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L'Envol by Cartier

What a beautiful unusual fragrance that within ten minutes of smelling the sample I just had to purchase this. Lovely fresh airy honey and woods with hints of iris and violet on a bed of patchouli. It's light and bewitching and the smooth honey musk just has your head spinning.

The beauty of this fragrance is how it develops on your skin. After the honey musk recedes and the woody notes come to the forefront a beautiful violet accord just blooms from the composition and becomes the star of the show.

The whole scent is enveloped in this airy breeze that just surrounds you with a gorgeous cloud of a hazy violet accord. It's smooth, bewitching, classy and simply stunning!

Now it lasts for several hours or so and totally worth it. Perfect for a evening out to a restaurant or a night on the town. The bottle is a real beauty too.

Have not smelled anything like this, so refreshing when a scent comes along and renews your faith in fragrances. Love it!
08th February, 2019

Guerlain Homme L'Eau Boisée by Guerlain

A fragrance that is greater than the sum of it's parts. The start is a burst of tangy lime with peppery cedarwood which smells like pencil shavings, cannot shake the A grassy Vetiver accord soon emerges and you have a fresh lime, woods and vetiver all coming together to make a very nice fragrance. Longevity is pretty good on my skin for this type of scent though it does stay close to you, six hours and it's still going. This is going to be good for the Spring and especially the summer.
07th February, 2019

L'Homme Idéal Cologne by Guerlain

A very light creamy fresh fragrance with hints of almonds, Vetiver and woods. Very generic and boring with nothing to distinguish itself. Office and Church safe though.
03rd February, 2019
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Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Kouros was a ancient hero who was said to have climbed a mountain and found the doorway to Mount Olympus the home of the Gods. The God's were impressed with this manly hero and the way he carried himself in their presence. Zeus the Father of the Gods gave Kouros the divine ambrosia to take back to Earth.

This ambrosia was said to give immortality if drunk and if worn as a fragrance make women and men fall down in awe before you. Kouros as the hero he was shared this ambrosia elixir of the Gods with mighty Kings and princes of the world.

Many hundreds of years later another hero by the name of Odysseus found the ambrosia at the tree of life at the end of the world. He wanted to share this divine elixir with normal men and not just Kings and great Princes. So he copied the fragrance with the best ingredients he could find. He called it Kouros in honor of the great hero from hundreds of years ago who did climb a mountain and enter the realm of the God's.

Thousands of years later a young perfumery called Yves Saint Laurent was said to have found the ancient parchment in a old Greek temple hand written by Odysseus himself. He took this formula and worked day and night and then in 1981 he released it to the world and like Odysseus he called it Kouros in honor of one of the greatest heroes known to mankind.

For many years real men have enjoyed this juice, it may have changed over the years but it's Spirit lived on.

Unfortunately when Yves Saint Laurent died and the company was taken over by L Oreal the scent was butchered. Some say in the old Greek temples they can hear the Gods cry and lamenting the greatest gift they gave man is no more.

Lets us not forget the greatness of Kouros!
16th January, 2019

Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

Straight away this reminded me of those Eighties and Early Nineties classical citrus floral fragrances for men that had a touch of class about them. Bright citrus opening of lemon, juniper and orange citrus. Nice but a bit rough with a musty/fusty note if smelled upclose coming from a dose of aldehydes.

Where this shines and becomes really good is how it develops and opens up. You get a lemon/Juniper citrus with lily of the valley and lots of floral's with woods blended in. It stays fresh and light and is reminiscent of Lauder For Men and Caron's Third Man.Though with the Lauder the lemon/juniper citrus is more focused and mossy with the floral's never showing themselves as much as in this one and Third Man. A variation on a popular theme from back in the day. Very classy and lovely smelling with a interesting host of complex notes.
07th January, 2019

Knize Forest by Knize

This opens with a green fresh burst of pine and herbal notes and straight away you get the green Irish Tweed/cool water vibe. As time passes it drys down to a nice Sandalwood accord.

The ingredients smell natural but this scent is let down by it's longevity of about two hours. Shame!
15th December, 2018

Knize Ten Golden Edition by Knize

It's quite a comedown from the glorious original Knize Ten. Basically they have stripped nearly all the floral's, citrus freshness, complexity and cut way back on the powder. And you get the leather front and centre with what smells like talc on top and this stays with you for a good while. Like the original the leather fades but instead of been left with the beautiful floral basenotes the slightly sweet talc aspect becomes more prominent.

It still smells great and if you do not care for the fresh powdery floral aspect of the original and just want the leather then this one will make you happy.

The original Knize Ten is like going to a concert and enjoying a orchestra playing complex musical compositions. Where as the Gold Edition is like going to your local pub/bar and listening to a talented karaoke singer. lol

So all in all it comes down to whether you want the whole show with the leather, floral's and complexity. Or you just want the leather and talc as it is a bit more masculine.
15th December, 2018

Bay Citrus by Arran Aromatics

It opens with a exotic spicy light and airy fresh burst of citrus, Patchouli and bay leaf. Longevity is about three hours and it stays quite close to you.

One that would be good for the Spring and Summer for that out of the shower freshness. It smells lovely but is let down by it's longevity and subtle nature.
04th December, 2018

Lauder for Men by Estée Lauder

I have a bottle of the first original Eighties version with the all gold cap. Also I've managed to get the second vintage from I believe the mid Nineties, the one with the green cap and gold top. I've been comparing them and it's really interesting how they develop on the skin.

The Original Eighties version opens up green but softer with great note separation. It's aromatic and develops slowly in the air around you, very beautiful. It also has a ton of oakmoss which other notes slowly show themselves from.

The second vintage version is more fresher, focused and piercing. The oakmoss though is still there though has been greatly reduced. Both are fantastic with top quality ingredients but have a different character.

The original develops like a flower opening it's petals and scent goes wide. Very aromatic, but wow. The 2nd vintage is more vibrant and intense and tightly woven. Pleased with both, blows away most fragrances on the shelves today. Wow!
17th November, 2018

Milano Cento Him by Milano Cento

On the opening you can smell a fresh lemon and petitgrain accord followed by lavender with hints of rosemary. It's fresh and soft and spicy and over time really opens up and gets better and better. As time passes you can smell Sandalwood, musks with hints of Patchouli, moss and other-notes whilst remaining fresh. And this is what I like about it that it develops and gives a nuanced scent profile showing it's different facets without losing it's freshness.

In the opening it slightly reminds me of Vintage Armani Eau Pour Homme and then quickly starts smelling like 1725/Invasion Barbare. After a while when it opens up and the rosemary comes into force it reminds me of Saville Row. Imagine if you took 1725 or Invasion Barbare without the violet. Gave the top notes some lemon from Armani Eau Pour Homme and then took that rosey vibe from Savile row and maybe the lavender from Monsieur de Givenchy. Then maybe add hints of Sandalwood, spice, Patchouli and you have the vibe of this fragrance.

Anyway its soft and spicy and comes across quite beautiful in a Italian barbershop way which I would class as a aromatic Fougere. Very nice!
07th November, 2018

Sandalwood by D.R. Harris & co.

This is a review of the Aftershave which is a old formula and still for sale but more vibrant and intense than the cologne. I've recently found out the cologne version is a new formula and weaker. It pales it comparison and only lasts forty minutes compared to four hours that the aftershave gives you!

The first thing that hits you is a blast of medicinal anise which is fresh followed by a big woody cedar note when the blast calms down.In the first half hour when the big cedar note is present you can smell soft slightly powdery spices with that spice note from old spice. Yes it's here as well but does not dominate, smells great.

Also the camphor in this makes the cedar smell like those strips from cigar boxes. So if you can imagine a dance of woody soft spices with that old spice note around a highlighted cedar note. And then when the soft Sandalwood appears smelling like soft Japanese incense, everything smells so great. The Sandalwood also smells like the note in Carven Homme, I'm getting that impression. Lovely soft spicy woods.

Soon after a light patchouli note can be picked up with the woods. Mixed in with this is a light neroli accord giving the fragrance a earthy woodiness and a light floral freshness.

I have to say it smells very very nice. Also the aftershave gives my face a really nice moisturising effect to such a degree that I don't need to apply a balm. Happy days! lol

Compared to Trumpers Sandalwood this is dry and earthy with light fresh floral undertones with woody notes which are very masculine and front and centre. Where as the Trumper scent is very sweet and loud.

The strength is quite decent that you can wear this as a light cologne, I've been wearing it for about four hours and can still smell gentle wafts from the lovely soft Sandalwood.

So all in all it's a very lovely scent that's versatile as you can use it as a aftershave or wear it as a light cologne with the added benefit that it moisturises your skin really well. Big thumbs up from me!
26th September, 2018 (last edited: 05th October, 2018)

Woody Intense by Arabian Oud

It starts off with just a hint of Oudy cheesy funk that disappears quickly into a beautiful very fresh pink rose accord. The oud smells like some exotic cream from a bakery and it melds really smoothly with the fresh pink rose smell.

This scent projects a lovely cloud of uplifting oudy creamy pink rose which surrounds you in a halo of loveliness. Within this cloud is saffron and soft spices with musk and it is very beguiling. I just love it's freshness and the way it projects off you.

The crying shame though is after three hours of the scent smelling and performing gloriously on your skin it drops off dramatically. The scent turns into a thin white musk scent that just stays close to you. Though it was great while it lasted.
14th May, 2018

Spanish Leather by Geo F Trumper

It's nice and clean in a soapy way with a hint of leather saddle soap which does smell like Imperial Leather that people talk about. Though this aspect is low key.

At the start there is some rose and geranium which soon disappears leaving a clean soapy smell. It's very nice in a barbershop way and clean but a bit underwhelming. It could have been more distinct with that Imperial Leather smell that I like been a bit more louder on the skin.

All in all I like it and it's my third favourite choice from the house behind Eucris Edp (truly wonderful scent) and their Sandalwood fragrance.
31st March, 2018
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YSL pour Homme Haute Concentration by Yves Saint Laurent

This is a review of the first reformulated version in the black cap and glass bottle before it was discontinued. Same as the photo above.

At the start you can smell soft sour lemon mixed in with rosemary. Soon petagrain can be smelled within this fresh herbal mix. The scent is very unique and smells so natural. It's like the creators left the lab and decided to create the scent at the local botanical gardens. lol

The lemon soon disappears and is overtaken with the rosemary and woods with soft spices. It is very nice, fresh green and as time goes by it becomes drier and musky in the basenotes. Now here is where things get interesting although it's not listed in the note breakdown, I can smell castoreum. This is a animalic note that smells leathery, smoky and musky. Mixed in with rosemary and light woods and spices makes the scent very sensual at this final stage.

The scent projects well for the first few hours and then stays closer to you. Longevity is four or so hours but it does linger on your shirt/clothes a lot longer and can still be smelled.

All in all a very lovely natural smelling fragrance with top notch ingredients.

One thing to note is there are two versions, the original from 1983 in a black bottle which is very rare. It also smells a bit different as well as longevity and projection been a lot stronger. And then there is this one with the black cap and clear bottle which I believe was a post 2005 reformulation. So this explains the disparity in the reviews.
09th March, 2018 (last edited: 12th March, 2018)

YSL pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

This is a review of the current La Collection formulation which is available now to purchase.

On first application I get a searing piercing lemon citrus accord that is underpinned by mint. And oh boy I was not ready for it's power, it could sear the hairs of your chest. lol You know that bracing effect when you splash freezing cold water over your face or add aftershave to your skin. Well this really awakens the senses like you have been slapped around the chops. This is followed by neroli and petagrain which tries to soften the blow but fails.

The mint adds a menthol effect to the concentrated lemon citrus which you can feel on your skin and around you. Now usually most modern scents the top notes last for about ten minutes or so but this keeps going for about forty minutes before you get to the midnotes. This opening certainly separates the men from the boys, I do like it as I've never experienced it's like. Quite brutal if your not ready for it, I almost thought 3 sprays was too much.

Now in the midnotes everything mellows and it's smells like pure barbershop. I got a flashback memory of when my Grandfather took me to a old barbershop in the late seventies for a haircut, that was the smell. You get a lemon herbal neroli shaving cream with woods which is underpinned by that cool mint effect. I've smelled this accord before in a lot of scents from Givenchy to Chanel but here it has a lot of depth which is what impresses me. When you analyze what you are smelling there is a lot going on. I can pick up Patchouli, woods, thyme and other notes.

I don't really get the dirty notes, well maybe a hint here and there. Maybe YSL have cleaned it up in this formulation or it needs your body chemistry to heat up to come out, I don't know.

All in all I like it and where as the shaving cream accord in Rive Gauche is dark and broody, here it's bright and cool. Thumbs up, what a ride.
22nd February, 2018

Eau Noble by Le Galion

I have the new modern version which is quite beautiful. On first application to your skin you get a blast of slightly sour lemon citrus mixed in with lots of warm moss. Out of this I can smell hints of bitter green and a slight woody sweetness. Soon after the lavender becomes apparent and mixes in very nicely with the other notes.

As time goes by you can smell wafts of jasmine which is very subtle and soon replaced by a musky leathery amber sweetness.

The first thing that strikes you when you first apply the scent is the sheer quality. It smells very chic and classy.

The scent is very aromatic and really blooms on your skin and starts to open up and weave a symphony of different notes even though it's tightly blended. The scent stays within arms length and lasts for about four hours before becoming a light sweet musky shell of it's former self. But for the sheer quality it's worth the ride!

This scent is a true homage to the old citrus aromatic chypre fragrance but spun in a modern way. Thumbs up!
09th February, 2018

Monsieur de Givenchy by Givenchy

A nice lemon soapy citrus to start which is followed by lavender and pepper. As time goes by you get a subtle hint of civet which adds character to the scent. I can also pick up woods and subtle floral's.

A lovely discreet gentlemen's cologne that has class and character!
03rd February, 2018

Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

This opens with a lovely lemon citrus/neroli and soon transitions to soft spices. It's very classy and discreet. The projection is below average but it does hang around for most of the day though the first couple of hours is where it is strongest.

A very beautiful understated scent and the perfect scent for a gentlemen!
21st January, 2018

Viking by Creed

On first application I get a fiery spice like that bite from that old cologne old spice. Peppermint then comes into play which is very nice. Shortly after I can pick up aquatic watery notes. After a good while rose enters the fray to calm down the fiery spice which is very nice in the drydown.

This fragrance smells reminds me of the fiery spice from that old cologne old spice mixed with a aquatic fragrance from the Nineties.

All in all I like the fiery spicy opening through to the aquatic heart to the rosy drydown. Thumbs up!
23rd September, 2017

Club de Nuit Intense for Men by Armaf

I was ready to dislike this for been a cheap rip off of Aventus. But having worn it and having recently used Aventus I got to give the scent credit as it does smell good. As soon as that drydown comes it is a lot like Aventus and it has pretty good longevity as well.
16th September, 2017

Numero Uno by Carthusia

This opens up soft with a slight medicinal mossy powdery aroma. And then you can smell violet and vetiver adding to the mix. Adding to this is herbs and musk.

It smells strange and uneven to my nose and the violet with that medicinal accord stand out like a sore thumb. Good ingredients but this scent really rubs me the wrong way. Smells like cosmetic hand-cream with it's powdery violet medicinal accord.
12th August, 2017

Carthusia Uomo by Carthusia

This fragrance reminds me of a old Insignia deodorant (light blue can) from the Eighties. It also bears a resemblance to Ice Men by Mugler.

It has a fresh musky mossy geranium scent mixed in with woods. It smells nice but very one dimensional, it does not hold my interest.
12th August, 2017

Mediterraneo by Carthusia

A very intense blast of lemon and other citrus notes. This is coupled with a lovely tea note on a bed of flowers and green herbal notes.

The ingredients are breathtaking in their quality. It's like you have squeezed citrus juice into a bowl and added the essence of flowers and green herbs and then dabbed yourself.

Very nice but a little too realistic and intense.
11th August, 2017

1681 by Carthusia

This smells like a fresher and lighter version of Dior Homme. The ingredients are top notch and it smells great but too opulent and perfumery for me to wear casually. A good scent for dressing up and going out.
11th August, 2017

Loewe para Hombre by Loewe

Review Of Vintage Formulation

This opens up with citrus and lavender and smells like Azzaro Pour Homme but with added spices. Eventually it goes in another direction and leads to a strong smell of Rosemary combining with other herbs. You get that minty piney fragrance which seems to be the heart of the fragrance. Underpinning this is a musky oakmoss and vetiver with some woods.

It's one of the most sensual fragrances I have smelled and it's really good and unequal.The great thing about these old school fragrances with lots of Oakmoss is that the basenotes just linger on your skin all day long. The musky oakmoss and vetiver with the fresh rosemary accord is just lovely indeed.
09th August, 2017 (last edited: 10th August, 2017)

Homme de Grès by Grès

Now this fragrance harks back to another time in structure and is nothing like what you would find on the shelves today. No sugary sweetness here!

After a few sprays upon the skin the scent smells quite harsh with bitter herbal lemony citrus notes. But the beauty of this fragrance is how in opens up and takes you on a olfactory journey. Wait twenty minutes and the scent starts to unfurl and soften with the introduction of lavender and jasmine floral notes. This starts to make the scent more aromatic as slowly the bitter herbal citrus melds with the lavender and floral notes on a underlying bed of leather.

Eventually the herbal mossy lemony citrus starts to fade and the floral jasmine notes start to come through more and the scent starts to become more woody. So you can smell a lovely herbal floral woody scent on a leathery base. Quite beautiful (reminds me a bit of Carons third man scent).

The scent is beautifully crafted in how the different notes are introduced and then meld together quite beautiful. Every-time you sniff the scent you are picking up a new different aspect. I am impressed how all these different notes all come together to create a alluring beautiful scent.

I get several hours of longevity and the basenotes seem to linger on the skin for ages where modern fragrances they just seem to disappear.
07th August, 2017

The Fragrance Journals : 1962 by Floris

On the opening I can smell a light haze of orange and lime with the lime been more prominent. Soon after the cypress makes itself known and it is very nice indeed. It reminds me of a lighter and fresher version of Italian Cypress, the cypress note is gorgeous and to die for here.

After a while I can detect light wisps of jasmine and floral's but the cypress is the star of the show.The other notes act around this note to make it lighter, fresher and just god damn gorgeous. Eventually the cypress accord becomes more warmer and mossy and musky as we move into the basenotes.

The fragrance has a understated elegance too it. I know the scent was is inspired by London's Soho district in the Summer of 1962 but it definitely smells Mediterranean and Italian to my nose.

Well the fragrance did not impress right out of the gate but when it opens up it does become a stunner. The Cypress note here is just beautiful, very fresh and seductive. In fact I think I prefer this to Italian Cypress as its more elegant and refined with hidden nuances. Italian Cypress is very potent where as 1962 is just easier to wear. In fact this scent could have been released under the Acqua Di Parma

So all in all if you like fresh aromatic cypress and the Mediterranean vibe then this is a winner. Would be great for Spring and especially Summer.
06th February, 2017

L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

A very light and subdued vanilla and almond scent with a hint of cherry. The problem with this fragrance is the main notes need to be more amplified as the scent sits very quiet on the skin.

The fragrance smells out of focus and unfinished, when you smell it you want it to be more bold and have that extra something but it just fades away without leaving a good impression.
20th October, 2016

Les Déserts d'Orient - Songe d'un Bois d'Été by Guerlain

Well who would have thought that Guerlain would come out in this day and age with a dirty leathery spicy fragrance done for a gentleman. On first application I get the cumin body odor fragrance mixed in with a leathery woody oud and saffron. The jasmine is used wonderfully to tame the beast so it puurrss and does not growl on your

I get the associations with Dior Leather Oud, but this has been created in a more classy way. The scent is very sensual and intimate, the balance between the dark notes is offset well with the floral jasmine.

As time goes by and the spicy cumin note settles down and this scent just gets better and better. It goes into full seduction mode, the oud, leather and floral touched myrrh does smell like you could don suit and become a Lothario for the night.

I would say this fragrance is for the gentleman who wants to attract the ladies. Very well done!
26th September, 2016

Les Déserts d'Orient - Encens Mythique d'Orient by Guerlain

This feels very fresh when first sprayed on, it's like you have soaked rose petals in water left it for a while and then sprayed it on. It's not overwhelming as the incense quickly follows which smells like white musk and then I can pick up the ambergris. The ambergris smells slightly
sweet and salty.

The scent is very ethereal and feels watery on the skin as you have a light shimmering effect of light rose, incense and ambergris. It smells very plush and is so well balanced, no note feels bold or overwhelming. Everything is light and airy, imagine a breeze coming your way with a sweet, salty rose just caressing your senses.

After a while you can pick up other notes within the mystical like breeze of a scent like saffron and Patchouli. All this is tightly weaved in a ethereal fashion smelling very classy and plush, you could imagine a Arabian princess wearing this.

A very beautiful fragrance and worthy of praise.
25th September, 2016