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Kimono Rose by Thymes

Sweet berry kissed floral with a soft hint of vanilla. Very subtle rose tones. Lighthearted, feminine and pretty.
14th September, 2009

Goldleaf / Goldleaf & Hydrangea by Thymes

Refined, feminine and gracious. Suggests rich warmth and luxury. Unusual balance of mellow floral sweetness, clean soapy freshness and slightly mysterious forest-y depth. Powdery floral with slight undertone of herbaceous greens and dry down of soft woods and moss. Beautiful, distinctive, subtly sensual and not the least bit cloying or overpowering.
An altogether memorable fragrance. Enchanting!
14th September, 2009

Pink Bouquet by Bronnley

Nostalgic, feminine perfection. Pretty without being cloying, classic without being cliche. Has that effervescent quality violet adds to roses, as in YSL Paris only softer and more subdued. A dreamy, powdery floral surrounds a true rose petal heart. Timeless and romantic, I wore this on my wedding day.
14th September, 2009
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Dream Angels Halo by Victoria's Secret

The best by far of the trio and sadly missed (sniff) Kind of a contradiction... spicy and fresh, sweet and sophisticated, and strangely enough somehow fashionable even trendy (at the time) and yet classically feminine. A sentimental personal fave, reminds me of my first real job and first real love. The latter ended painfully but, like the fragrance, was sweet while it lasted.
14th September, 2009

Shalimar Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Suffocating, sharp, nauseating, sickly sweet...reminds me of stale sweat heavily caked with the sort of dime store bath powder popular in rest homes. Discordant wood tones reminiscent of dusty antique chests rotting in some stifling airless attic. The stuff of violent dizzy retching headaches ... alongside Youth Dew, Royal Secret, Galore, Hope, Interlude, Ciara and that ilk. Yet something unique about Shalimar that makes it more offensive to me than just a scent which simply disagrees with my personal chemistry... I can't stand it on anyone else, either. Seriously, I can pick it out at twenty paces.
14th September, 2009

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

MUST be layered with the bath line and applied with a very light touch to truly develop the exquisitely feminine character. Not a fragrance for the faint of heart or everyday wear. Holds it's own with a designer suit, real jewelry and a fur. Kid gloves, veiled hat and vintage train case are appropriate, but optional. Outrageously glamorous and overtly sexy, can be vulgar instead of voluptuous in the wrong hands... you've been warned!
14th September, 2009

Sexy Little Things by Victoria's Secret

Fruity-floral blend of apple, exotic jasmine and sensual cashmere woods
Top notes: apple, waterlily, osmanthus
Middle notes: jasmine, honeysuckle, lotus
Base notes: cashmere woods, musk, iris

Kind of a retro 80's aggressively heady floriental meets the sugar crystallized uber fruity 2000's...
like new wave night at the Shark Club.
13th September, 2009

Extraordinary by Avon

Blackberry musk, candied pink grapefruit peel, white chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, champagne, orange liqueur, vanilla bourbon, sandalwood
13th September, 2009

Head Over Heels by Eden Classics

Cutest kitschy litttle bottle ever! Pretty but forgettable floriental. Wish I'd kept an empty bottle for my dressing table
13th September, 2009

Le Jardin by Eden Classics

My first fragrance... purchased with babysitting money. Dreamy, light fresh green top note, white petals, soft powder with a very subtle incense dry down. Reminds me of pink lipstick, angora sweaters, designer jeans and my mother's pearl earrings. After school dances in the jr. high school boy's gym, swaying to Spandau Ballet in the arms of a football hero. Heady stuff the memories that nostalgic first fragrance conjures.
13th September, 2009

Madame Carven by Carven

Top notes: coconut, green leaves, galbanum, peach and bergamot
Middle notes: carnation, tuberose, iris, orchid, jasmine and hiacynth
Base notes: amber, musk, benzoin, coconut, oakmoss and vetiver
13th September, 2009