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Original Vetiver by Creed

Well, first time I smelled this I did not want to buy it.

Then, since I have visited Creed counters frequently, I have been noticing many women in their 30+ buying this fragrance for themselves, time after time.

I don't know why women would choose to wear this, must be the some aphrodisiac in this one.
I have also noticed the counter women from other departments comming just to get a spritz of this on their of them even rolled her eyes in passion as she described to me how she loves OV.

It smells like a Ivory soap and very soft, smooth and rich shaving cream. It is never overpowering and it just vanishes at the point where comparable synthetic cologne would start being persistently annoying and too strong.

When I smell it now, all I can think of are words like "solea", "savon" and "toledo".

It can be worn to the office and everywhere else. My all time favourites are: Virgin Island Water (light brown colour drydown), Bois du Portugal (best pound for pound cologne), Cuir de Russie (out of this world concept cologne) and Selection Verte (fresh and very light burst fitted for every occasion)....and now OV as well !

The best song that goes with OV cologne according to my mood just recently is the background preppy melody of the song by "T-pain--Buy U A Drank ft. Yung Joc" (check it out at Youtube).

This song just reminds me of the wonderfull invisible fumes of this rich fragrance that are radiating outwards from your neck after spritzing yourself with OV.

The thing is that I like to shower in it as you can never overdo it with this one, you always want more.

Buy it...its an all time classic!

02nd May, 2007

Virgin Island Water by Creed

I have just received a sample of this and have to admit that i am a bit dissapointed. Fron now on, no more blind impulse purchases on Creed fragrances anymore.

This one opens with a freshness, but not the typical freshnes of citrus like in previous Creed colognes; it is slightly sapped with Coconut.

As it progresses, gone is the freshness and light sweetness and powderiness sets it but without typical Creed aqua signature. It doesn't change very much even much later on.

On thing about it, aside from not being very well suited for a man, is the effects it can have on you. It can put you in a good mood or make you slightly randy if you know what i mean. Thats probably due to aprodisiac effects of high quality ylang-ylang and musk.

Overall, this smell s like a glucose shot to me. It is sweet, not suitable to summers and without sublime distinction; it is very light and mild though.

What has happened to Creed quality? Here is what....Creed has stared to mass produce now; became too market oriented....gone are quality days when someone that is actually talented spends several years creating a single masterpiece. Creeds do not have talent....but only quality ingriendiends and family secrets of the trade due to long tradition and thats why there is no real flare to them. On the other hand, if you like a Creed cologne it is kind of hard to get sick of it. Some of them take some time to figure them out completely.

Now his son Edwin, from Italian mother, will ruin Creed already modest talent. Italians were never genetically capable of producing sublime quality of perfume like French can do. He just doesn't have it; he thinks that any change to set standards is always good plus he just doesn't have the "gift" like in the movie "Perfumer" with Dustin Hoffman.

Don't buy this....rather wait it out until he comes with yet another flop. But you never know...
15th March, 2007

Himalaya by Creed

This one has been my number one for quite some time. It is ranked in top four of all time.

Feuille Verte
Selection Verte
Bois Du Portugal

When you have four favourite scents like that, it is very hard to say which one is the best, or which one is better than the other. They are all unique and they should all be treated the same, and your mood of the moment is going to decide which one will go on your skin that day.

Since all of these are Millesimes and have up to 80% of natural ingredients as compared to 6% (Chanel, YSL etc.) you can start to appreciate it like a good wine.

Keep it away from light and in room temperature or slightly below at all times.

Creed, depending of the harvest year can vary in a hue of the scent from year to year.

It is too light if new and kept for less than a year. As it gets older it matures, and each note can evolve a tad different or stronger but never start to deteriorate like most of synthetic fragrances out there.

However, every cologne is different, you may keep Selectio Verte in your closet for a 100 years and detect no change except in strenght and after 100 years it may in fact begin to deteriorate.
You can have Himalaya be good only for 15-25 years for it to reach its prime and after which slowly start to deteriorate. Maybe that is why it is placed in a silver, light resistant bottle.

They are all different, just like women from different countries that age at different rate when compared to American.

Himalaya has the best opening of all, together with Royal Water; except that Royal Water starts to sink into feminine realm too much right after the opening.

Himalaya has that creamy, musky scent that I do not enjoy wearing on dates or in the summer. It's sort of Mr. untouchable type and only good for business meeting or something formal; it is even good for everyday wear provided its not hot summer day or a date.

For dates I would use Selection Verte or Feuille Verte.

Himalaya also has that peppery scent to it right after some 30 min of use that makes is an all time classic.

It does, however, take some time to get used to it especially after you swich from gaudy synthetic brands.
Don't make a mistake and misjudge it.

22nd December, 2006
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Fleurs de Gardenia (original) by Creed

Hi guys,

I have ordered two bottles of Fleurs de Gardenia from New York and was put on a waiting list before they mannaged to track down two bottles from San Antonio Texas, Sax Fifth Avenue.I live in Canada.

Once I got the package and opned it I found only one, instead of two bottles of Fleurs de Gardenia. It just arrived today.
It did not take me long to find out that I was riffed of by Saks Fifth Avenue from San Antonio Texas by some American weasel named "Pete", thats what said on the invoice. I am on the brink on contacting the authorities since this may not pass as someone's sorry-ass mistake, it was theft and I want everyone to know that.
He charged me almost $800 US for two flacons since I did not get the limited edition atomizers and decided to send me one bottle and keep the other for himself.

Anyways, the cologne is 70% female and 30% male and is garbage compared to Feuille Verte that I also got.

It has this predominant bitter note to it that smells like someones sweat. Nothing extraordinary, people, nothing.
Plus I got ripped off.

So there...
21st October, 2006

Feuilles Vertes by Creed

I had a friend pick up a bottle of this rare cologne for me, and I can say that I am a proud owner of one of a hundred. After a few days of having it I have grown to know it, more and more intimately.

The cologne is so pure, complex and concentrated that the first day the opening will smell overpowering piney/woody at the beginning for about 10-20 min. This piney scent is just a woody oakmoss with flowery scent added to it so thus it gives illusion of piney scent that reminds one of that first Polo green bottle. There is certain spiciness and zest to it that gives of freshness of a toothpaste or pine scented concentrate for water when cleaning floors.
After about 20 min it begins to change and dilute beautifully on your skin. It starts off as a scent of a honeysuckle in a someones garden in a suburbia on mild summer clear day and there is a touch of magnificent scent of a Yasmin as well; but not as much as the Bulgarian rose; and you cannot miss that scent of a enchanted forest to it. It smells extraordinary....The best smell to go to a church with..There is so much depth and finesse to it and purity that no other cologne can come close to it. It smells like a summer day in a SChwatzwald clinic scenery (German series) while you are having a joyride in a brand new convertible Mercedes with your friends...fairytale. I think some of the earlier Hugo Boss colognes with that honeyscent have failed miserably trying to capture this magic.

The best way to describe it if you watch DVD Lord of the Rings, The return of the King, chapter 7, when Arwen walks through the fairytale forest with her Elves and then that beatufil opera song emerges and light after which she rides a horse over a bridge, into the city and on that dais with fallen leafs where she meets that man who has a gift of foresight. It smells a glorious as that entire scene.
To be honest I could picture only the Elves in the white robes, or Arc-angels wearing this scent because no mortal man deserves to smell like this...

12th June, 2006

Original Santal by Creed

I just bought a bottle of this one today. Opening smells like very light, smooth and pure version of Joop but much more. There is a touch of something that reminds of Allure, i think its sandalwood. It makes one come in slight touch with his feminine side when wearing this yet still stay well decent in his own gender. I think its great.
I tried to walk fast in the mall today and turning and smelling my cologne that way. I think when it mixes with air the combination is much more than what you smell on your hand. I think girls will love this on you better than Himalaya, even though I like Himalaya better.

Tell you what, when I put my hands on my upcomming bottle of Feuille Verte I think it will hit the spot.As far as this bottle is concerned I think its cologne for romantics and Bohemian lifestiles and not for slave mass.

24th April, 2006

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

This one is too much of a single note. You can find that note in Himalaya, that has it mixed in a nice bouquet among other notes. This fragrance really reminds me how great Himalaya is.
11th October, 2005

Bayrhum Vetiver by Creed

I did not like this fragrance at all. Opening is like cheap Bayberry candles (J_dubyah 2002) and after that it decomes dark and murky scent, like, for some very complicated "asshole" type personality of a man for who it was created, probably. It is unique but I wouldn't buy it. Now, if I had it maybe for month maybe I would dicover something, but no thanks.
11th October, 2005

Cuir de Russie by Creed

I am very pleased. This is a fragrance of great uniqueness, quality and style. On the surface it smells like rubber or tire, nice horses sweat, and a sheep farm right at the beginning indeed. But, thats a positive thing because its so unique and sexy. Moreover, its like watching a picture that is in three dimensions and you are constantly trying to cross your eyes to see whats the 3D image in the picture but you cannot. Same like trying to be intelligent but you cannot, because its not there. You really need some time to understand how great and how complex this fragrance is, unlike some comments here. It really has depth to it and you cannot get sick of it. Last night I smelled it for like 5 minutes before sleep in my bed and that night I had such pure, intense and good dreams like I haven't had in a long time. It must be something in the chemistry of it. Imagine then, what could it do to a woman brain cels upon her smelling it on you. She would probably try to tie the knot right on the spot. You never know.... I mean....for this one you really have to be intelligent and openminded oterwise go for Polo sport or Tommy instead....It's like they say in The Bible .."Pearls are not for pigs" Sorry to put it that way..
I also have Himalaya and cannot determine which one is better and why, because you cannot compare the two like that.
Next, I am looking forward to trying Verveine Narcisse that Queen Viktoria wore. They say its the best.
16th August, 2005