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Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

In a nutshell, it's an exotic spiced almond cookie. I love this scent and I wear it in small doses because I noticed that spraying too much is overkill. I also only like to wear this in the evenings. To me, this is a statement fragrance that's pleasantly heavy and sensual. I think heat and an elegantly sweet dessert laced with fondant. My husband loves this scent, especially the vanilla base but I don't get as much vanilla as I do almond and caraway. Even at full dry down, it's still almond. No complaints tho!
15th December, 2011

So New York by Bond No. 9

I can’t say enough good things about So New York because this fragrance is very alluring to me. I love only gourmands I feel it’s the ultimate and perfect balance of a subtly sweet, creamy cocoa espresso scent woven with delicate airy florals. All phases of this fragrance are enjoyable. The opening plum note is deliciously mixed with the bergamot and it’s starts off the fragrance in a really sophisticated manner. The sweetness continues as it transitions into the espresso phase and quite simply, it’s just beautiful and euphoric. This is where the creamy milk subdues both the intensity of the espresso and the vibrance of the botanical notes and overall compliments the café experience. There isn’t a sickening sweetness because So New York is delivered as a successful, tempting gourmand with a warm, carefree nature.
28th February, 2010

Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue by Bond No. 9

Lexington Avenue was 'this' close to being my next fragrance purchase. The problem: the drydown/base layer. When first applied, it smells sweet and wonderful, and I can really smell the creme brulee and the fennel--both are so charming and that was what lured me in and I was almost totally hooked. This fragrance has decent longevity and holds the middle notes with consistency and strength. But, in the final moments, this terrible musky smell sat where the former sweetness was and it was so stinky. I thought about an imaginary scenario of me wearing Lexington Ave to work... what if I wore this scent to the office, how would my coworkers react if, after some long and stressful meeting behind closed doors, my body heat stirs up the base layer and what if that musky drydown became so prominent that it ended up offending them and made them think I just naturally smelled bad? Yikes--that would be awful and I don't want that! To me, that musk is what ruins Lexington Ave. I am so disappointed.
09th August, 2009
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West Broadway by Bond No. 9

Sweet, sweet, sweet floral, as inviting as warm sun in a beautiful wooded surrounding. I love West Broadway. The scent is similar to a Trapp candle I once smelled, Scent #1 Summer Flowers, and the fragrance wears beautifully. The lime at the opening moves quick and the scent residing in the center is lush and romantic. This is one of the better Bond scents because of the seamless blending and longevity.
09th August, 2009

Alien by Thierry Mugler

I am not into florals of any nature, but there is something so beautiful about Alien making it the type of fragrance you would wear in the most beautiful sunlit, forest, fantasy-like setting. If I wore oriental florals, my choice would be Angel.
28th July, 2009

Angel by Thierry Mugler

I tend to favor sweets over florals and Angel dances along one hell of a scent spectrum to satisfy everything I want in a fragrance. Angel starts out dark, intense, and sexy, then shifts to a lush sweetened fruit, and then finally settles into a dessert-like treat---I can't say enough to explain how wonderfully complex Angel is. I wore it many years ago and for whatever reason stopped... I've taken up with Angel again recently after this hiatus and love wearing it, especially because the staying power is strong and I only need a small amount to last almost the entire day.
23rd July, 2009