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Boss Orange by Hugo Boss

Smells like an orange lolipop, not bad, but not good either. I think it would be a little ridiculous on a grown up woman, but suitable for young ladies, under 25.Basically, a fruity candy kinda smell. A lot of orange body lotions smell like this one.
07th August, 2009

Dior Addict Shine by Christian Dior

This is very light and citrus-y, top notes are pure cedrat, which might be just a little too much lemon for some people. I happen to like it once in a while, depending on a mood I am in, it also softens up a bit as the fragrance develops (might be a bit of a strong word, as this is a very simple perfume, and not much development is happening here...). Must be raspberry and gardenia... cedar is listed as a base note, but I do not detect it on me. Stays very fruity-lemony the whole time. Overall, very pleasant, appropriate for office wear, will not offend anyone. Does not last long.
24th July, 2009

Dior Addict by Christian Dior

Dior Addict is very sexy, if I could compare it to a fabric, it would be velvet, purple, or dark red, soft, sensual velvet. That's what this perfume seems like to me, it envelopes you in this aura of mystery and sensuality.
I get a lot of mandarin leaves in it at the beginning, the key word is not mandarin (citrus), but leaves, and something else that I can not identify, almost like a muddy smell, but in a good way. Vanilla is not overly sweet on me, but rather dry, not edible or gourmand type, not like Hypnotic Poison but just right to soften up the unusual top notes.
I must be the only person on earth who is not in love with Hypnotic Poison, but I do like Addict. It's a strange scent, but I love it. It makes me feel very classy. I know that a lot of people consider Addict trashy and cheap, may be because of the ads, but I guess, it all depends on your chemistry. I do not pull sweet vanilla out of it, like many do, and I think that's the trick.
I would not compare it with Rush, Rush smells very plastic-y, sweet on me, and this one does not. Worth a try.
24th July, 2009
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Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

Dolce Vita is one of the most optimistic, sunny and happy fragrances that I ever tried. It feels like someone is smiling at you, and it has the ability to make a dreary day more cheerful, it's also very warm and somewhat sweet, but not sugary. I get a lot of peach, apricot and sandalwood and vanilla out of it. I would not call it a sexy fragrance, but it is very comforting and uplifting.
24th July, 2009

Diorissimo by Christian Dior

Oh, Diorissimo... It's like a love poem, very romantic, and tender.... I would agree with the description that this is a pure muguet soliflor, but there is a lemony note in it that prevents is from smelling old and stale.
A response to azi27 would be, yes, it is very appropriate for a 26-year old. I wore it when I was 23 and it felt like second skin. It is not a granny floral by any means. I love it to pieces, it is like Francoise Sagan novels, or old french movies by Claude Lelouche, very nostalgic, brings tears to my eyes... I would recommend very very highly, and men loved it on me, which is not really a purpose but a bonus...
24th July, 2009