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Reviews by bibitry

Total Reviews: 3

Fendi (original) / Fendi Donna by Fendi

I was given a small, beautiful bottle of pure perfum from a cousin of mine a couple of days ago, and I am stunned! It is a very strong, old school floral/oriental/chypre. Beautiful and with excellent longevity. I consider my self very, very lucky!!
31st August, 2012

Chris 1947 by Christian Dior

A non-offensiv, summery fruity floral with raspberry and some flower, sweet pea perhaps. Soft and musky in a way, and woodsy drydown. To my nose, anyway. Drydown gives a nice and clean skinscent with good longevity.
18th June, 2012

Louban by Montale

My very first review - and in English! - so, bear with me :-)
I received a sample from Luckyscent in June, and have tried this one for the first time today.
Violet leaves, Turkish rose, olibanum (frankinsence), oud, musk, sandalwood, patchouli.
Prior to this, I have tried 'Pure gold', 'Aoud leather', 'Amber & Spices' and 'Sandal sliver', of which I find the latter wearable. The others seem to be very sharp and to a certain extent unpleasant on my skin.
For me, Louban starts out strong, metallic rose. Almost unpleasant, but just almost. Ten minutes later: soft, beautiful rose with a sting. I can recognize the oud from the other Montales, patchouli too (often becomes sharp on me), but they seem lighter and easier to be around in Louban than in the others.
The musk and sandalwood softens the intense metallic rose and the harsh oud. The violet leaves bring in the green, dry, iris-like note that almost stings like iris "always" does on me (there is never an "always" with perfume, is there?).
After half an hour the rose, musk, olibanum and sandalwood seem to "win", while violet, oud and patchouli lie underneath, creating depth and a bit ''oomph'', without breaking totally through.
Next phase: rose and smoke. Allmost bonfire-smoke. Insence. Fades, but comes back whith renewed strength.
I love it! Sensual, deep, mystical, dry, soft, clean, dark, sexy, mmmmmmm!
27th July, 2009 (last edited: 29th November, 2012)
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