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Cologne Intense by Houbigant

Off the top I can smell lemon citrus with lavender mixed in with a strong earthy spice/herb. This herbal element really does ground the scent from becoming too citrusy. It's a little astringent in a earthy leafy way and contrasts well with the citrus and lavender. I think this note must be the Tarragon.

Behind these notes I can pick up a soft floral note which just shows itself every so often behind the dominating herbal accord. It does get stronger and I'm sure it's neroli or Jasmine maybe both.

The scent is very well blended and crafted and quite complex. If you like green citrus herbal earthy fragrances that is gently softened by a floral & neroli accords then you will like this. Thumbs up from me, I like it.
16th May, 2016

East India by Beaufort London

It smells like wood lacquer mixed in with peat from a compost heap, really horrid fragrance. One of the worst smelling scents I have ever smelled. They have also had to change the name of this one to "Vi et Armis".
26th April, 2016

T. Habanero by Rania J

The opening to this scent is a little challenging with what smells like sweet Cambodian oud and dark tobacco. After a while it starts to smell quite nice with the sweet Cambodian oud mixing in with the fermented like dark tobacco. I used to have a bottle of real sweet Cambodian oud and recognised the smell almost immediately whilst smelling this fragrance.

After a while the incense can be smelled and the scent becomes soft and spicy and quite pleasant. Cannot help think that this scent would make a great aftershave than a Edp.
22nd April, 2016
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Rose Ishtar by Rania J

On first application you get a sweet watery red rose fragrance with a patchouli emerging not long after. This makes the rose smell like a old Victorian rose fragrance where the added patchouli gives it a earthy austere like smell. Though the sweetness does eventually soften this aspect.

Eventually the sweet jammy like rose note does start to get a bit powdery in the dry-down.
21st April, 2016

Oud Assam by Rania J

Lol.... A fresh cheesy citrus like barnyard smell assaults you on the opening. The oud does smell real and not synthetic even though it is hard to like. Smelling this in a western fragrance is kind of strange and you cannot help been repelled a bit by the smell.

After a while the cheesy barnyard aspect dies down and a cedar and vetiver note appears helping take the edge off the unpleasant aspect of the oud.

Eventually the scent transforms into a fresh woody and incense dominated oud fragrance making the scent more bearable.

If you like challenging oud fragrances then you will love the opening though for the rest of us just wait until the drydown.
21st April, 2016

Jasmin Kâma by Rania J

On application you get a quick burst of fresh sweet like bergamot followed by a animalic dirtiness from the in-doles which quickly unfurls the blooming jasmine in all its glory.

The jasmine smells very natural and is soon joined by patchouli which seems to tone down the jasmine making the scent more earthy in its scent.

Eventually more notes come into play which tends to change the nature of the jasmine. I can smell musk, woods and a little sweetness. Sometimes the jasmine smells earthy and other times sweet and candy like.

A very good kaleidoscopic jasmine fragrance where other notes are cleverly used to change the nature of the jasmine. Its a pleasure to see how the jasmine changes when other notes subtlety come into play. Thumbs up from me for a clever play on the jasmine note!
21st April, 2016

Lavande 44 by Rania J

At first spray you get a wonderful warm sensual lavender making a good impression straight out of the gate. The patchouli lends a earthy spiciness to the scent which is soon joined by woods and everything is blended just right with the lavender.I have to say this smells good and barbershop like.

If you like lavender scents then this is a must try as its quite special.
21st April, 2016

Ambre Loup by Rania J

Well I found this to be quite the wild fragrance with a lot going on scent wise. I get amber and vanilla with spices and a strong cedar and woodsy notes. The fragrance is very resinous and spicy, the oud seems to play hide and seek but when it reveals itself its like a ray of sunshine peeking out from the clouds. It adds a fresh and almost mystical like scent within the sweet spicy balsamic fragrance and then its gone to hide within the other notes.

Now when I say this scent is wild its my way in trying to describe all the notes coming at you all at once. You get a constant shifting impressions from the amber vanilla to the spicy woods. I have to say its a very interesting multi-layered fragrance and one that will keep you smelling yourself to see what you will smell next.

A big thumbs up from me on this scent. A very resinous spicy woody vanilla amber with hidden facets of oud. I like it.
21st April, 2016

Spice Bazaar by Nishane

Cumin, cedar with yuzu and a bit of saffron. This smells very one dimensional and quite dull. Nothing to get excited over with this one. Meh!
03rd February, 2016

Patchuli Kozha by Nishane

A sweet honey laced patchouli accord with undercurrents of incense and leather. Not to my taste but I can see how people would like this one.
02nd February, 2016

Musiqa Oud by Nishane

I have to say I am impressed with this scent as it does actually smell like real Cambodian oud. You have lots of saffron, woods with a slight sweetness. There is a oudy leather and rubber in the background.

All in all a very nice fragrance that is reminiscent of real oud
01st February, 2016

Afrika Olifant by Nishane

A surprisingly fresh smoky incense fragrance with a hint of musky sweetness. Looking at the note breakdown you would be forgiven to think this scent is going to be beastly. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

The animalistic notes of civet and leather are well blended and well behaved behind the smoky incense.

All in all a very nice enigmatic smelling fragrance.
30th January, 2016

Kalemat by Arabian Oud

Amber honey sweetness dominates this fragrance that it smells like a sweet pastry from a bakery. It does remind me a lot of 24 Gold from scent story.

If you like very sweet fragrances then this one is very nice and enticing.
29th January, 2016
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Habit Rouge Dress Code by Guerlain

Lots of citrus straight out of the gate with a sweet chocolate praline and vanilla notes. Its a very gourmand take on Habit Rouge with lots of tonka and sweet notes.

Much later on the sweet spicy woodsy notes come to the forefront.

All in all a nice fragrance but just not to my taste.
28th January, 2016

Salome by Papillon Artisan Perfumes

Wow a civet floral sexy beast of a fragrance that reminds me a bit of Serge Lutens Musc Koubli Khan but better. The floral aspect gives the dirty civet aspect space to breath, it does not suffocate you out.

This smells great and very old school, you don't get many of these anamalic scents on the shelves these days. This is real perfume here.

Roja Dove has a very exclusive fragrance out called Diaghilev at Harrods that's costs about £750. Basically it's a very civet and mossy scent with a few florals and that does not come close to this one.

Those who have a adventurous spirit and are a little bit daring will love this one. It's not for everyone but my god this fragrance is magnificent.

10 out of 10. Wow!
30th November, 2015

Angélique by Papillon Artisan Perfumes

After application I'm enveloped in a buttery cloud of Iris coupled with a apricot like sugary sweetness coming from the mimosa petals. This is all on a woody backdrop which underpins the scent at this time.

The scent is floral and a bit powdery though unmistakably feminine. I could appreciate smelling this on a lady but could not wear this one myself.

All in all a nice fragrance.

29th November, 2015

Tobacco Rose by Papillon Artisan Perfumes

On the opening I can smell a big lush red rose though I get no tobacco whatsoever within the scent.

Now the rose is front and centre to this composition though facets of the smell have been changed with other notes that subtlety alter the smell. And this makes the scent very interesting especially if you love roses.

The hay and moss notes give the rose a subtle earthy dryness whilst the ambergris adds a slight salty sweetness. And I believe the beeswax just rounds out the sweetness of the overall smell.

So when you inhale this scent the rose almost smells mystical as you get a lush red rose which seems to be different from the usual rose scent that you are used to smelling.

It is a very well crafted rose scent as it makes you stop and think that this is different but you cannot put your finger on it without much thought.

For me as a man this rose fragrance though imo very good I just feel I could not pull this one off. And this is down to the rose been too lush and intense for my taste. I have the same problem with Lyric Man from Amouage.

For rose lovers this is a great mystical lush red rose with different facets that makes sampling this one a pleasure.
29th November, 2015

Anubis by Papillon Artisan Perfumes

Dark smoky oily leather is what I get on first application, reminds me of Knize ten at this stage. Soon a light warm sweet treacle note appears behind the darky oily leather coming from the immortelle.

Then you can start to smell a light jasmine floral note appearing within the smoky leather scent. This soon becomes stronger mixing in with incense and saffron which has now merged with the leather.

Eventually you have a very smoky sweet floral leather scent wrapped up in lots of incense. You could imagine a temple in ancient Egypt where sweet incense is burning mixing with the animal skins that are on the floor and walls of the temple in a ceremonial fashion.

It's a heavy fragrance and you can tell that a lot of quality oils have been used. Just do not over spray or this scent could choke you out.

I have to say I am impressed it smells very good and is very evocative. I like how the smoky florals and incense mix with the leather.

Thumbs up, very good fragrance or should I say art.
28th November, 2015

Indonesian Oud by Ermenegildo Zegna

On first spray I get a beautiful wet red rose with a very nice plush well behaved Oud. It's very smooth and a little medicinal in places but it does smell very posh.

The patchouli is there behind the rose giving it a slight earthiness and a the amber just lends a tad sweetness to the affair.

All in all one of the better Oud/Rose combo's I have smelled.

Very nice indeed!
27th November, 2015

Mediterranean Neroli by Ermenegildo Zegna

This is a gorgeous fragrance with the divine pairing of bergamot and neroli. And it's the sheer quality of the ingredients that is impressive. The bergamot smells like it has been freshly squeezed into the bottle coupled with the beautiful neroli.

It's a light fragrance but not too light with about average projection. I've been out and about wearing this and have been surrounded in a beautiful haze of bergamot and neroli, very beautiful.

After about ninety minutes the bergamot dissipates and the neroli becomes more sensual. It's so well blended that I cannot until the drydown detect any other notes from the neroli that now dominates.

After another hour I can start to smell woods, moss and musk though the lovely neroli still dominates. The scent though does reign itself in after this on the projection front but I can still smell it.

All in all a very beautiful light fragrance that perfectly suits the Spring/Summer months. The neroli does have extra depth but is so well blended with other notes to pin point exactly how. I'm thinking it's the jasmine that is giving it that sensual aspect but this is subjective.

The presentation is great as well with the box and bottle, this is my first fragrance with a magnetic cap. All in all a thumbs up from me. Lovely!
12th November, 2015

Sunshine Man by Amouage

This fragrance opens very sweet upon the skin and smells like marzipan. It does project quite strongly for the first ninety minutes and is possibly cloying if you spray too much.

As time goes by the the scent becomes more subdued and woody on the skin. If you like very sweet fragrances then you may love this one. If not then be warned, this fragrance could give you toothache it's so sweet.
16th September, 2015

Genghis Khan by Marc de la Morandiere

A fresh spicy opening that is a little bit soapy starts this fragrance off. Soon enough a herbal sour note makes a appearance and melds with the above.

In the basenotes and once the fresh spiciness diminishes the scent becomes dry and arid from the vetiver that now dominates.

This fragrance has character and is unusual in the way the notes come together. I can smell lots of pine and cloves that is offset by lots of other notes. Thumbs up!
06th September, 2015

L'Occitan by L'Occitane

This fragrance is a simple peppery lavender with woody notes. The lavender used is of a high quality and smells good but the scent overall I found boring.

The longevity and projection are average, I get about five hours.

To sum up a simple good quality fragrance that could do with more notes just to make it more interesting.
05th September, 2015

1899 Ernest Hemingway by Histoires de Parfums

On the opening you can smell bergamot and lots of cinnamon which is soon joined by vanilla and juniper.

It's a very soft spicy scent which does not really change from the dominating cinnamon and vanilla. Here and there you can smell the juniper and a soft floral note.

1899 is very pleasant with average longevity but it's not very exciting and it is let down by poor projection.

To sum up a pleasant subdued soft spicy cinnamon and vanilla fragrance that just needs that ooommphh to make it more exciting.
04th September, 2015

Royal Mayfair by Creed

The eucalyptus in the opening is mild which is soon joined by pine, gin and cedar making this smell very nice.

The scent smells herbal and astringent which is made more agreeable with the added lime and orange giving the scent that citrus sparkle.

Eventually a rose note blooms from the heart of the fragrance making me think of Rose 31. It has that same rose accord but instead of cumin which is in Rose 31 here it is a bitter/sour note.

As time moves forward the rose note disappears and you are left with a bitter woody orange note wrapped up with eucalyptus and gin.

A good solid release from Creed and a fragrance that is different from a lot of other scents. Thumbs up!
03rd September, 2015

Balafre by Lancôme

A very soapy opening with bergamot which gives way to pine, moss and lavender. Eventually you can smell leather, it's herbal and oldschool remniscent of Derby by Guerlain.

It smells nice and is complex with many notes coming and going within the herbal mix. The only downside is that it only lasts a few hours and then it's gone.
28th August, 2015

Blackbird by House of Matriarch

Well this opens with a very green smoky pine aroma which is followed by leather, oud and a cannabis note all mixed in together.

If you can imagine a woodsman camping in a forest who is tending a fire and smoking a joint then you will close to what this smells like. It is very smoky in a green coniferous way.

I have to say the ingredients are top quality and it does smell good. Though it would be challenging to wear this to work as you would be turning heads, though not in a good way.

A good casual fragrance best worn outdoors.
28th August, 2015

Sauvage by Christian Dior

First impressions, a fresh bergamot accord with a sweet powdery smell. It reminds me of Fierce and a little of Platinum Egoiste, it's a total teenager type of scent. Something that Justin Bieber may wear.

I have to say I'm amazed that Dior would give this fragrance the hallowed Sauvage name as it does imo smell like a generic teenager designer scent. They should have called it something else and aimed it towards the teenage market.

Jonny Depp is actually the guy who they are using to advertise this, this scent is not something you would imagine him wearing. I think Dior have dropped the ball on this one. Totally unworthy to be called Sauvage.
26th August, 2015

X for Men by Clive Christian

Off the top I get sweet lemony citrus blast with wood and what smells like pineapple with cinnamon.

As time moves forward the wood notes become stronger though surrounded in a haze of cinnamon and that pineapple like note. Jasmine also rears it's head briefly before the wood aspect takes over.

I have to this scent smells exactly like Costume National Homme which is the fraction of what this costs.

24th August, 2015

Journey Man by Amouage

A very nice peppery spicy scent with juniper and tobacco. Eventually the incense comes to the fore with some citrus making this scent the most mainstream fragrance I have smelled from Amouage.
24th August, 2015