perfume. It really could do with a different bottle design, though.
02nd April, 2010

Arber by Body Shop

Not all that great...but not terrible. I was lured in by the price. It was something insane like 1.50 euros. The part of me that likes Mitchum men's deoderants likes this... it makes me feel like a very young drag king -- on the one hand a very fake constructed Male perfume without any there there, but... it makes me feel happy and nostalgic. I don't really like any body shop perfumes, but somehow they can make me feel that way...

Anyway -- my conclusion is that this is for the very young folks only (I'm 24 and I feel a bit too old for this), and only for daywear -- not for dates under any circumstances. Just no.
02nd April, 2010

Acqua di Cuba by Santa Maria Novella

Love it, love it, love it. Seems almost too intense at first, but it fades on me quicker than I would like, a few hours... Smells not at all like a Cuban cigar and a lot like... you're standing next to a man holding an unlit Tuscan cigar with a rum drink in his hand, with a woman wearing something with a lot of vanilla standing across the street. There's a discrete, barely there sweetness, which I have not noticed when I smell this on men, but which is distinctly present when I wear it. Perhaps it's a quality of the leather scent? I don't know, but I like it...mmm...going to go put some on now.

02nd April, 2010

Acqua di Parma Iris Nobile by Acqua di Parma

I think this smells very girlish but also finished and powerful -- like a young Queen Victoria might wear (I think this scent begs for a royal 'we'). Have smelled this on three or four people, and it's always lovely... though, like so many florals, the stuff gives me an almighty headache and I would never wear it (hence no thumbs-up).
15th July, 2009