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Pi by Givenchy

I can't put my finger on it but Pi just makes me ill.
21st October, 2009

Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

The reason most people don't like Givenchy Gentleman is because they are use to what is passed off as what you should be wearing now. I do like many of the newer frags out there but lets be honest they are mostly the same scent just made by different houses. I like to wear heavy perfumes not "scented water" but if that is what you like then by all means do wear them and enjoy. I have yet to find a so called modern frag that can hold a candle to the vintage ones IMHO.
21st October, 2009

Pure Poison by Christian Dior

Of all the Poison line this one is my favorite. It is subtle and elegant with excellent longevity a great skin scent.
18th October, 2009
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Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

This is just a rubbish frag I didn't find one thing about it that I liked. But then the mens version of most perfume is never as good as the womens IMHO.
14th October, 2009

Cédre by 06130 Zéro Six Cent-Trente

This is the best skin fragrance I have ever worn. It is not complex (an overused word) and I'm not one to wax on about such things. Cedre is simply a very well made frag that will have people thinking it is how you smell naturally.
14th October, 2009

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Avignon by Comme des Garçons

From the reviews not everyone is in love with Avignon but I am. I'm not catholic so I don't have any idea what the church incense smells like but I do enjoy incense. When I first tried Avignon I thought of "Interview with the vampire" and I was hooked. I don't find it to be a depressive fragrance but rather I feel very warm and safe wearing it but I see where it would not be everybodies cup of tea.
09th October, 2009

Vetiver by Guerlain

Bitter and nasty! I like vetiver but this one is all wrong.
09th October, 2009

Axe Phoenix / Lynx Phoenix by Axe / Lynx

All of the Axe / Lynx body sprays are just so common and vulgar.
09th October, 2009

Patchouly Noir by Il Profumo

The best patchouli I have ever worn and I do know and love good patchouli.
08th October, 2009

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I just find it very distasteful.
08th October, 2009

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Rive Gauche reminds me of when my dad and me go to Seville Row to buy new suits. It is very understated and says I'm a gentleman who knows what I like and I won't settle for anything less.
04th October, 2009

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

KOUROS! What more is there to say?
04th October, 2009

Délices de Cartier by Cartier

Delices de Cartier is made for my skin! I've been told by many friends that my skin smells like cherries when I'm not wearing any fragrance. I use unscented bodywash so it's not that in fact I don't use any "scented" body products so I guess my natural scent is cherries which is nice to know. I know many find this to be too sweet but on me it is perfect but as with all perfume it comes down to skin chemistry. One persons heaven is anothers hell.
23rd September, 2009
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Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford

I don't think Tom Ford is overrated as many do (Black Orchid is brillant) and he has some very good ideas but TF for Men just isn't very good. I tried it and was less than pleased with it it left me feeling cold.
03rd September, 2009

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

I've been wearing Black Orchid a lot lately it just makes me feel so good. Peoples reactions when I wear it are always so positive and that's always a nice thing. I noticed some negative reviews so not everyone shares my passion for this frag. That's okay though we can't all like the same things and I enjoy reading all the reviews good and bad. I wish I was better at writing reviews but it's not really my thing I just know what I do and don't like. So maybe everyone can forgive my lack luster opinions but I just love perfume.
03rd September, 2009 (last edited: 15th September, 2009)

Patchouli Leaves by Montale

This is what I wear when I NEED to smell patchouli. My grandmother has a cedar trunk she keeps her cashmere in and she wraps real patchouli leaves around everything to keep the moths at bay. When the trunk is opened it is pure bliss and you can't help but to breath deeply to take in the aroma so nice and warm and slightly sweet.
03rd September, 2009

Original Santal by Creed

I think OS just smells so nice and relaxed. I don't think it smells like JOOP but I'm certainly not a perfume master I just know what I like to smell and wear.
03rd September, 2009

Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I tried to wear this but it just never would work for me. I gave it to a friend and it smells amazing on him so at least it found a good home.
03rd September, 2009

parfums*PARFUMS Series 2 Red: Carnation by Comme des Garçons

I like carnations and cloves so I find this to be very enjoyable to wear.
03rd September, 2009

Royal English Leather by Creed

I find that I'm wearing this more and more I play polo and compete in dressage so it is a familiar scent to me. I love walking into the tack room and being hit by the scent of fine leather. My mum and dad love to tease by saying "Ferril have you been riding or are you wear REL" :p My dad wears GIT so he knows how it feels to wear a scent you just can't get enough of.
29th August, 2009

Jil Sander No. 4 by Jil Sander

My mum wore this when I was a child and she still does from time to time so for me this is a comfort scent. A very nice floral with a warm drydown very pleasing to me.
29th August, 2009

Antaeus by Chanel

This is a great scent it always makes my friends say who smells so good? And then it's "oh it's Ferril should have known!" ;)
28th August, 2009

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Every guy and his dog wears this vile scent,WHY!?
28th August, 2009

Shalimar by Guerlain

I think the reason Shalimar has stood the test of time is because of its simple makeup. The notes don't argue with one another each one goes on stage on que and then makes a graceful exit leaving a lasting impression. I enjoy the Eau de Parfum very much, Shalimar is a brilliant fragrance.
28th August, 2009

Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills

I know this is one that gets alot of bad press but worn corretly as all fragrance should be it is really very nice. On me it has a soft incense scent and when I tell people what it is they are always taken by suprise. I hear but that stuff is terrible! Oh really and you just said how nice I smell. I know some truely don't like certain perfumes but if you ask them why it is always because they knew someone who left a puddle when they stood still. Less is more, an old saying but oh so true.
28th August, 2009

Coco by Chanel

I think of Coco as being male and female but then if you look at my wardrobe you'll see I'm not held back by the gendering of fragrances which I just find to be so strange anyway, I wear what I like. When I see pictures of Coco Chanel I see a very striking woman who is handsome rather than pretty and I don't think she would be offended by that. But as others have said that's just my opinion.
28th August, 2009

A*Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

This one is just not to my liking it does have the smell of scotch whiskey which puts me off as did B*Men, ah well to each his own and I own A*Men and and love it to bits.
25th August, 2009

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

The first time I smelled A*Men was on a friend of my fathers (an MP no less) and I thought I have to have whatever that scent is. It is the scent I wear the most and never grow tired of it if fact it has become my signature scent. My friends all love it on me but are too afraid of it to wear it themselves, which I love and smile to myself about since I don't want them smelling like me anyway. The reviews that are negative are so strange to me but we all have our own tastes. For the record I do use a light hand as you should with all fragrances even citrus.
25th August, 2009

Angel by Thierry Mugler

As we all know fragrance smells different on each person so the idea of a signature scent is really rather funny since we already have our own scent and perfume just adds to it. Poor "Angel" she has unfairly been label a whore when a saint is really what she is. It's peoples misuse of her that has tarnished her good name. Angel was new and different and ready to be loved and loved she was. Then the imitators begain to appear talk about "whores" and very cheap ones at that. When I wear Angel I feel very happy and those around me feel happy. So I will continue to wear her and defend her honor. May Angel live forever!
25th August, 2009 (last edited: 21st September, 2009)

Eau d'Hermès by Hermès

This is the most unique fragrance that I wear and yes it puts people I'm around in a sexual mood and they don't know why ;) I've noticed many comments about how it has a body odor smell to it and that's true. We all have body odor even after we have just bathed and there is where the sexual scent comes from. Now there is a difference between how someone smells if they haven't bathed in days but someone who is clean and then perspires well then what you smell is their pheromones. It may sound like a cliche but Eau d' Hermes is sex in a bottle and makes no apologies for being so.
15th August, 2009