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Meehan Bay Rhum by Bonny Doon Farm

An excellent bay rum . Lasts longer than most. I have the splash but prefer to spray it on. Made from all natural ingredients and smells like it. Does not have overbearing clove note like some bay rums. Balanced and natural
11th December, 2010

Number 3 / Le 3ème Homme / The Third Man by Caron

Opens very floral with dark spices. Lavender/spice > floral/amber/woody >beautiful amber tonka drydown. Powerful open and midnotes. classy. Makes you feel underdressed. elegant. Two sprays max until you get to know it. One of my top ten.
10th October, 2009

Escada Homme by Escada

Mandarin and cognac with black pepper over wood. Well balanced, smooth, elegant, sexy. A nice cognac oriental, ideal for a winter evening. Drydown - cognac, musky, spicy, slight patchouli. Some say go easy, some say go for heavier application. A big thumbs up for this versatile, rich, warm and interesting fragrance.
10th October, 2009
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Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

my first review
Woody foundation overlaid with floral notes with pepperish spice fading in and out. The wood base save it from being too sweet for me. Very well put together from top to bottom. Seamless, very smooth, almost liquid in the note progressions.

YSL Jazz works best for me when applied to create a very subtle, slowly perceived aura--close in. Go easy on the spritzs. Do not judge this fragrance by sniffing your wrist. Move your arm around and smell the aura.

Longevity is excellent- about 8 hrs. Fragrance projection is close in. Very much recommended
13th August, 2009