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La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

ignore the negative reviews. the time i wore this frag i got the best compliment i've EVER gotten. (haha well not really but it was good) not b/c of what was said but b/c of how strongly the person expressed what they felt about it. it went something like this. "what are you wearing? YOU SMELL GR8!!!!!!!" then they actually started describing what it smelled like to them. haha. Ok but on 2 the frag. cons:...none haha pros: 10/10 for longevity 10/10 for silliage (def. a cool night/evening/fall/winter scent b/c it will PROJECT and cut right through the cold warming everyone up around you). This is the frag you wear the night youre around those you want 2 make an impression with. another pro is its a new scent so if you get it now you'll stand out from the crowd. i've heard comparisons to the original l'homme but i'm not really smelling it. this one is not as fruity/sweet. its much more masculine and suited for nighwear. try it! they just got some in @ the local macys. 10/10 in my opinion.
04th September, 2009 (last edited: 01st October, 2009)

Infusion d'Homme by Prada

not my style. 2 me it seems a little to feminine. overall its nice but it reminds me of somethin my ma might wear. scent remains the same from initial spray to dry down. try b4 you buy. My opinion might change dependin on what the ladies think. that always seems 2 change my opinion ;)
04th September, 2009

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

found the 1st gucci ph 2 be quite repugnant. LOVE this one. ladies love it 2. excellent staying power. stands out from the crowd. for the mature man that wants 2 make a statement but not to bold. wish i woulda copped da 3.4 instead of da 1.7!
04th September, 2009
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Nautica Blue by Nautica

My fiancee and all her lady friends took a trip down 2 a fragrance store a few years back. She told me they ALL agreed that Nautica Blue was the best one! Not in my opinion but hey, the ladies like it. good 4 teens. fresh clean a lil fruity. had 2 cop a 3.4 just 4 her! must be one of those that got dismissed b/c of the mainstream stereotype (judging by the lack of reviews)
04th September, 2009

Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

nice...very nice. def stands out from the other aqua scents out there. reminds me a lil of da acqua di gio BUT with a twist 2 it. very good staying power and i love the drydown! i sprayed it on one wrist in the morning and was getting whiffs of it all day even AFTER i showered!
04th September, 2009

Unforgivable by Sean John

I dont understand all da negativity. Stop hatin on it. Its not 2 be slept on. If you dont want to attract the ladies stay away from it cuz they love it. (@ least on my skin!) had 2 cop da 4.2
04th September, 2009

The Dreamer by Versace

INSTANT FAVORITE. just as described by many the topnotes are harsh. But if you would just w8!!! The drydown yields an extremely pleasant scent that i just cant get enough of. Two thumbs up! Going in my special occasion collection.
04th September, 2009

Black by Bulgari

Dont sleep on it. subtle but not in a bad way. ladies love it TRUST ME. ;) not 2 mention gr8 staying power (@ least on my skin)
04th September, 2009

Chrome Legend by Azzaro

Soap. all thats important to me is the dry down and it smells to me like soap. nothing special.
01st September, 2009

Aramis Life by Aramis

Im still not sure if the one i have is authentic because i didnt think such disgusting smelling stuff was on the market. I need to go 2 test it in stores. But from what i have it is a putrid scent (in my opinion). My sister liked it (not sure if she was bein honest or just wanted me 2 leave her alone) my mom frowned immediately and said she did not like it. i dont like it either. AT ALL
28th August, 2009

Nautica Classic by Nautica

I dont know why yall hatin on it. The ladies have ALWAYS given me good compliments. its def a classic.
28th August, 2009