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Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Used to own, but this sort of became one I wore for other people instead of myself. It's too linear and sweet, draws lots of compliments but nobody ever mentions chocolate. To my mind it's cocoa puffs, powder, and a hint of violets. There's just nothing exciting about it, no contrast, no mystery, no art. You could spend a little more and get something exciting, or spend a little less and get something equally inoffensive at Bath and Body Works.
19th October, 2010

Farnesiana by Caron

Have to agree with Mimi Gardenia (and Taliaseki) that the first connection this scent creates is to the paraffin note in l'Heure Blue. It's a warm, enveloping note, and here it mingles with the equally present florals to become something sweet and powdery (with just the slightest suggestion of salty play-doh and almonds.) This is definitely one that keeps my wrist pressed to my nose. It's incredibly comforting in cool weather, almost more maternal than gourmand.

The only reason it loses a star is the risk of smelling like a freshly diapered baby. While there are no cheap notes here, a light application seems to elicit "baby powder?" more often than compliments from unsophisticated coworkers.
19th October, 2010