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Relaxing Fragrance by Shiseido

I would not call it a perfume. This is really for relaxing. Nice bottle, nice colors. It smells like when you cut the leaves. Calming effect guaranteed. And very fresh.
02nd September, 2009

Eau d'Energie by Biotherm

It does nt smell like a perfume, but chemical ingredient. Infact it has the same scent with Clarins autobronzant. Horrible. Energie? Quelle energie??
26th August, 2009

Chloé (new) by Chloé

Actually the bottle is amazing, the scent not.
First you may find flowers attractive, but rose is too strong. I like floral but mostly white ones. And what remains on your skin after that, is not recalling you to smell it again and again. Very personal comment.

If you are not a rose type like me you may buy it for the bottle.
26th August, 2009
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Kate by Kate Moss

I love Kate, but as a model.
This smells really like a cheap perfume. Anyway I keep on trying it but not wearing it...
26th August, 2009

Clair de Musc by Serge Lutens

I am sure that Serge Lutens won t sell in US as here in Europe (where Spice-Oriental etc sells more). I used to have a small sample of this and was trying it each time I wanted to smell a different thing.
Serge Lutens collection is completely a new discovery to perfumes. It is strong enough to change your point of view. I am not a fanatic of musc, but I keep on trying this on me only for myself.
It is strong and long lasting as others.
The bottles are always masculine.
26th August, 2009

Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert by Bulgari

This is not a perfume. It is something else but absolutely not a scent to wear. I have had maybe 6-7 different Bulgari perfumes. This is the worst.
It is not disturbing, it is just meaningles. Like a ghost. No color.
The bottle is better then the perfume.
26th August, 2009

Création by Ted Lapidus

My very first perfume. I was too young for it. It absolutely has a character. This is the reason why I love to smell. And how I have discovered that a perfume may change on each skin. And very long lasting... Pity I can t find it everywhere in Europe (except Paris)... :(
26th August, 2009

Madame Rochas (new) by Rochas

Old fashioned, a bit heavy but absolutely not for very young women. I have finished two bottles with my mother and decided that I was too young for it. I WAS young : ) Now I can use it maybe : )
I suits my skin perfectly. If you are trying for the first time give it a time..

Still love it. And recommend it.

Lovely bottle which screams : "I am a Perfuuume"
26th August, 2009

Sortilège by Long Lost Perfume

This also was my mother s favorite, Now I am 35 and looking for it too. Its original bottle was fantastic and feminin.
The box was decorated with white embroidery stamps on green back ground.
And the smell was unique!
26th August, 2009

Trésor (new) by Lancôme

I can not stay in the same room with someone who wears it. My nose is closing immediately. I was thinking that I was allergic, but no... This is really very strong and if you don t like it you hate it.
26th August, 2009

Cabotine by Grès

Used to have it at High School. Different on each skin. I have bought a bottle just to remember those days. But I am not going to use it much. As a young woman now I prefer to use others which are more sophisticated. Cabotine still belongs to my teenager years. Not to me today.
It is pretty, not beautiful. It is innocent but not provocative.
26th August, 2009

5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden

Absolutely not sporty, feminine and delicate and warm.
This was my first American Perfume.
Still can use it, but not for everyday. It reminds me a bit my mother (Dior woman), I grew up with mama s Diorissimo. So I would not call it modern or young woman s scent but you may fell in love with it. It absolutely has no time.
Nice bottle.
26th August, 2009

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

My second American perfume. It is strong, so you have to wait a bit. It changes a lot.
It is quite cheap but very interesting.
Not for a young girls. Feminin. Old fashioned.
Long lasting. Oh, yes and what remains is beautiful.
Nice bottle.
26th August, 2009
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Dolce Vita by Christian Dior

More of my bottles were Dior. Two bottles of Dolce Vita have been finished, because it was my husband s favorite (Not mine).
Too woody for a mostly floral lover. I was against it.
But it has a magic. After a couple of hours it mutates on the skin and has completely another volume. Maybe this is why it is more attractive to men. I have had to convince my husband that I do not like it. I was not in love with it. And the first seconds it really disturbed me.

I would recommend it the same.

Bottle is perfect.
And yes, "the name" for us Italians has another lovely meaning...
26th August, 2009

Chance Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I was thinking that I was in love with this young scent, since someone told me that it was synthetic. Yes absolutely. It is not disturbing but it is synthetic.
Nice bottle and lasting.
26th August, 2009

LouLou by Cacharel

I simply can not stand.
The bottle is horrible. Plastic and strange combination of colors.
In fact it is always reducted price (here in Europe). It looks cheap and it is cheap. But what is more important it smells cheap.
I also have many friends who hate it. Once I have heard a man describing it as...( I really would not like to write here...)
The scent is absolutely strong and irritating.
Pity my aunt has it.. : ( But it was a gift...
26th August, 2009