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Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

Can't believe those who say egoiste is too sweet, cloying etc. This is the best vanillic scent, IMO, not headache inducing like mostly newer sweet, vanilla scents, very soft and round, transparent vanilla and the smoothest of woods and spices blends with a faint rose accord ( yes the rose is not so up front in there with my experience) . It has the classic Chanel character with a relatively modern smell that makes it perfect for someone in their 20s who thinks Antaeus is too dated. Chanel scents truly has magic, Antaeus makes you smell like money, PM concentree is sexy, and this one, well it makes you feel like an indulgent egoist.
12th March, 2007

The Dreamer by Versace

The dreamer is like a dream. I've yet to come across a scent as provocative as this. Transparent and modern yet very deep at the heart, it's magic. The similarities to D&G ph are there but the dreamer is not a mere scent, it is poetry. Rather romantic one, I would say.
10th March, 2007

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

This is no fresh scent, it's way too sweet and milky,taught me exactly what is a headache perfume. Too much of good things in it may be, but I can't wear this, merely thinking of it makes me dizzy. Quality-wise its a Chanel and no complaints necessary. Not for work or sport activity but might work in a night club. p.s the ozonic not in it is the worst I've ever smelled.
20th August, 2006
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M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

Dont't buy this expecting Aqua di Gio or Allure Homme. This is one of those retro 70s raunchy ultra musculine scents but a good one at that, with a modern twist. The vetiver and agarwood balance out the smokeiness and gives it a bit of medicinal quality. Quite unique in that I can't think of any other musculine scents similar to this. Dark, heady and smokey but not too much like the real old school scents.
20th August, 2006

Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin

Is it just my limited knowledge but something about this scent smells very similar to B*men by TM. I see this as a bridge between B*men and Lanvin L'homme, more on the heavier side than the fresh side. Anyway this is a citrusy, spicy scent that is not too heavy but definitely not fresh. I prefer this to other releases in 2005 like black xs or very irresistible.
10th January, 2006

Ungaro pour L'Homme III by Ungaro

A very high quality frag from the bottle to the juice inside, very dark and complex but sadly, as one of the reviewers said, this scent, just like CK Eternity has been over imitated by the body spray/deodorant industry. I'm using A*men and Kouros but this, for me is strong cologne because of the awesome projection.
05th January, 2006

Héros by Uomo Parfums - Didier Calvo

Got this as a miniature. It smells very weird like some kind of oriental triditional medicine. It smells more like a balm/medicine than perfume. Very heavy and somewhat exotic. I don't know who will wear this and where to wear it to.
01st November, 2005