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Fumabat by Couteau de Poche

Very nice scent. Kind of love at first sniff for me due to the strong soapy piney and smokey opening.

Shifts around a bit in full wearing.

Love it, but alas it wears pretty weakly on me. Need more legs on a pricey frag like this.

Worth a sniff. But with only one scent in their whole arsenal, one wonders how long Fumabat will be around.

A well blended scent that can wear equally well on men or women in my opinion.
29th December, 2017 (last edited: 10th January, 2018)

L for Men by Clive Christian

Some days I wake up thinking I want to wear L today. That's what I want to smell like.

I'm horrible with breaking down notes. I would just said this is very nicely blended and reeks of quality ingredients. My nose just sort of gets "tangy woodsy."

Wears a bit closely and longevity is quite good on me. Lasts through a 10 hour workday.

A very nice masculine scent. Zero regets with this pricey purchase.
23rd March, 2017

Jubilation XXV by Amouage

I can't add anything that hasn't already been said about the beauty of this scent.

This is a must try for any fragrance aficionado.

I have had dreams of wearing this scent. I will always have a bottle.
It's a bit of a skin scent on me but WHAT a skin scent.

It is majestic.
05th November, 2015
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L'Homme Sage by Divine

The review by LiveJazz takes the wind out of my sails. A great description of a scent that to me defies description. I agree with everything he said.

It's strong, but not overpowering, sweet, but not too sweet, manly, but not too manly, etc.

A great saffron and fruit open, followed by "I'm not sure how to describe it." To my nose, I guess the incense dominates after drydown. But not always. Wait...just noticed amber...Ummm, hold on, is that leather? Hey, how they'd get imortelle in here...i dont like imortelle. The notes are so well blended to me that no one note can lay claim to the scent.

Tried this on a rec from a very beautiful woman who knows fragrances well. She thinks this is the hands down best men's scent. I dont know about that, but I found her opinion worth a sniff. So glad I did.

Excellent juice. I have a lot of frags and this is getting worn a lot. Will always have a bottle of this handy.

27th November, 2011

Infusion d'Homme by Prada

Some of us like clean, soapy scents. This is the king of that. Simple, linear, clean, soapy and it lasts all day long.

Forget the listed notes. Not a lot of subtle stuff going on with this one. Frankencense, my a**. But very well made with an awesome shower gel to back it up.

You like soapy? Run, don't walk, to sample this as another reviewer said. Soapy, clean and surprisingly strong.

You don't like that kind of scent and want something subtle, nuanced, deep and complicated? Run away.
30th August, 2011

Extract of West Indian Limes / Extract of Limes by Geo F Trumper

A magnificent burst of lime for sure. But enjoy the opening cause there is no close. Or a middle.
Maybe an hour of lime paradise. Then...

I'll go neutral out of respect for great opening.
04th July, 2011

A Taste of Heaven by By Kilian

Wow. Sorry I missed out on this one for so long. I somehow ran into it after I discovered Caron Pour un Homme and fell in love with it.

I find it to be somewhat like CPH and little bit like 3rd Man. Lots 'o lavender and it lasts like crazy. If you like one or both of these, take this one for a test drive.

Not wild myself about the presence of absinthe, but if you like lavender, you must try this.

31st January, 2011 (last edited: 18th November, 2015)

Aventus by Creed

While I have mixed feelinga about it's strength or lack thereof on me, it does get noticed long after I think it's gone.

A wild fruity opening laced heavily with pineapple. I find the heart and base so weak on me (or to my nose) I'm hard pressed to describe where it goes when the fruit wears off.

Maybe it's just because it's new and different, but women love this on men. But if you're expecting a loud "club" scent, sample first. Pretty discreet juice. This one clearly shows me that Creed knows what they are doing. Modern and contemporary; true to their style.
20th August, 2010

Antico Caruso by Profumum

Maybe this is Le Male for grownups.

I eschewed initially after a brief in store test. The opening notes do conjure up Le Male- the first time you smell it - but in many wearings over time, I don't get that vibe any more. It morphs into a fantastic almond/sandalwood scent that conjures up very opulent soap. It is fairly linear, but the quality is so good I don't care.

As to the "barbershop" thing- well, maybe European barbershop. It doesn't have the North American barbershop vibe to me.

The price is horrendous, and I certainly wish they sold it in 50ml bottles. But if this kind of scent appeals to you, it's worth it. It is top quality juice for sure.

I haven't tried all the Profumum scents, but this one makes it pretty clear they're working with high quality materials. Longevity is fantastic.

20th June, 2010 (last edited: 27th November, 2011)

Royal English Leather by Creed

Whenever this was created, it's a wonderful scent invoking an earlier time for sure. No one would create anything like this now.

Wearing this is an experience wherein I'm staking my claim to being a mature guy.

It's a buttery smooth leather like an expensive jacket or the seats in a Rolls.
It's the epitome of "Creed-ish" and I mean that in the best way possible. This is a treasure for me along with Vintage Tabarome.

REL is not for everyone, but sample it while you can. You might regret not trying it if it goes the way of Vintage Tabarome.
21st May, 2010

Noir Epices by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I like this scent but don't love it. I'm sort of with Sir Slarty. On me this wears like a nicely scented spicy soap. A very, very powerful scented soap. This is the only frag in my wardrobe that lasts overnight and then through a shower.

I wish it had more of a personality on me with that kind of longevity. But sadly I never get any of the subtle notes and nuances many experience.

Did I say it was really potent?
10th April, 2010

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

Very deserving of all the praise it gets here. This is great perfumery. I find all the Guerlains take a bit of time for me to fully grasp. I'm glad I put in the time to get to know this one.

There is some citrus in the opening and some green, but the scent is much more than that. The EdT on drydown couldn't smell more refined and well designed. It is a bit on the sweet and powdery side. A perfect scent for someone who wants a very low key gourmand imo.

Doesn't project much on me and wears pretty light, but a magnificent frag.
I need to try the EdP version which by all accounts is fairly different.
03rd April, 2010

PS by Paul Sebastian

I have to laugh at the reviews of this one. It is remarkable how many either reference Old Spice or discuss a "scent like their dad used to wear" - which would have been, hmmmm....Old Spice perhaps.

Going through an occasional bout with maturity, I sometimes love to revel in old guy stuff like Old Spice and Pinaud Clubman. For $25 in a drugstore, I had to try this.

It IS a lot like Old Spice and I kind of like it. As an EdT, it's got more legs than anything I've tried from Shulton or P&G. I won't rave about it as some great scent. It's not. It's like a high end version of Old Spice. High end being a very relative term here. This is a $25 version of an $8 frag.

If that kind of scent could get you excited, try it. It's not like you're investing in a Creed special edition. It's kind of a fun scent for me. But! As evidenced in other reviews, you might just as easily find it vile, "old" and disgusting.
29th March, 2010
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No. 88 by Czech & Speake

This scent gets a lot of praise and has quite a following. The comparisons to one of my faves, Domencio Caraceni 1913, led me to believe I should love this. I was wrong.

I won't give a thumbs down. I can see why many would like this. There is a lot I DO like about it. But every time I wear it, there is some sort of foul note that periodically pops up to my horror. I'm all for a bit 'o dirty, but this note I can't deal with. I find the same stench within all the C&S scents. They just don't work for me.
27th March, 2010

Black by Bulgari

I don't know what else I could say that the other 160+ reviews haven't already said. It's not an everyday scent. It's more masculine than feminine imo. There's nothing else I've tried that is this odd, unique, delicious and good. It's weird stuff.

Bvlgari was really onto to something with this one. Try it for yourself and see what I mean.
21st March, 2010

Vetiver by Guerlain

Well, maybe it will grow on me. Such a classic but it's ever so weak on me.
I have applied it multiple times on the same day and like most Guerlains on me, I forget what frag I'm wearing an hour after I put it on.

If subtle is what you shoot for, give this one a go. It's very well crafted and couldn't be a safer scent. Perfect scent for a job interview since the rule of thumb is to wear none.
14th March, 2010

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

This one does everything right. It's my personal favorite of the designer scents. Clean, spicy, barbershop. Long lasting. Can work for mature and young men. Women tend to like it too.

Two thumbs way up; three if I had another. I will always have some of this.
13th February, 2010

Vetiver 46 by Le Labo

I wouldn't know how to break this one down. It smells great, I know that much. I hear and read all the "no vetiver" comments. Maybe true. I do get a good bit of incense out of it.
Fairly similar to CdG 2 Man in some ways; smokey? But quite a bit more potent and long lasting on me than 2 Man.

Nice, incensey, woody, sexy, masculine frag. Glad I own it.
26th January, 2010

Gendarme 20 by Gendarme

I can't think of better frag for a hot Los Angeles day in summer. A great big blast of lavender and a soapy clean smelling scent that makes me glad I'm wearing it. I have trouble with lighter scents fading away fast, but this one surprised me and hangs in pretty good. I'm usually pretty averse to these kinds of fresh scents, but this one I like.
18th January, 2010

Versace l'Homme by Versace

Certain frags that I wear constantly surprise me. I unexpectedly catch a whiff and think "who smells so good?" Then I remember it's me.

L'Homme does that to me every time I wear it.

The opening notes while brief, are amazing. Like fresh cut grass. But I can't break down the notes any further than that. I find this to be masterfully blended, somewhat like Caron's Third Man or PdN New York Not that it smells like either; it's just transitions so smoothly and everything is working so well together, no one note dominates for me. It's also deceptively strong and masculine. A borderline power frag from the 80s. It smells a bit like Santos de Cartier to me, but has more presence.

I've seen several discussions of the reformulation and have a fair amount of confidence that they haven't totally screwed this one up. It's one of my favorite discoveries since joining Basenotes. Due to the number of Versace scents with somewhat similar names (Pour Homme; Man; Uomo), I think it's often overlooked. I hope they keep making it and people overlook it just enough so I can always get a bottle.
18th January, 2010

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I held out awhile on this one. Tried it on a paper strip and ran out of the store horrified. I wonder how many others who hate Kouros have done this.

Tried a sample wearing. Then a second sample. Couldn't get it out of my head, so I swapped for a bottle.

I love it. Put me in a smell-proof booth with the other crazies who like this juice.

Admittedly, the strong civet opening can scare animals and small children. But on skin, it does mellow out and turns into something like a honeyed exotic soap with a little touch o' nasty. It would take someone paying attention to notice the "dirty" and I like that.

The acid test was a woman I know who hates everything I wear except L'Eau de Issey. I wore it on a date expecting, nay, eagerly anticipating the "YOU STINK" exclamation that generally accompanies any new scent I wear around her.

What a shock that she liked it enough to comment on it as "nice." Thumbs up Kouros. Keep making it YSL!

18th January, 2010

Gucci by Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

This one of my final "I like the bottle" purchases before I became a Basenoter. I hadn't checked the reviews until recently and I see that it's left many of us a little cold.

It's taking up space in my frag cabinet that should be used for something else. I'd score this a "miss" for Gucci. Bottle is nice though.
13th January, 2010

Windsor by Creed

The eucalyptus/pine opening is a little odd for my tastes. But it is certainly distinctive.

The shift into a wonderful fresh rose scent is killer. That rose is what makes this one a winner and sticks with me most. As time goes by, the cedar and orange temper the rose a bit, but it stays pretty prominent.

It's certainly pricey stuff, but clearly the quality of these ingredients is a cut above average for Creed or anyone else.

SIllage is pretty low once it's been on skin awhile, but it makes it presence known to the wearer for a long time in a very subtle way. Best longevity of all the Creeds I've tried.

It is a quiet, elegant and dignified scent. Unless you're wooing Wallis Simpson, it's not a good "going out tonight" kinda frag. It is a good scent for work if you're pretty turned out. One must be taken seriously wearing this. I could not fathom wearing this with khakis or jeans.

11th January, 2010

Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme by Van Cleef & Arpels

I wish I had tried this when it originally came out, but then again, I would have been too young for it.

It is a more "mature" man scent, no doubt. If you want to go down that path. it can certainly conjure up some of the negative cliches detailed in other reviews here.

But it also stands apart from the fresh aquatics and says "I'm here! Deal with it."

Take great care wearing this one. It's not a good casual scent. It is also the biggest sillage monster I've tried. First time I wore it, I left my place and rode the elevator. When I returned 20 minutes later the scent was still lurking and waiting for me in the elevator like a cloud (it smelled great by the way), But that kind of strength will freak a lot of people out these days.

I don't care if it's a cliche frag. It smells rich, masculine. powerful and stands out.
29th November, 2009 (last edited: 07th February, 2010)

Angel by Thierry Mugler

Seems to be a very polarizing scent. A lot of negatives in here proportionate to the positives. I find it intoxicating, but most appropriate on fairly young women. I think it would be at odds with a woman 35 or over. I always get a bit of the cotton candy scent and some patchouli, but never the chocolate.

When I smell Angel in a crowd my heart beat quickens and my head spins until I find the source. I find I am never surprised to see it is an attractive and confident young woman.
07th September, 2009

Bois du Portugal by Creed

Edit: Dec 2015

After giving a long rest to Bois du Portugal, I dusted it off last month and started wearing again. My earlier review was from my nascent days in Basenotes when I was still scared of "mature" scents.

I have a theory that many Creeds age well after first few uses. That would seem to be the case with my current bottle. It feels stronger with more legs than I remember.

I am also now at an age where I have no fear whatsoever of the dreaded "old man" smell. This stuff is awesome. Lots of compliments since I started using it again. Maybe my age caught up to the scent.

But it's not that the scent is really that old mannish...mature perhaps and serious. Plenty of young men can wear this with pride. But it is mature and serious enough you should sample first.

The opening blast is my favorite of all my scents.
09th August, 2009 (last edited: 13th December, 2015)

Vétiver by Creed

I think this is kind of a "mature" man scent, but I like it a lot (and I am a sort of mature man after all). Evokes an earlier time that's for sure.

Fresh and a little sharp. A little more heaviness than a green scent would usually have. I do notice the soapiness others mention here. It does conjure up an old barber shop but I don't think that's a bad thing.

Edit: Flash forward to 2015 and this has become one of my top favorites. Sadly discontinued and I should have pounced on a flacon before they were depleted. One of my few "flacon worthy" scents.

09th August, 2009 (last edited: 03rd November, 2015)

Lyric Man by Amouage

I love Amouage Dia and I really wanted to like this. But I compared it to several other rose-based male scents and this one is a little too "rosey" for me.

The dry down becomes a bit more masculine, but the rose scent is still pretty dominant and forward.

I prefer the dark hidden rose of Caraceni 1913, but I can see why many would love Lyric.
09th August, 2009

Tabacco by Odori

I tend to like darker, heavy scents and this one is one of my favorites. The tobacco shows up strong at the start but becomes very mingled with a very rich vanilla after dry down in a very masculine way. It lasts for hours and seems to continue developing into something else all day. Puts me in the mind of fine cigars and really good bourbon.

I never regret this purchase in spite of the steep price.
09th August, 2009

Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa by Acqua di Parma

This is one of the mistakes in my frag collection. I let a sales person foist this off on me, and I should have done a test wear....

It's a very nice scent actually, but I can't tell I even put it on half an hour after I apply it. Way too subtle for me.
09th August, 2009