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New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

New Haarlem instantly took me to a familiar place, and it was not Rochas Man or Michael Jordan Legend. This scent is far more sophisticated. It brought me back to Jo Malone Black Vetyver Cafe, only drenched in maple and brown sugar. I now understand the "syrupy" quality. Not sweet and sticky, such as pancake syrup... but a natural syrup that borderlines being resinous, however the coffee and vanilla keeps it in check so that it stays on gourmand grounds. Bergamot and lavender? Yeah, for the opening of the show... then they quickly go into hiding. New Haarlem gets better with time and actually becomes less sweet. Coffee is most assuredly the dominant note, and the ingredient that is initially responsible for this fragrance being unisex. The reason it reminds me so much of Black Vetyver Cafe is because the coffee is raw. You're not going to get an A*Men Pure Coffee feel, so remain open-minded throughout the duration of your New Haarlem experience. The projection and longevity is a solid 10 and then some. So if this should not be your cup of tea, you'll find the quality undeniably incredible.
21st March, 2012

A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

Even in a Cuban cigar, I can detect Mugler has been here... leaving a faint trail of coffee. Cacao-Vanille matured by patchouli. I find the tobacco to be a short lived chaperone to the ensemble of notes. If you don't pay attention, it will evade you. The styrax wood bark adds a nice finishing touch. Honey and vanilla act as a team accompanying the woody and herbal notes, maintaining the perfect balance... Pure Havane.

It almost smells as if this fragrance was matured just as Pure Malt was. They say Havane was constructed according to the art of cigar tasting, so I suppose its of the same nature. Concluding... this fragrance is rich, smooth, alluring and better than leather.
24th February, 2011

G7 Mixed by Gap

I discovered this in my local Marshall's. In the beginning, this is an eye squinter. You're wanting to like it, so patiently awaiting change... and that it does, for the better. You can catch the citruses, musk woods and cardamom. Acting as one, it seems to smooth out into a light and airy, floral ensemble.
01st August, 2009
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Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

This is quite the welcoming fragrance, however not welcomed during summer. Versatile, minus the summer season unless of course it's a cool summer night. It's lifting, without being obnoxious. Safely sweet and romantic. If this is "Gucci Pour Homme II," then it must be the step brother of the original, because the two have no relation. It's a complete turn around, for the better. Gucci Pour Homme isn't bad, it's just on the mature side.
31st July, 2009

Siete Alejandro Sanz Man by Alejandro Sanz

This is a warm and sweet fragrance, but then softens into a woody, powdery scent. Very nice fragrance. Friendly to the nose. For the gentlemen who admire their nose-tingling spices (such as Sung Homme, Gucci Homme or Fendi Uomo), this is not for you.
24th July, 2009