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Cristobal pour Homme by Balenciaga

Cristobal is a nice classy cologne best worn in cooler weather. The smell doesn't change much once on the just mellows. There is a vague similarity to Joop! (which is almost identical to both Body Kouros and Rochas Man).
13th January, 2007

Weekend for Men by Burberry

Great fragrance for warm summer days. Lasts just long enough too.
31st August, 2004 (last edited: 11th January, 2007)

Very Sexy for Him 2 by Victoria's Secret

Very Sexy2 is a pleasant scent which is best worn during warm weather but you could actually get away with it any time of year. Mainly for casual wear. It fades nicely into a nice woody scent. Great for casual or office wear. It's not strong and won't offend.
15th April, 2004 (last edited: 02nd May, 2004)
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Santos by Cartier

I ordered a sample of this not long ago but I don't like it much. It has a synthetic smell like Drakkar Noir. Even after dry down I didn't care for it. I recommend other Cartier scents like Musk De Cartier over this one.
02nd March, 2004

Pleasures for Men Intense by Estée Lauder

I had a sample of this recently and didn't really like it too much. It's too floral for me...too feminine. It doesn't smell bad but it seems more suited for a woman.
03rd January, 2004

Pleasures for Men by Estée Lauder

If you're into floral scents thens you'll probably like this. I just tried a sample of Pleasures and it's way to feminine for me so I won't be buying any.
25th December, 2003

Aramis Life by Aramis

Life isn't bad. Smells nice when I first put it on but after a few hours it fades and the uniqueness isn't really there anymore. I probably won't be buying any but I can't say it's a bad scent either.
15th December, 2003

Michael for Men by Michael Kors

This stuff is WAY to strong and heavy for's downright gross smelling. Even using a little bit is too much. Very few scents out there actually stink to me but this one does. Stay away.
11th December, 2003

Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne

Curve is a nice scent. I recommend it for casual wear or even office wear. It lasts long enough. Next to Spark this is the best Claiborne has to offer. Just my opinion of course.
06th December, 2003

Gendarme by Gendarme

Gendarme is an excellent scent. I can't recommend it enough. The scent seems to fade rather quickly but believe me...others will still notice it if they're close enough. I don't recommend wearing it to a smokey bar because the scent is so subtle, but for a more intimate evening with a lady it's perfect. I've had girls give lingering hugs, extended sniffs of my neck, serious cuddling and comments like - "mmmmmmmm I love the way you smell" with Gendarme on. Get some.
17th November, 2003

Perceive for Men by Avon

Percieve isn't bad for the price. I have to admit that I haven't been all that impressed with the other Avon scents for men. Even percieve isn't all that special, but it's the best I've smelled so far. It's light and fades nicely...good for spring wear.
15th November, 2003

Spark for Men by Liz Claiborne

Great scent. Heavy but not too strong at all and more elegant than the other Claiborne scents I've smelled. I agree with Josh that it's a fall/winter scent. I'll probably wear it exclusively until spring.
11th November, 2003