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Cologne de l'Empereur by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

Cologne de L'Empereur,is the Dominique Dubrana "first ever made Cologne"interpretation:Napoleon was a great cologne consumer (at the rate of gallons in a month) and Farina was appointed official supplier.
Well,this version is somewhat different from J.M.Farina Cologne:I think the animalic note present here would have been disgusting for the Empereur (he could not bear Musk,and so Civet I suppose) but this fragrance is very enticing.
CdE is composed in an old fashion way,with two contrasting notes (civet and citrus) exalting herself the one with the other and many components imported from the original Farina's recipie.
I like CdE:to me,it seems a "dirty " citrus bomb,at first.Then,the other
players announce themselves.
Sillage is moderate,longevity is short on me.
A rich and expensive Cologne variation.
Raw materials are first grade as usual with Profumo Brand.

11th February, 2010