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Beige Eau de Toilette by Chanel

i bought this when it first launched. my initial impression was "oh, a (white) floral pretty scent". but after a while, i started taking a greater liking to it. I spray it in my cupboard and my clothes and cupboard will smell really nice. the scent is class and sophistication in a bottle. u cannot find anything crass about this gem of a scent. probably one of the most "expensive smelling" perfume to my nose.
22nd July, 2014

cK one by Calvin Klein

i remember i did not like it initially (to the extent of trying to wash it off after a sales girl sprayed it on my arm). But subsequently, someone I admired used it and somehow i warmed up to the smell and found it irresistable since. i have hoarded quite a few vintage bottles (including a super huge bottle) as I find they smell and last much better than the current ones. Iconic.
06th May, 2014

Habanita by Molinard

completely cannot stand this one... smells like sweet burnt plastic.
06th July, 2012
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Davidoff by Davidoff

It was love at first sniff for me. The mix of lemon/lime and that sweet smoking pipe aroma knocks me off my feet. good longevity and sillage. something i like to spray into my wardrobe so my clothes carry this sweet, citrusy, smoking pipe scent which is so enjoyable.
15th May, 2012

Inouï by Shiseido

Managed to find two bottles of inoui during my trip to tokyo a couple of years back. Inoui is a very well-composed chypre. i would regard it as fresh smelling, yet not boring. wonder why it was discontinued. if it was just the oakmoss, i think they shd be able to find alternatives. anyway, very pleased with my purchases. incidentally, one of the bottles is called "lotion de parfum" - a very tall rectangular bottle with a grey cap (glass has nice wavy patterns at the back). Haven't seen this bottle before anywhere previously. I also bought Angelique by Shiseido. The japanese sales lady was letting me sample some of the vintage ones she still has left, and Angelique was also an easy purchase - love at first sniff! love the green / rose / plum accord. she also gave me a vintage muraski tester as well.
10th February, 2012

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

smells young, atheletic, musculine and sexy to me (perhaps of its association with all the A&F ads). would consider it the same genre as tommy. personally, i love it!
23rd December, 2011

Boucheron by Boucheron

i had the chance to test both the vintage edp and edt recently. interestingly, i prefer the edt as the edp came across as sweeter, heavier and lacking in some the effervesence that the edt has. i ended up buying the vintage 75ml edt refillable. a classy oriental floral that does not smell like grandma! :)
21st December, 2011

Blu Mediterraneo Tuscan Cypress / Cipresso di Toscana by Acqua di Parma

i tested the scent recently and found it to be one of the better-smelling ones (to me) within the Blu Mediterraneo line - guess i am always partial to herbaceous aromatic scents. however... not sure if other agree, but i find the longevity rather disappointing. could hardly smell it after 1-2 hours.
21st December, 2011

Eau Sauvage Extrême by Christian Dior

interesting to note that quite a number of people dislike the scent - many preferring the original eau sauvage. for me, i like BOTH the original and the concentree. i agree the concentree can be a bit overwhelming as it is very strong. what i do is i spray it on my pants (rather than my shirt) so that i catch whiffs of it rather than have it assault my nose constantly if i spray it near my chest. alternatively, spritz some on your palm and dab it (some to the hair as well). Dabbing has the effect of reducing sillage.
16th December, 2011

parfums*PARFUMS Series 2 Red: Carnation by Comme des Garçons

Excellent fragrance!! Cloves, pepper and carnation combination "somehow" works... spicy yet does not make you feel like a walking spice cabinet. wonderful discovery for me and definitely bottle worthy... good sillage too!
11th November, 2011 (last edited: 15th November, 2011)

parfums*PARFUMS Series 4 Cologne: Vettiveru by Comme des Garçons

vetiver is a scent that u cannot go very wrong with... coupled with the citrusy note, vettiveru smells invigorating to me. the huge 17 oz bottle also means u can splash it around liberally and indulge in this somewhat old-school but nonetheless very pleasant and "cooling" scent.
11th November, 2011

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

for a start, i LOVE shalimar. so theoretically i should like habit rouge as well since they are considered siblings. the vintage HR is still pleasant to me... very guerlainish. but i tried the current edt just the other day, and i felt a bit nauseous. i think it is due to the rather pronounced leather note (personally i don't like leather notes cos it reminds me of motion sickness when travelling in a car as a child), unless they are well blended and partly hidden like in polo green (something which don' t make me feel nauseous). so, i will just stick to my shalimar...
17th October, 2011

Sandalwood by Art of Shaving

many people probably get a bit turned off by the initial medicinal blast... i might be weird, but i quite like that certain medicinal / herbal quality in my scents. the drydown, as u would have known from the numerous reviews, is simply heavenly... such a clean aromatic sandalwood note that, when mixed with the lingering medicinal scent, is actually really good. one of my favourites.
17th October, 2011
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Santos Concentrée by Cartier

interesting, i was layering santos concentree with must de cartier this morning... and i kept smelling obsession for men!! initially i thought the obsession was from somebody else, until it dawned on me that those 2 scents combine to smell just like obsession. hahhaha... people with these can try out this little experiment just for fun.
11th October, 2011

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

Someone bought it for me back in 1994 when it was first launched. Honestly, i did not think much of it at first and quickly dismissed it as a non-descript scent. Interestingly, this perfume kept garnering positive comments from people around me. Subsequently, i have learnt to apperciate the scent more. there is something sexy and virile behind the citrusy facade. It is also one of the extremely few "fresh" scents that has seriously grown on me... cos i generally prefer oriental, spicy or herbal scents. tommy is quite a gem imo. i prefer it over paradise for men. so, for those who have not tried it before, do yourself a favour.. keep an open mind and give it a go. btw, the vintage version has a shot ingredient list : alcohol, water and tommy fragrance.
05th October, 2011

Polo by Ralph Lauren

I really like the original Polo. The new ones smell similar to the vintage one. But I still think the vintage version is the one to die for (which i find is richer, spicier,longer-lasting..etc). seems that younger people generally do not like traditional scents like these, saying they smell like their old uncle or grandfather. personally, i find there is nothing wrong with that at all. grandfathers or uncles are humans and if it appealed to them, there must be something good about it, whether they born today or 50 years ago. for me, maybe it simply brought back wonderful memories of my younger years. polo crest is another wonderful scent. i think people who like polo green will also like polo crest as they are rather similar imo.
09th September, 2011

Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills

i did not think much of it (apart from it giving me a mild headache) when i sampled the current version. But when i chanced upon a vintage bottle yesterday, the smell instantly brought me back the 1984, when i was smelling it right from the scented pages of vogue. The ones i remember most vividly were giorgio and obsession. It is weird that it was only the vintage version that evoked my memories but not the existing version. i just cannot explain it. Scent-wise, i find the older version simply luscious, fuller and more rounded.. also less headache-inducing and does not sting my nose and make me sneeze like the new one does. And, of course, the scent lasts and lasts...
05th September, 2011 (last edited: 31st October, 2012)

Accenti by Gucci

Lush, gorgeous, intoxicating opening with roses, peaches and booze... a monster opening if u like. a pity that its sillage drops quickly, and can only be detected closer to the skin after an hour or so. still, a classy voluptuous fragrance nonetheless!
01st September, 2011

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

seem to see quite a few reviews saying EP (btw, it used to be called egoiste platinum when it was first launched, but they swopped the name around subsequently) smells like cool water. i like cool water (have two vintage bottles) too, but i find them rather different. cool water smells casual to me, but EP (possibly due to that unmistakable metallic note) makes u think of aloof, powerful and well-groomed men in suits sitting in a nice, clean, modern office. i think EP deserves to be in everyone's wardrobe... hahhaa.. maybe take my opinion with a pinch of salt as i have hundreds of perfumes in my wardrobe!
01st September, 2011

Escape for Men by Calvin Klein

i normally do not go for perfumes with watery or oceanic notes as i find them boring and lacking in character. i might be biased here, but i find eternity strangely sexy (it could well be linked to personal memories) and virile-smelling. love it!
01st September, 2011

Mouchoir de Monsieur by Guerlain

The initial blast of civet can be quite overpowering. So, lt it settle down a bit before smelling. overall, nice mixture of lavender, civet and citrus. all in all, i find it more "soothing" than jicky (probably due to the prominence of the lavender in MdM) and more interesting than caron's PuH (which is largely lavender plus a bit of vanilla to my nose). Love MdM's drydown which gives a genteel aura...
31st August, 2011

Kingdom by Alexander McQueen

I find Kingdom (edp not edt) similar to Dune, but minus the sweetness and the cumin turned up. Alas.. both perfumes are not cheap... so Dune is not exactly a cheaper substitute.
10th June, 2011 (last edited: 15th December, 2011)

Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

i recently bought 3 bottles of the old Hugo Boss (before it was renamed No.1 in front of the box). i like the slightly saltish scent which smells very sensual to me. i think it personifies a sexy virile man.... ;)
03rd June, 2011

Patou For Ever by Jean Patou

I think the relatively unimpressive packaging (partcularly the light blue box for the edt version) has done grave unjustice to this rather magnificent scent which has really grown on me. It is easy to dismiss it at first sniff as yet another floral perfume. But i like the slight saltiness which smells extremely sensual to me... :)
03rd May, 2011

Obsession by Calvin Klein

This is a scent that has intrigued me since young. Flipping through the VOGUE magazines and smelling it on the perfumed flaps while looking at the very erotic ads... i recently bought a bottle of the edp splash (the one that is really short and flat). Really perfumey with the right amount of sweetness and spiciness. The smell was also long lasting and still smelled good on my skin the next morning. Subsequently, I sprayed some at the department stores (the reformulated ones where the liquid is decidedly lighter). The initial blast was very similar. But after 30 mins, the difference between the vintage and the reformulated version became apparent. The new version lost its intensity, and the sweetness (which I like) giving way to something synthetic smelling. i have since snatched up another 2 bottles of the vintage splashes (including a 100ml one!!) before they are all gone.
28th April, 2011 (last edited: 20th February, 2014)

Photo by Lagerfeld

Photo is being reformulated... Hence, i quickly grabbed 2 large bottles of the vintage versions recently while i could still find them. Really glad I did as it is one of the more interesting men's scent around. Not the usual citrus, woody or (worse) aquatic-smelling ones all over the shelves. For people who have not smelled it, pls do yourself a favour and try it. but beware, it is quite addictive.... i find myself sniffing non-stop!!
24th March, 2011

Sandalwood by Body Shop

Thought I air my 2 cents worth on TBS sandalwood. I have not tried the woody sandalwood, but i used to own a vintage sandalwood perfume oil which i bought in 1986 (really the best of times for TBS in my humble opinion). Frankly, it is really POTENT STUFF! If Pandbear25 smelled this version, I think I can understand why he said it was sharp. Because it also smelled sharp, strong and woody to me too. if u have an old bottle of sandalwood or samarkand, you will understand what i meant by sharp and woody (not in a bad way at all mind you). It is almost like they mixed in some oud. Those were the times when TBS uses really authentic and quality ingredients to make their perfume oils. ahhh... how sad those days are long gone...
16th March, 2011

Samarkand by Body Shop

Lovely perfume oil from the good ole days when TBS made quality stuff. i still own a full bottle of Samarkand i bought in 1986. I also LOVE another one called Herb (also have a bottle of it..thank goodness!). These scents really bring back wonderful memories of the 80s. Does anyone remember how one is attracted to the Body Shop just by the wonderful intoxicating smell from their perfume bar situated near the entrance?

Btw, Samarkand is the Body Shop's version of vintage paco rabanne, only 20x stronger and longer lasting!!! Btw, Annie is modelled after Anais Anais and L'aird is modelled after L'aird du Temps. How I know? I still kept the very old Body Shop pamphlet and its all stated there!!! :P
11th March, 2011 (last edited: 28th June, 2011)

Shalimar by Guerlain

My first sniff at Shalimar was "eewww...insecticide.. bugspray" due to the lemony bergamot top notes. Kind of disappointed. Dismissed it and left the bottle on my PC table. Determined to figure out why this perfume achieved its legendary status, I sniffed the perfume occasionally, partly also wondering if i bought a fake item (as i bought it on ebay). Then one day, after about 2 weeks, something strange happened - I could not stop sniffing it!! Did guerlain put cocaine in it?? Not only do i find the bugspray top notes addictive, I also adore the vanilla and incense drydown. i have since bought a few versions, including the extrait. One word - Heavenly!!
18th November, 2009 (last edited: 28th April, 2011)

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

It is really strange.. but i think this has to do with perfume houses substituting original ingredients with cheaper alternatives. I have one vintage fahrenheit (bought in 1988), and it smells really good... very unique and has a strange "tea" scent if u know what i mean. i recalled it won some awards back then and very deservingly. I also have another version, fahrenheit fresh bought in europe back in 2004. not as in-your-face but nonetheless still a very pleasant scent (especially the base notes). But i just came back from a shopping trip, where i sprayed some fahrenheit on my hands at a dept store. Found it has a very nausea-provoking "oily leather" odour. something is VERY wrong with the new formulations... pls bring back the original formula.. CD. my rating is for the old version.
17th July, 2009 (last edited: 09th November, 2011)