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Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture

I haven't smelled this on anyone else, but on me it becomes an offensive and terribly sweet fragrance, muddled with other notes that just turn it into a synthetic mess. It is very youthful, and perhaps could work on the right girl, but I frankly have a terrible opinion of it.
25th September, 2009

Frederick's of Hollywood by Frederick's of Hollywood

If only this fragrance weren't discontinued! I used to work at Freddy's, and when word got out that it was being discontinued, I actually had a woman come in and buy almost $400 worth of the fragrance -- all of the bottles we had left! Then, over the next few weeks, I had many frantic women come in, asking if we had any left, and one lady even bought a tester bottle that had 1/3 of it gone! She said that she had bought all that she could online, and was devastated that her signature fragrance was gone for good.
I agreed with all those women; F is a gorgeous fragrance, well-blended and seductive with just enough floral to keep it from ending up dirty. I actually filched all of the old tester bottles that I could because I too loved the fragrance so much -- it really didn't smell bad on anyone, whether they came into the boutique with it on or tried it on in the store! My boyfriend of the time expressed serious disappointment when I wasn't "smelling like a bombshell" anymore once those bottles ran out.
R.I.P. ... but please come back from the dead!
25th September, 2009

Burberry the Beat by Burberry

This is a soapy and uncharming scent on my skin. In the bottle, it promises to be something young and fresh, but once I spray it on it displeases me. I've tried it on in department stores on numerous occasions, hoping that it will turn out well, but it remains synthetic, with a decided lack distinguishable notes, and I always end up scrubbing it off my skin. I haven't had the chance to smell it on anyone else; perhaps it does turn out better for others.
24th September, 2009
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Rock 'n Rose Couture by Valentino

A sexier version of Rock 'n Rose, and much more dominating. The rose scent still prevails to my nose, however this one seems muskier to me, more dusky. Like Rock 'n Rose, however, it dies quickly on me, and leaves nothing distinguishable behind.
24th September, 2009

Coconut Lime Verbena by Bath and Body Works

I would love to smell this on a guy; I imagine it would be lovely. On a girl, however, I find the lime to be too harsh, despite the delicious, powdery coconut that accompanies it. For me personally, I find the coconut to be absolutely fantastic and imagine that a spicy scent combined with it would be orgasmic, but the astringent, too-true-to-an-actual-lime smell makes this scent something I will never buy.
24th September, 2009

Sensual Amber by Bath and Body Works

This is a simple, basically one-note fragrance, but I love it. I don't wear it when I have my Prada, but when I'm going through a financial pinch, Sensual Amber is always what I turn to.
It smells rich, and is definitely best when combined with the matching lotion. I receive many compliments, and the scent doesn't disappear to my own nose. It's creamy but distinctive, and I get nothing floral out of it.
The EDP is longlasting in comparison to the price, while the EDT spray needs an occasional boost throughout the day. The lotion's scent clings close to the skin and is a perfect base for the EDP to turn into something sexy, and alluring, without being raunchy. I've had boyfriends and their parents alike compliment me when I wear this fragrance.
24th September, 2009

Black Raspberry and Vanilla by Bath and Body Works

Incredibly sweet and rather sugary... It lacks a woodsy scent to anchor it, when I wear it. The scent itself is pleasant enough on the shelf, but I can't see it translating into something worth investing in as a regular fixture in a fragrance wardrobe. I've had teenage boys compliment it, saying I smelled very good, but personally I found it to be too juvenile to be worn anytime other than on a girl's night in.
24th September, 2009

Japanese Cherry Blossom by Bath and Body Works

This fragrance (and its lotion) has been awarded as one of the best cheap scents out there by Allure's Beauty Awards, so I went to try it. I slathered on some of the body butter and took a spritz of the EDT (not the EDP), and the fragrance is remarkably well-blended... I didn't find it distinctive enough to warrant a purchase, but the ever-so-slight cherry, and very light sandalwood, was nice enough. There was no particular "musk" or "exotic" factor to it, off of my skin. I think the case is that it disappeared to my nose, and will be trying it again soon, based on the over reviews here -- perhaps a second chance around will win me over.
24th September, 2009

Moonlight Path by Bath and Body Works

I have never enjoyed smelling this on anyone, and have such a distaste for it that I haven't tried it on my own skin.
The scent is mixed well and very distinctive, but something about it permeates my nose and makes me gag. I've found that many girls overdo it with this scent, but it may be my personal opinion... the first time I smelled this on someone, the girl had used the shower gel, and then the body butter, and then the EDP, and it gave her a good 6-foot radius of absolute olfactory attack. Other girls were complimenting her, when I just wanted her to get away from me!
I don't believe that the scents that compose this fragrance are a good mix. Lavender and mandarin... and then ylang on top of that? Each in its own is a lovely scent, but when combined, I just hate it.
24th September, 2009

Sweet Pea by Bath and Body Works

A very sweet, one-trick pony. It's not sugar-sweet, but rather flower-sweet, and while it isn't particularly offensive to the nose, there's nothing special about it. I imagine that the musk anchors it just enough from turning into something unpleasant; the freesia, rhubarb, and raspberry are lost in it, which might be a good thing.
It doesn't have much of a personality and doesn't match most people, but on one of my friends -- an optimistic but quiet girl -- it's somehow just right.
24th September, 2009

Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works

My mother wears this at times in lieu of Victoria Secret's Vanilla, and I prefer this one on her. The Fresh Vanilla by BBW betrays what I believe vanilla should really be about, and Warm Vanilla Sugar is better, in my opinion.
Real vanilla extract is very sweet, but it doesn't seem "high-voiced" -- it's a deeper smell that becomes sickly sweet once combined with sugar in cake batter.
Warm Vanilla Sugar has enough of a musky base (almost like a rich brown sugar instead of vanilla!), that it keeps its fragrance from becoming another one of those offensive, synthetic, highpitched vanilla scents that I've come to despise... whenever I smell it, anywhere, it reminds me happily of my warm, cozy mother, baking in the kitchen. I love it!
24th September, 2009

Rock 'n Rose by Valentino

The rose in this one is what dominates my nostrils -- as soon as I spray it on, it overwhelms me, making me think I'll never want to try a rose-scented perfume again... then, a few minutes later, it's lovely -- not too "garden-y", but nice and lovely and young. And then, it disappears completely.
Unfortunately, the rose is all that this perfume really offers to me. If it had more personality, and if that middle tone lasted longer, I would buy this perfume and wear it regularly.
It is a safe scent, and I find it nice when other girls wear it.
24th September, 2009

Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

I have only smelled this out of a tester and on my own skin, not a man's, but my experience of it was not a good one. It is very chemical to my nose, and I didn't enjoy it at all, I couldn't even pick apart any particular scent -- but I can see it transforming into something good on the right man's skin, and thus am giving this one a neutral vote.
24th September, 2009
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Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Testers of Flowerbomb were dropped off for all the female sales associates in the clothing store where I used to work when the fragrance first came out, and for a week my nostrils were bombarded with all sorts of interpretations of it. On some girls, it was so disgustingly, synthetically sweet I wanted to vomit; on others, the sweetness stayed but it wasn't so overpowering, and was just an unmistakably sugary, though wellcrafted, scent. On none of them did I detect the patchouli, which I had hoped for.
A few weeks after that, I used my own tester, and it came out very strong at first and disappeared rather quickly, but there was a brief interlude where the scent made me want to bounce up and down with a big grin from ear to ear -- like an elated pop princess. All in all, for a sugar addict like myself, it's worth a cautious try.
24th September, 2009

Boss in Motion by Hugo Boss

This is an absolutely fantastic scent when on my boyfriend... his skin transforms it into a well-blended, citrusy musk that is not too synthetic, but not so "real" that it comes off "dirty", if that makes sense. When he wears it, I can barely keep my nose away from his chest... I plan to buy it for him whenever he runs out; I want him to always wear it!
24th September, 2009

Romance by Ralph Lauren

I agree that this is an ordinary sort of fragrance. This was another one that was given to me as a tester at its debut, when I worked in a mall, and all the girls tried it. On most, it came out as a nice, though slightly synthetic fragrance, and on me it was tolerably floral but faded quickly. On all, however, it was well-blended, which I admire.
One girl, however, started working with me a few weeks later, and I was surprised to hear that her lovely fragrance was none other than RL's Romance. It was soft, and feminine, alluring without being especially sexy. A ladlylike perfume, that wafted off of her, and I envied her ability to make it turn out so nicely.
24th September, 2009

Prada (new) by Prada

This is my signature fragrance, first discovered when I was blindly testing fragrances when I was 18, in Dillard's. It stood out to me by not being another one of the sickly sweet, overpowering fragrances the girls I worked with in the mall always wore; the vanilla stands out to me, reminding me of my mother, a pastry chef, baking in our kitchen when I was younger, and is anchored from being sickly by the rose (or so I believe), turning into something feminine rather than childish.
I don't have the typical aborrence of patchouli; I don't like it in pure incense form, but for some reason it comes out as a lightly floral on my skin, which I haven't been told is bothersome. I imagine that the labdanum, which I'm finding that I rather enjoy, helps steer the patchouli away from being atrocious.
The citrus is lost on me; I've never particularly noticed it in the bottle or on my skin, but that's my nose, not the perfume, I suspect.
The staying power is long lasting, and according to my boyfriend, the scent is very strong when first sprayed on. But, smelling my wrist right now, it's a sweet, clean, mellow fragrance that I will always adore.
24th September, 2009

Mambo for Women by Liz Claiborne

The first time I tried this, I was 14 and filching a spray of perfume from one of my friend's medicine cabinets after a sleepover because I had forgotten to bring any. It's a spicy, earthy scent that reminds me of a sweaty Latina -- in a good way. I've smelt this scent on other women, and on some it's simply awful, with the fragrance being completely off-putting and synthetic. However, on the right person, it comes out sexy and seems almost as if the person is emitting the scent themselves, instead of wearing a perfume... like it combines with their persona.
I don't wear it anymore because I find it to be too forward, but if I ever find myself going to southern Mexico in the summertime, I suspect I'll be picking up a bottle!
24th September, 2009