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    Floïd by Floïd

    Bought this in Salou in Spain last year. Very strong floral musk barbershop in your face notes on the opening. But then dries down to pleasant floral talcy notes. Bit dated and probably for the older gent.

    09th September, 2014


    Aqua Velva Ice Blue by Williams

    More for the older man. Has a very minty opening of top notes and a talc barbershop floral base due to the musk. Would go well with more floral barbershop colognes such as Floid. Very invigorating splashed on after a shave but would prefer a less floral version.

    09th September, 2014


    Acqua di Selva by Visconti di Modrone

    As said by another user I like the orangy, zesty, pine and spicy notes but not a big fan of the floral parts from the carnation and rose that make it smell dated and feminine. Would be nicer for me if these floral notes were absent.

    29th August, 2014


    Brummel by Antonio Puig

    Very similar in your face alcoholic, tarragon soapy opening like Denim. Quickly drys down to a pleasant soapy spicy citrus. Less refined, cheap version of Bogart in my opinion.
    Very wearable and not too in your face, although maybe a tad old fashioned, but still a pleasant fresh every day type of juice. Bought my bottle (125ml) in Spain on holiday a few weeks ago. Cost just under 10 euros.

    11th October, 2012


    L.12.12 Bleu / Blue by Lacoste

    Medicinal minty,zesty,sweet. Quite unusual. I find it very pleasant and different. Has good longevity. Quite fruity. Can detect the grapefruit. Mild spicy woods.

    27th August, 2012


    Blue Stratos by Parfums Bleu

    I always go back to this one now and again as it evokes fond memorys of my younger days as back then in the 80s it was a staple of my dads. I assumed it had been discontinued until coming accross it in a small village pharmacy a few years ago. Soon after I found the entire range is pretty much sold online. Not seen it much in shops. I agree its somewhere between Brut and Old spice, but the vanilla stands it apart from the 2. I find it very fresh, uncomplicated and clean smelling.

    10th August, 2012


    Agua Brava by Antonio Puig

    Very much like Pino Silvestre, but much more
    citrus and slightly different herbal notes with
    the addition of leather.

    14th December, 2011


    Axe Unlimited / Lynx Unlimited by Axe / Lynx

    I can detect peppery cardamom,citrus and a hint of
    coconut with woods. Quite pleasant to freshen up with,
    but look elsewhere for sillage. You would have 2 apply
    a whole bottle to still smell it at the end of the day.

    14th November, 2011


    English Blazer by Parfums Bleu

    One of my favorites! Smells very similar to the original now discontinued Insignia, but just with less spices in the notes pyramid. Opens with a real blast of citrus and then dries down to a subtle woody,spicey,moss base.

    19th August, 2010


    Rapport by Eden Classics

    A new discovery and one of my favorites at the moment. It is quite cheap and has a very unusual spicy, soapy note, which I like. Makes me feel fresh and clean.Stands out in a nice way from the usual expensive varieties available.

    18th August, 2010


    Hai Karate by Leeming

    Got a small plastic bottle of this with a toy electric razor in my Christmas stocking when I was a kid of about 6. Was my first introduction to aftershaves. Invokes fond memories of my childhood when I smell it. Tends to offend the noses these days that have become used to feminine aquatics. I have a reproduction version of this called New Generation Hai Karate and it is spot on to the original, but has very poor longevity on the skin.

    13th August, 2010


    DKNY Men (original) by Donna Karan

    I got this when it first came out. Quite a multitude of notes in this one its difficult to tell what they are and smells a bit feminine. There is citrus,soapy,spice,florals,woods and all sorts. Also despite being kept in a dark cupboard I think my bottle has gone off as smells sour and flat, so stopped wearing it. Same thing happened to my polo sport.

    13th August, 2010


    English Leather by Dana

    Bought some of this in the plastic bottle on ebay and promptly re-sold it. Smells like boot leather mixed with baby powder,urine and some shoe polish. I am a fan of old colognes, but just couldn't get on with this one.

    09th August, 2010


    Wood Spice by Marks and Spencer

    A soapy,powdery, spicy,moss and woody blend, which is quite unique. Has been available in Marks and Spencer for years. Came across it when I got it for Christmas back in the early 1990's. Reminds me of early appreciation of fragrances for men and one I splash on occasionally for nostalgia.

    12th May, 2010 (Last Edited: 18th August, 2010)


    Fresh Wood by Boots

    Very soapy, woody, mossy fragrance with a hint of spice. Not as sophisticated as Aramis and is lacking the clove element. Has poor longevity, but is quite a cheap pleasant splash on after a shave.

    12th May, 2010 (Last Edited: 13th August, 2010)


    Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

    I decided to revisit old spice recently and was presently suprised how refreshing and pleasant it is compared to what I remember. I used to have the deo spray in the late eighties before the reformulation. I remember it being quite strong and much more florally,spicy and vanillary. It did not attract complements from the ladies from what I remember, as it was seen as old fashioned and what your dad wore amongst rebellious teenagers. It was so strong people could tell instantly what you were wearing if you had old spice on. The latest incarnation is much more acceptable than it was and if applied in moderation passes with complements. It is so much more individual and unusual to peoples noses now, who have become used to the weak and copy after copy efforts of fragrances being churned out these days.

    21st April, 2010


    Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

    I had a bottle of this back in the early 90's. It is very sweet,spicey, florally and expensive and refined smelling. It was a very in fragrance at the time back then to wear as a young man, as it is slightly feminine and sweet and attracts young ladies with it smelling as it does. However now being older and more sufisticated I have switched to more masculine woody,spicy,leathery type fragrances, so I don't think this and anything like it would be on my bathroom shelf now.

    21st April, 2010


    Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

    I was never able to warm to this. Had a small tester, which I binned after a few applications. Had a very unusual floral opening, which I found nauseating and the dry-down smelt like urine on my skin. Not for me I'm afraid.

    24th March, 2010


    Gold / Yardley Gold by Parfums Bleu

    I had a bottle of this before the re-branding. I have not tried it since then as I remember not being able to get used to it at all and ended up pouring it down the sink. It is very strong and old fashioned and will clear any room. There is a very overpowering musk,mixed with floral notes and leather, which is very dated and harks medallion man and hairy chest wig.
    It is a bit like the powdery baby talc stink bomb that is English Leather, but with more citrus added. It reminded me of the smell of an old leather hangbag my mother had, when we were having a clearout. I sniffed it before putting it in the black sack and the stench ingrained in it with years of lipstick, perfume bottles and blusher, which it had carried if strained out would give you Yardley Gold.

    04th March, 2010


    Insignia by Dana

    I had the talc and showergel of this in the late 80's and was sorry to see it go, as I really liked it. I have recently discovered the rights to the brand have been aquired by a company called Edenclassics based in Harrow. They are on a mission to bring back discontinued fragrances and have also bought the rights many more. They have re-issued Insignia in 4 versions: Insignia Fusion, Insignia Zero, Insignia Rush and Insignia Instinct. I havn't bought and tried any of these yet, so I am not sure whether any of these is the original fragrance.

    04th February, 2010


    AquaTonic by Conquest Personal Care

    Nice oceanic scent, but doesn't last long on my skin or have much impact. Has floral and citrus opening notes. Then dries down to mild soapy and slightly spicey notes. Suitable I think as a casual evening aftershave.

    25th August, 2009


    Mandate by Eden Classics

    I recently got this aftershave, as I had not tried it before and I do love it, although I wish it had more staying power on my skin. It is quite an expensive smelling aftershave, but is really cheap. I find it similar to Eau Sauvage by Christian dior and Azzaro, but it has a much less citrus accord and is more spicey and soapy. For longevity I will search for an alternative and continue to use Azzaro for daytime, but use this as a splash on in the evening.

    14th August, 2009


    Denim by Denim

    I love this fragrance. Very leathery and soapy and fresh. I had the showergel as a teenager and after it dissapered from UK shelves I moved on dissapointed. However I recently managed to track a bottle of the aftershave and showergel in a gift set on an online phramacy. It is still made in Italy by conter and also exists in many other forms. It is very cheap still and you get a lot for your money, but sadley isn't long lasting. If you want something which smells similar and more suffisticated try Aramis or Azzaro, which are more expensive but longer lasting.

    05th August, 2009

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