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Eau Noire Cologne by Christian Dior

A new favourite. Popped in to try Dior's Granville and fell head over heels for Eau Noire instead. After the initial burst of lavender which quickly dies down, it turns into a rich, wonderful scent that puts me in mind of Liquorice Humbugs and Single Malt whisky (of the luscious caramelly kind, not the peaty ones). To my nose the scent feels warm and comforting - the perfect winter's perfume. Yet reactions around me were unexpected - my husband declared it 'too dark' for his liking and my teenage daughter's independent verdict was 'gothic' . Now, gothic for me would be Etro's Messe de Minuit or Shaal Nur, not something as sweet and soft as this, which mellows beautifully as you wear it (with excellent lasting power). So I guess this is really one you need to try out before taking the plunge, but I for one am hooked on it!
16th December, 2011

Géranium pour Monsieur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Surprised to read about the base notes on this one, as I just don't smell them in person. My husband's skin only seems to bring out the top notes, but that's hardly an issue when the top notes smell as good as this! The green sharpness of the geranium/ pelargonium stops the mint from seeming toothpastey and there is wonderful softness to the drydown (maybe that's the musk peeping through, blending in harmoniously rather than drawing attention to itself). I haven't tried it on myself, but will have to some day - even if it isn't one of the unisex ones.
14th September, 2009

Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal

Pleasant, but gone after 10 mins on my skin. One reviewer mentions its complexity, but I don't get it. To me it's just so subtle, it's bland. If perfume was a colour, this would be beige.
14th September, 2009
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Nahéma by Guerlain

Have owned and loved this one for years - I remember my mother wearing it to dressy parties when I was younger and maybe that's why to this day it strikes in me notes of confidence and sophistication, when you know you're at your best (it's also one of the very few scents that my mother and I have in common, as our tastes seem to be markedly different on that score). And despite having known it for years, not once have I thought of it as a rose scent. Even now, as I smell it, I feel it's so much greater than any of its individual components, the end result is so big and bold and beautiful, that it becomes almost undescribable. A classic that has endured and will remain on my list of staples.
14th September, 2009

Eau de Pamplemousse Rose by Hermès

Eau de Pamplemousse Rose is like diving headfirst into a sweet grapefruit, followed by a wonderful drydown that takes you into an entirely unexpected direction. The experience reminds me of Ellena's Bigarade Concentree, but in a sweeter, cleaner, lighter way (with the initial burst of citrus followed by a hint of Bigarade's underlying dirty sexiness). I used to quite like Hermes' Eau d'Orange Verte, but it never lasted more than a few minutes on me and I quickly gave up on it. Eau de Pamplemousse Rose has plenty of staying power, together with a more sophisticated, far more interesting blend of notes. When my husband tries it on, all he gets is the citrus (same with Bigarade), whereas on my skin it develops the full range. A wonderfully refreshing scent for the summer, and here's looking forward to discovering how it will work over the winter.
13th September, 2009

Un Jardin Après La Mousson by Hermès

A wonderful peppery opening, like the olfactory equivalent of biting into a nasturtium flower, followed by a fragrant melon dry-down. It may not have the complexity and range of some of Ellena's other scents, but it's so fresh and unusual that it's a joy to wear - especially in winter, when it reminds you of those summer days in the sun eating cantaloupes at every meal. Uplifting.
13th September, 2009

Bigarade Concentrée by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Absolutely adore this, dirty sweaty oranges and all. Came to it via JC Ellena's perfumes for Hermes (the two Jardins - Mousson in winter; Nil in summer, which I enjoyed alternating with Pamplemousse Rose this year), but this is something else, stirring all manner of things in the brain like no other perfume ever has. I love the animalistic note that manages to make you feel impossibly sexy and grown up all at the same time. Ellena's creations seem to last a long time on my skin, this one more so than others. Wonderful.
13th September, 2009

Vetyver by Jo Malone

Wallops you over the head with its one-note metallic tang and just keeps bashing...
Can't fault its staying power, sadly.
13th September, 2009

Nina (original) by Nina Ricci

My favourite all through my 20s. Such a shame they discontinued it (especially to replace it with the new Nina, a sherbetty sweet confection that smells like cheap kiddies perfume). Managed to find some EDP online recently, but the bottles must have been poorly kept over the years and all that was left was a sweet soapiness that made me feel quite ill after a while... Will have to survive on the memories of it instead.
13th September, 2009