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Daphne by Daphne Guinness

I had to try Daphne as that is my first name, and I wasn't disappointed. I like a fragrance that isn't afraid to let you know it's there, and Daphne boldly proclaims she's here, contemporary and elegant. I love the opening of bitter orange mixed with incense, and as the heart of tuberose and jasmine blend with the spices and incense, Daphne warms to just the right temperature. The oud is not apparent to me and the basenotes of amber, vanilla and patchouli round out this lovely creation. The sillage is wonderful (people have sniffed the air around me and proclaimed it divine), and Daphne stays on my skin for several hours without my having to reapply.
07th January, 2010

Knowing by Estée Lauder

I recently revisited Knowing after several years of wearing (almost exclusively) niche frags like L'Artisan, Bond No. 9, Acca Kappa, Creed, etc. and I love how it blends with my skin's chemistry. After the first blast, it settles into sopisticated, rich bouquet of dark flowers tinged with incense and woods. I have an sort of off-beat style and even though this is about as mianstream as you can get (It is EL, after all), it suits me perfectly, especially in the fall and winter. Don't be afraid to try it because it was created 20 years ago; it's not dated at all and you might be "dating" more if you do!
02nd October, 2009