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Zen for Men by Shiseido

If someone asks you what you mean by a 'synthetic' men's scent, just direct them to this abonimation -- it ticks all the boxes.Stay away.
18th March, 2011

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Belki cok fazla kullanıldıgı için olabilir..Baharatlı temiz bir koku..Takım elbise ile ofis ortamında yada eşofmanla diskoda iyi gider..18-35yas arası daha uygun gibi geldi bana..Çok ta matah bir koku degil işin türkçesi..
10th November, 2009

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Terrible when I first used but sweet and nice is using to come later.
08th November, 2009
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Quorum Silver by Antonio Puig

Very good fragrance.This Frag ,same CD sauvage extreme light.
03rd October, 2009

Halston Z-14 by Halston

good a aromatic chypre and easy spicy..but hard-to-wear fragrance..
22nd September, 2009

Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

Best for evening frangrance...Good smell..Natural..sweet but good..
28th August, 2009 (last edited: 08th November, 2009)