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Francesco Smalto pour Homme by Francesco Smalto

Francesco Smalto pour Homme is a fantastic 1980's powerhouse fougere. It is almost as dry as Yatagan, although it smells nothing like Yatagan whatsoever. The opening is strong - a spicy, smokey lavender/leather combination with a touch of anise (the only seemingly "sweet note" during the entire development). This becomes a very nicely balanced fragrance once the initial olfactory onslaught mellows. After about an hour, the anise seems to be gone but the smokey leather is still there with the lavender coming through more distinctly, along with only a hint of some very dry florals. By the four hour plus mark, the lavender is at its finest (really nice!), the smokiness has faded, and I detect predominantly leather with some oakmoss in the basenotes. This is a wonderfully masculine fragrance, and anyone that enjoys Quorum and Azzaro pour Homme is sure to enjoy Francesco Smalto pour Homme! This is without a doubt one of my all-time personal favorite fragrances.
12th April, 2010

Everlast Original 1910 by Everlast

Everlast 1910 is one of the best 'value' buys I have made. This is available at very reasonable prices, however, it is not a "cheap" scent. I was very surprised to find a fragrance by Everlast to have such a heady, sophisticated scent. Ken_Russell hit it right on the mark. This is not some cheap, mass marketed oriental, but rather a well-designed oriental blended by perfumer Antoine Lie from Givaudan. While the top notes are initially a bit harsh, they mellow quickly into a very attractive heart. The heart notes are lovely and transition to an attractive, solid base. This potion lasts for a full 8+ hours on my skin. Oriental lovers ----- don't miss this one. Two thumbs up!!!
12th October, 2009

Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

I am very pleased to have this wonderful fragrance in my collection! Salvador Dali Pour Homme is without a doubt a fragrance for special occasions. It is also wearable for most evening outings, if applied in moderation (a maximum of 2 sprays would be the recommended dosage). This is quite possibly the darkest selection in my collection, and while I would not hesitate to wear it for most evening outings (it is a bit too heavy for hot summer usage), it is most likely not an office or casual daily usage scent. It is a difficult to describe fragrance, and while heavy and most certainly a dark fragrance, most of the aforementioned satanic cult references can be readily dismissed. I would describe Salvador Dali Pour Homme as a very unique, heavy oriental fragrance with strong sillage and excellent longeivity, which is very wearable for most occasions when applied with judiciously. The bottle is also primo and in true Dali form!
05th September, 2009
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