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Fleurs des Caraïbes by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

I can't begin to describe the perfection of this scent. Yes, it smells exactly like a Carribian night in full bloom, exotic, tropical fruits, all of them in a big bowl, melons of all kinds, passionfruit, starfruit. Total perfection. Perfect in the way like a perfume made by a highend nichehouse with a real high budject in quality. I get mostly hibiscus in full tropical bloom blended perfectly with real vanillapods (like the vanilla Guerlain use in their most expensive exclusive line of perfumes, such as SD Vanille, among others). Blended into a musky exotic beauty. My absolute favorite scent for tropical hot days and nights. <3 Aloha!!! <3
10th May, 2013

Rose Ispahan by Yves Rocher

Oh, how can I put this in words? Rose Ispahan is the scent of an luxurious chocolate-rose praline. Smells nichey+expensive. A work of perfume-art! Sadly hard to find today! Reminds me *A LOT* of Les Parfums de Rosine "Rose Praline". BUT Rose Ispahan smells even better - How is that even possible? Amazing Amzing Rose Ispahan! AND! Look at this gorgeous golden bottle. Isn't that a beauty in any perfume-collection? I have 2 bottles. If I stumble upon a 3'rd or 4'th, I will get it - because I want & need this in my life! LOVE!
29th April, 2013

Le B by Agnès B

This review is for the new 2007-version: My first impression, after a whole day wearing this organic fresh-scent: If I didn't already know, i would absolutely guessed it was by Olivia Giacobetti. This is so much her, no doubt about it. I would say it smells like a mix of Honore des Pres "I love Les Carottes" + "Bonte's Bloom" AND her masterpiece "En Passant" by Frederic Malle. With small dash of vintage Tilleul. If that makes any sense? Either way, i can highly recommend it to all Olivia.G-fans, who loves her fresh, subtle, organic-feel scents for L'Artisan & Honore des Pres, and Malle.
14th August, 2012
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Coco Noir by Chanel

okay, first impressions on COCO NOIR: no harsh jasmine-notes here. mmm i do get a velvety soft sexy incensy musky rose - not fresh cut one, or strong roses. All is just so well blended in NOIR. A very modern kind of Coco. You know in that way like "shalimar Parfum Initial" was for the original shalimar? More *today* and easy to love. I do want this bottle :) i know now after the scent has settled.
10th August, 2012

Madonna Nudes 1979 by Mypa

This is a perfume you'll either hate or love. For me it's love. And one of my candy-sweet cheap thrills. This one is one of the cheapest perfumes i own. Still it indeed is a 5 stars scent!! It smells like cherry coke tastes. The scent of cherries in liqueur you find in a box of dark chocolate-pralines. Sweet surupy dark-red cherries drenched in sweet strong liqueur. Strong in every way. Massive lastingpower & sillage. Notes: Cherry, cherry & cherry in sweet liqueur, bergamot, tangerine, orange, lemon, green jasmine, boozy plum, patchouli, iris, sandalwood, white musk, cedar, vetiver. (concentration: EDP)
26th July, 2012 (last edited: 27th July, 2012)

Floral by Martine Micallef

An unusual cocktail of spiced florals. The unusually *STRONG* spicy african orange blossoms in this edp really knocks me to the wall with real raw power. Longevity: Very long. Sillage: Very strong. Besides orange blossom, raspberry & fig missing notes are: TOPNOTES: Bergamot, Galbanum. MIDDLE: GERANIUM, ROSE, JASMINE. Base: White musk.
21st July, 2012

Pur Désir de Lilas by Yves Rocher

Perfection *5 stars out of 5* - I'm not all about "niche+highend". There are some hidden treasures out there. This is one. An amazingly good Lilac-soliflore. A fragile spring-beauty. A big realistic bouquet of light purple lilacs. Superb lastingpower and with a very good sillage.

Perfumer: Annick Ménardo (the nose behind Guerlain's Bois d'Armenie, Le Labo's Patchouli 24, Bulgari Black, Dior's Hypnotic Poison & Bois D`argent. And most by Lolita Lempicka+many others)
20th July, 2012

Champaca by Space NK

i did own "Freak" by Illamasqua. But swapped it. Amazingly cool bottle indeed. But I still much more prefer this "Champaca" by SPACE NK. Both Freak & this scent is made by the same nose: AZZI GLASSER. The scents are very similar, but this one from space nk smells, in my own humble opinion, much better. PLUS it lasts longer. Is more unique. And best of all = is cheaper. If you haven't got the ££-money for Freak. Try this for less. :) PS: i'm not *in any way* trashing FREAK. I just happen to prefer this one, by the same nose, amazingly talented Miss Glasser <3 .
21st June, 2012

Fig & Vetiver by Anthousa

Once got it from a fellow basenoter. And... Oh, yes, this is the perfect tropical summer-scent. Coconutty (yes, coconut is not listed, but trust me on that it IS there. Lots of it !!) fig. Perfect!! I'm glad i decided to keep this!! Notes: Green fig, italian bergamot, mandarin & cyclamen. A fruitful Heart of: berries, peach, osmanthus, and rosewood. Rounded out with sultry black amber & earthy vetiver. A BIG PLUS for the GORGEOUS LUXURIOUS BOTTLE!!
07th June, 2012

Tiare by Hei Poa

This is an amazingly realistic tiare scent, pure and real imo. Nothing synthetic about it, just beautiful! Very longlasting, so spray with a very light hand. Would suit a person who loves authentic tropical floral scents like Monyette, MOR Cosmetics Tahitian & so on. Hei poa is the delicately fresh scent of Tiare blossoms. In Tahiti Tiara is the generic name for all flowers, they are the absolute symbol of the flower and the spirit of Tahiti.
05th June, 2012

Hip by Jean Patou

This is what YSL's "Babydoll" would smell like as a grown up woman. Amazing stayingpower for a fruity floral (edp-strenght rather than edt). Potent, mature & sparkling for grown up women. This is a mischievous pink essence that stimulates the senses with a sparkling duo of Red Grapefruit & Pink Peppercorn from Mauritius. In it's floral heart, the exuberance of Bulgarian Rose mingles with the sweet, honeyed tones of Linden and Ylang-Ylang from Madagascar. Fruity facets of Rhubarb and Pear are highlighted by a woody spicy harmony of Ginger from China, vetiver from Haiti and Sandalwood from Mysore. A few drops of happiness... La vie en rose.
04th June, 2012 (last edited: 05th June, 2012)

Amber Oudh by Rasasi

(actual name is AMBER OUDH) What can I say more than WOW !!! I never thought that this little bottle hid a Arabic magic elixir. The best with this fragrance is, that's right, the Amber, which softly caressing rounds off the oud.

If Montale would come across the recipe for this, they would be very happy! Fortunately, I can get it for the perfect price from "Rasasi". And what a GOOD blind-purchase thiswas. "olibanum (frankincense) and myrrh" indeed, but also real saffron (the expencive stuff, not the "made-to-smell-like" saffron stuff). And, saffron is one of my no.1 fave-notes. And this IS saffron to my nose. This pure perfume oil melts into oud-heaven. And as a heavy-Montale-oud fan, I know my ouds. And goodness WOW - this is AMAZING stuff. A pure oriental arabic dessert-dream, and I never wanna leave!

And to top this all of, the bottle is so beautiful. This is "1000 and 1 nights" in a bottle!

09th May, 2012

Carnegie Blue by Hattie Carnegie

The prices on this are really *mad* on ebay, for used bottles even! This sure is a very Classy scent! And very potent for a cologne (as colognes where back in the days). More like and edt. Very grassy in the topnotes, then developes into a gorgeous flowery-scent in the spirit of chanel no.5 edt.(sort of), but much softer & greener. After an hour this again changed into dark green late-summer-grass & flowers on me. So facinating all the stages from top-to base are still here. Usually the basenotes are only left on old vintages like this one. Price-label $5 for 6oz. wondering how much that was, and which year? (says "SDA - N.Y. 1889" on the bottom label).
23rd April, 2012
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Pink Kat by Trance Essence

Lovely!! I like that it smells like real gardenia. Many scents say they have gardenia in them, but few smell of the real gardenia. To me this is a untamed wild wild version of Lauders Private Colletion "Tuberose Gardenia". Notes missing above are wild Ylang-Ylang, gardenia, bulgarian rose absolute, sandalwood, orange flower absolute. And a pinch of nutmeg, which adds that extra "omph" to the juice. Trance Essence uses 100% pure essential oils, and this really makes a difference, adding natures pure power to the scents. Potent stuff!!
31st March, 2012

Pink Grapefruit by Floris

This is the only *REAL* bursting zesty pink grapefruit scent I have tried! EVER! Nothing sweet added to this (like most other grapefruit-scents) - simply the real deal. But strong potent freshly squeezed bitter pink grapefruit-juice! This is an edt with EDP-strength. Excellent longivety (6 hours). Sadly rare, as it's long discontinued.
22nd December, 2011

Melodrama by Space NK

This perfume-art was created by famous Christopher Sheldrake (for Brittish SPACE NK). Hard to find, and sadly discontiniued. and sold for $$$ on the internet (ebay etc.). The dramatic scent was inspired by the black & white movies of the 1930s. The notes are bergamot, orange blossom, French lavender, pink rose, heliotrope, gardenia, jasmine, oakmoss, patchouli and vetiver. Here's some very well-describing info from perfumesmellinthings blog: " Melodrama was created for Space NK, a stylish UK-based “apothecary”, by Chris Sheldrake, the perfumer responsible for many Serge Lutens’s scents. “Inspired by the allure of classic scents, Melodrama pays homage to the golden age of perfumery in the 1920s”, says Space NK, and indeed, this is a fragrance with a vintage, classic feel. This is a heady scent, but the blend is so smooth, that somehow that headiness is not overwhelming or uncomfortable. Melodrama is a good example of a scent we can expect from the Chanel-Sheldrake team. Excellently blended, high quality, handsome scent with classic ambitions."
08th December, 2011

Douglas Hannant by Robert Piguet

This is a strange ultra-strong sickly overly fruity pear-version of FRACAS. Think it's intended to attract a younger crowd to Piguet-perfumes, considering the fruity-punch a'la FRACAS-gone-bad. FRACAS is nice and classy. This made me feel real sick. Had to wash it off. (Ps. I own FRACAS -and like it)
18th November, 2011

Ophélie by Pierre Cardin

Ophelie is a stunning bouquet of rose-jam+rose-marmelade sweetness. Full of Morrocan flowers in full bloom and rosewood. Ylang from the Comores, and sweetest red roses from Morroco, and the only genuine jasmine from Egypt. Northern Africa in a bottle. Makes me think of my vacations to Tunisia, as the jasmine, rose, ylang, really smells like it only does in the north of africa. With a touch of the dry dunes of dessert Sahara. Sun, sand and secret garden from the past, in late full bloom - hidden in the middle of the sands of Sahara, like a mirage. Yes! This Smells like something by Andy Tauer (think "Le Maroc Pour Elle" etc.). And, yes very much like Tauer is what this is indeed. Wow, the bottle itself is a work of art. A true gem, and must-have in any good parfumista-collection. For me - as i'm sensitive to the potent north african kind of jasmin - if you have been there, and like me, experienced the scent of it IRL, you'll know this jasmine, is the most potent jasmine there is. As much as i love it, it's just too potent of a jasmine for me. It does really smell like the real (african) deal. But still, i have to give this scent 4 stars+thumbs up - for capturing the real jasmine-flowers!!
02nd November, 2011

Chaos by Ava Luxe

This is not to be mixed up with "Donna Karan CHAOS" - this is something completley different. While Karan's "Chaos" - is wild total chaos & heavy saffron, like the capital of India - extrovert acting-out & crazy!

Ava Luxe's "CHAOS" is for someone (perhaps with an chaotic inside) seeking meditative calmness & silence. Potent, yet quiet, like meditation on the top of a mountain of Tibet. An exquisite subtle oriental incense scent that is soothing and yet sophisticated. A blend of cinnamon, clove, chamomile, coriander and oude. Earthy and relaxed.

Fragrance family :INCENSE/WOOD
12th October, 2011

Carte Bleue by Hattie Carnegie

Classy! This is one is very potent for a cologne (as colognes where back in the days)! More like and edt. Very grassy in the topnotes, then developes into a gorgeous flowery-scent in the spirit of chanel no.5 edt.(sort of) , but much softer & greener. After an hour this again changed into dark green late-summer-grass & flowers on me. So facinating all the stages from top-to base are still here. Usually the basenotes are only left on old vintages like this one. Price-label $5 for 6oz. wondering how much that was, and which year? (says "SDA - N.Y. 1889" on the bottom label).
16th August, 2011

Breathless by Victoria's Secret

This sure is the ultimate clean-straight from the shower-scent for an amazingly good price (75ml for not more than $45) !! Smells like an classical soap with natural citrus-oils and lots of magical linden (lime-blossom). Clean Clean Clean. The most perfect soapy clean scent i've tried. Fresh as early green summer. Clean like the waters of north. A summer-maiden in a white cotton-dress. Pure natural blonde beauty. Like the cleanest linen and cotton-laundry drying in the summer-winds. Very long-lasting too. This was given to me as a gift, i would never had bought it as my experiences with Victoria's Secret-line hasn't been the best (fruity teen-scents). This is like nothing else in their line - and for all ages!! Love it!!
14th August, 2011

Masaki SUu by Masakï Matsushïma

SUu is not an oriental flora (as it's said to be)l. SUu is a transparent "Soft Floral". SUu smells like the most beautiful authentic waterlily's (lotus) in the topnotes, really amazing. But it to my BIG sorrow this beauty turns on my skin in the base (I suspect the star anise in combo with cedar). This is one of the absolute most precious delicate scents I've tried - and that it still manages to have GREAT amazing sillage is rare. Like Japan captured in a bottle. A rare scent, for the one who doesn't want to "smell like everyone else".

Top notes are chinese grapefruit, tropical fruit and pear.
Middle notes are star anise and lotus.
Base notes are musk and cedar.
26th May, 2011

Light My Heart by Morgan de Toi

I've been a naughty girl today! Tricked my man into sampling my MORGAN DE TOI "Light My Heart", telling him it is a male-scent (he wants something fresh for summer instead of the heavy Montale-ouds he wears for the colder season). And he likes it! A LOT even!

Perfume-Guru Luca Turin writes on this: "Though intended as a feminine, LMH basically is a barbershop masculine, and none worse for it, with a musky-sweaty feeling that goes in the direction of KOUROS but quiter and more subtle. Suprisingly good and well worth trying".

For once I agree with Luca! But feel a little bad about my lies now :( !! I will probaly not tell him as he would so nooot wear it then. SO silly gender-labelling scents I think! Male-members of BN - give this a try!! :)
19th May, 2011

Fat Electrician by Etat Libre d'Orange

Smells exactly like self-tanning-cream!! Salt air, sea, the scent of burning sun, +45 celsius, an over-crowded mad beach by the meditarranean sea, in late july. Synthetic plastic Self-tanning-cream and sweat, sunburnt red bodys... AND myrrh !! Perfume made as an piece of art, so strange - made ugly-beautiful.
10th May, 2011

Ma Liberté by Jean Patou

MA LIBERTE, the freedom of wild nature. There's nothing like this, has never been, will never be!! "MA LIBERTE" is the free (and most of all UNTAMED) nordic nature. Bottled Wilderness.Mysterious with capital "M" spring-herbals. Cloves and wildroses burst like spring in the topnotes. The heart of a mystical lavander woodsy cinnamon cedar & sandalwoods. This scent is taken out of the most northern Nordic WHITE MOSS WILDERNESS!!!! A sauna in the deepest woods of Finland. The one & only true scent of real freedom! Heated herbs, and burning fresh spring Björk(Birch)-wood with it's spring-buds thrown on the saunas hot stones. The scent of this exact STEAM !!!! This is freedom. Clearest sweetwater fjordes of Norway, the pulsating magical hot springs of Iceland. And the crisp spring-air & Waters, combined earth, the ground-soil of the cleanest nature of Sweden. A saga - more than a fragrance. Ancient and close-to-heart. This is one of my signature scents. Like an older, wise ancestor to Guerlain's "Jicky" edp. "MA LIBERTE'S" bolder & deeper. MYSTIC !!With added dark vetiver and white moss. THE leader through the whole scent, lavender from bright innocent jasmin-rosebuds-lavender top - down to "Ma liberte's" woodsy earthy lavender-base.
10th May, 2011

Opus III by Amouage

Tonights great discovery! Amouage copied 80% of "Balahe" when making "The Library Collection Opus III" !! "Opus III" is an almost exact (but sweeter/more" rounded") copy of "Balahe" edt (by LEONARD), which is discontinued. But "Balahe" can still be found for a good price on the internet !! AND best of all = you can get "Balahe" for a *MUCH* better price. And the black Balahe-bottle, with a silk red string is such a beautiful piece of art itself!! Oh, good I saved me some money by already owning this scent in Balahe! :)
03rd May, 2011

Balahé by Léonard

Tonights great discovery! Amouage copied 80% of "Balahe" when making "The Library Collection Opus III" !! "Opus III" is an almost exact (but sweeter/more" rounded") copy of "Balahe" edt (by LEONARD), which is discontinued. But "Balahe" can still be found for a good price on the internet !! AND best of all = you can get "Balahe" for a *MUCH* better price. And the black Balahe-bottle, with a silk red string is such a beautiful piece of art itself!! Oh, good I saved me some money by already owning this scent in Balahe! :)
03rd May, 2011

Vampire by Body Fantasies

Think "Lestat" (Interview with a vampire) mixed with the modern "True Blood". A very *Indecent* perfume this is! I get crushed cherries, deep blood-red, sugared & drenched in sweet cherry-liquer. Vigorous Wisteria, twining vines blooming in New Orleans with huge, cascading flower clusters. Dark chocolate with violet. All layerd in the perfect amount of 'sexy as hell'-musk. A scent for vampires & "creatures of the night"? Yes Ma'am! This is damn sexy. Baroque! Breathtaking! Like crushed velvet in darkest red, musty rich, sweet & expensive deep blood-red wine. This is definatley a gothic, vampiric scent. A "must have" for goth's & vampires.. The Dark Gift is different for each of us ;) ! Longevity & sillge is the best on this dark elixir of the night! Amazing price for something so special. There's *nothing cheap* about it!

If this perfume had a Soundtrack it would be "Vladimir Horowitz - Sonata in E Flat Major for Piano, Hob. XVI:49: II. Adagio e&#65279; Cantabile" - (The one Lestat play on the piano when he came back from the dead. And very, very angry at little "Claudia") check it out on !! - That one and/or the "True Blood"-soundtrack:

"When you came in the air went out.
And all those shadows there filled up with doubt.

I don't know who you think you are,
But before the night is through,
I wanna do bad things with you.
I wanna do real bad things with you.." & so on.

List Price in the US: $14.99 for 1 fl.oz/29ml (wow!!! not much to think about! GO GET IT!!!!)

More info: Body Fantasies Vampire Eau de Parfum - A mouth-watering bite...Succulent and delicious! Vampire Parfum is a unique new expression of female sensuality. Intense and long-lasting, put it on any time of day and it always lingers until sunrise. Vampire incites notice, comment and, inevitably, desire.

Forbidden love...Dangerous...Addictive...Impossible to Resist!
28th April, 2011 (last edited: 30th April, 2011)

Jailia by Profumi di Pantelleria

Would you want a weak ANGEL (MUGLER) copy in a plain cheapo ugly bottle. AND on top of that Pay a whooping $160 for it too!!? This is actually very rude. And then call it niche perfume even!! Offensive to try to cheat people of money for a weak ANGEL-clone. I hope this prevents some customers to get ripped off :(
28th April, 2011

My Life - Hommage à Marlene Dietrich by Grès

Hmm.. I don't get how it can be classified as a chypre? As it's not at all! This is a Floral Woody Musk. And on me it's 99% Liquorice (can't understand how, as Liquorice isn't listed as a note, but it is). "My Life Hommage a Marlene Dietrich" is veeery very similar to "Eau d`Ete" Lolita Lempicka. So very Liquorice (among with the patchouli, sandalwood-base - takes over.) If one loves the Lolita Lempicka-variations´s, the purple "apples" (like MANY do) this is a total must try!! But for me, I will stick to the one & only wearable Liquorice-scent on me = "Eau de Reglisse Liquorice" by Caron (LOVE!).
03rd April, 2011