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Féerie by Van Cleef & Arpels

Oh I really wanted to like this, but after several attempts I get the same impression at first spray.... Ant killer/bug spray. Just like what has been seen can't be unseen... I can't break the association of this perfume and what I spray the foundation of my house with.

So as gorgeous as the bottle is, the smell is equally bad. For those of you lucky enough to never have smelled ant spray... Let me describe it this way. Very intensely sweet, in a chemical way. Blackberry note is very prevalent, but in a sour liquor note. If it was sweet like jam, I might have a different reaction, but this screams in your face. The violet note is there, but not a violet I enjoy. There is something lacking... I love violet but this wasn't to my liking.

When focused you can smell the notes, but they are not layered. For me there is no transformation as this drys down. If perfume is like a chorus, this one has all the sections singing... The same note very loudly, garishly, off tune, and sharp; the drydown just muffles this.

09th January, 2017

Wish by Chopard

Oh I thought I loved the bottle then I wore it. This is a new favorite. Do I smell Angel, yes... But that is just one layer of this many layered confection. For me and my very pale skin, I can put on the loudest perfume and have it muted in an hour. So I tend to wear my scent on my clothes and in my hair (stupid long hair). Even on my skin this shines, with the drydown being incense, caramel and a nuttiness that is rolling on the bed sniffing myself. Well maybe not that intense but I like it.

I think due to the fact that I rotate my perfumes daily not to go noseblind... That I enjoy this perfume even more. It offers different notes depending on fabrics, and never seems to be the same twice...but not so far apart as not to be unrecognizable. There is a definite powderiness for me, a cuddling feeling, very winter and almost Christmas. Not sure I will be reaching for this come July.

Projection is good, but no so bad that my one co-worker complained. She occasionally does. Being that I can still smell it after work, I would say silage is very good as well.

This is not a mass appeal type of scent it going to be hit or miss, love or hate. If you don't like a chameleon property, stick to Angel.
24th December, 2016

Boss Nuit pour Femme by Hugo Boss

Well I was a tad disappointed, not a whole lot special here. It is peach, but in a shampoo hair products way. Not offensive, just the opposite... Very safe. This is a very soft scent, with no projection. The smell of Downey in my clothes lasts longer than this. It could be much more appealing if the volume and silage was turned up a notch. All and all there is a bit of wanting to snuggle to see if you can catch a stronger sniff, but you might have to lick the person to get there. Maybe that's why they call it Nuit. Wink wink. I would think this is the perfect first perfume for a young girl. They can drown in it, and no eye watering to be had. Also not a sugar bomb, like a lot others geared towards that age. Perfect for the gal who likes perfume but doesn't want to smell it. I will wear it to bed, but not out.
24th December, 2016
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