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Splendour by Avon

I wear this fragrance by Avon called " Splendour " It is a ladies fragrance, however it is a spicy, somewhat ambery fragrance. It is WANDERFUL! It is no longer made, but you can still find it on E-Bay. Go on, try this elegant, simply sensual Eau De Cologne call Splendour.
28th March, 2006

Undeniable for Women by Avon

Wanderful! A truly spectacular Ladies Eau De Cologne. It contains Sandlewood, Musk, Lily, Carnation. Really beautiful.........
28th March, 2006

C'est Moi by Avon

What a classy scent. It's memo went like this." Cest Moi, a lighthearted, fresh floral fragrance that magically captures and vividly reflects your every mood... True, True, True, Wanderful!!!!
28th March, 2006
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Casbah by Avon

One of my favorites for Ladies from Avon. Part of the Parfums Creatifs Collection from Paris. Three were in this series, Casbah, Perle Noire, and Cest Moi!. Wanderful, and beautiful, get these, they are Wanderful!!!!
28th March, 2006

L'Interdit II by Givenchy

The best, most undeniably sexy, and classy fragrance from Givenchy. It smells nothing like the original, it is more floral, with strawberry, rose, Ylang Ylang, Sunflower, Freesia, and Sandlwood. It is wanderful!. It is incredible, and beautiful, Love it!!!!
28th March, 2006

273 Rodeo Drive by Fred Hayman

Incredible! Sensational, and breath takingly Beautiful!!!!!
28th March, 2006

Natori by Avon

La Belle Parfum.................
28th March, 2006

Essence In Harmony by Avon

This is a Two Part Cologne Collection. Called
Earthfire & WIndswept. AMAZING!! My mother wore these two fragrances throughout my young childhood, I loved it on her and to this day she still wears it. It may be affordable, and to some even cheap, but as far as I'm concered, fragrances aren't better due to the price tag, it is how it makes you feel when you put it on that makes it truly valuble. Take my advice, GET SOME!!
It contains some Jasmin, Rose, Sandlewood, Lily Of The Valley, and some soft Musks. Absolutly Wanderful!
28th March, 2006

Topaze by Avon

Great, Simple, Elegant, Classy, and good on a man aswell. It is smooth, rich, and reminds me of a boat ride in the canals of Italy, truly a exotic, and romantic aroma.............
28th March, 2006