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5:40 pm in Madagascar by Kenzo

I agree with ordai, indeed it reminds of Greece; I bought a bottle when I was in Crete this summer. It reminded me of the warm afternoons, with those pink oleander flowers mixed with some kind of cedars that were near the beach. At first it is a little bit harsh, and more unisex, but then it develops into a more feminine nice soft vanilla scent with floral notes - fresia and lotus.
28th November, 2010

Parfum d'Été by Kenzo

This was my first grown-up perfume. It is a light, fresh-floral scent. It smells like spring, with all its blooming trees, green grass and wet land. It has jasmine, which I love, with lilly of the valleys, peach blossom and lotus. I warmly recommend it! Whether you are 15 or 60 it is a wonderful happy, pure scent.
14th February, 2010

Fleur de Rocaille by Caron

Fleur de Rocaille is a beautiful fragrance, with soft flowery notes, almost creamy-sweet. Is one of my favourite fragrances.
I agree with foetidus, it is a gentle scent, very feminine and elegant, that brings me a smile on my face any time I wear it.
14th February, 2010
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