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Les Nuits d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal

This is a very classic composition in the vein of traditional eaux de Cologne, such as 4711 Kölnischwasser. To my nose, the citrus smells like lemon verbena's punch of straight citral. After the first half hour or so, it calmed down into a mellow citrus Cologne for a few hours. The sillage, while barely there, is a soft, sweet musk, still present about 12 hours after application.

Seems perfect for someone who "doesn't wear perfume," so I have passed the sample to my fiance. After years of Burt's Bees Natural cologne (which he wears very well), I think this might be a nice bit of variety -- and I look forward to hugging him at the end of the day and smelling that sillage.
03rd May, 2012

Icon by Gorilla Perfume

illyria's review mentions Icon aging well; I got my bottle through one of Lush's once-a-year "order a retro item in advance" sales. I loved the tester, but then when my bottle arrived and I applied it, I was startled to find the citrus notes competing with the dark ones to the point that it reminded me of Coca-Cola. That impression only lasted a few minutes, and it seems to have gone away as the bottle has aged.

On me, the sandalwood really forms a nice lasting duo with the myrrh, and the pair have amazing longevity. I'm surprised to see odysseusm say it's gone after four hours -- if a piece of clothing gets a good dose of Icon, I can still smell it after it's been through the laundry. Fortunate, then, that I like it and don't mind that the people who know me think of this as my signature scent.
03rd May, 2012