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Danielle by Danielle Steel

I agree with ubuandibeme. Smells very similar to miss Dior cherie
21st July, 2016

High Line by Bond No. 9

While I like Highline, it is indistinguishable of many other aquatic florals that are much cheaper. Additionally, it reminds me of hairspray at first application. It smells strongly of alcohol then followed by aquatic notes upon dry down. It's light and doesn't last long on my skin.

Pleasant enough, but not memorable.
11th May, 2016

Iroko by Blackbird

Fresh out of the bottle it smells like chemically floor cleaner for wood floors. Maybe the teak? I don't know. Possibly like paint gone bad. I couldn't quite decide. I eventually smelled the sandalwood after I tried to wash it off. There is a sweetness there too but I honestly am not planning to try this again anytime soon. One of a handful that I immediately wanted to scrub off.
13th February, 2016
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