Reviews by Tirreni


Spiced Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

I purchased this at a hugely discounted price online having read about the scent and how it contains all my favourite notes....unfortunately though it just doesn't smell right on me and has a very, very poor staying power. I was very disappointed, but just glad that it had only cost me £4.99!
14th November, 2009

Vanille Cannelle by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

My favourite winter fragrance! Lovely, soft, full vanilla and rounded, non-bitter cinnamon...yum! I only wish I could find a stockist here in the UK as my bottle's nearly finished!
27th September, 2009

Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood

I bought this online on the basis that it's formulated with all my favourite scents - nutmeg, vanilla, rose otto, violet and cardamon. I wish I hadn't have bothered as I really disliked it. It smelt cheap, chemical-like, had really low staying power on me, and reminded me of old lady soap. A real let-down!
27th September, 2009

Citron Citron by Miller Harris

I usually find citrus scents nauseating and migraine-inducing, however I smelt this on a male friend of mine and thought it was gorgeous! Unfortunately though it turns out my chemistry must be very different as it smelt like a completely different scent on me and had no staying power at all. For me D&G's Sicily works a LOT better, and has a much less weighty price tag too! I've given it 4 stars though as it doesn smell divine on my male friend.
27th September, 2009

Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

I bought this years ago in my late-teens as I've always loved nostalgic, heady perfumes and especially rose and violet so I thought this would be completely 'me'. How wrong I was! It's heady to the point of being overbearing just with one squirt, stays put all day (not good if you don't want it to!), smelt of old grannies and cheap talc, the rose accord didn't come through on me, just an overpoweringly-strong smell of violets. Not for me I'm afraid!
27th September, 2009

Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent

I absolutely love this gem of a's a true unique classic. I fell in love with it as one of my aunts has always worn it as her signature scent since I was born. However when I've tried it on me it just does NOT smell the's actually awful on my skin - like the smell of paracetemols or something! I've never reacted that way to any other scent which is strange. Even though I love the smell from the bottle it's for that reason I'm giving it a neutral thumb.
27th September, 2009

Stella by Stella McCartney

A feminine, modern take on a rose scent. Didn't have much staying power on me though and I found it a little too 'fresh' scented and white-rose like for me, but that's just personal preference. A 'dainty' scent nice for in the summer, but personally I like my perfumes a little headier and heavier.
27th September, 2009

My Melody Dreams by Muelhens

A floral-chypre the scent of which I've never smelt before or never will do again. Hints of tuberose, violet, musk, peach, violet leaf and sandalwood. I LOVED this scent as a teenager in the 80's...I was given a bottle when on a school exchange in Germany but have never found it here in the UK and now it's discontinued! I've still got a half bottle left, and although I don't wear it I keep it just because I adore the smell (and I've also seen bottles of it going for a fortune on auction sites, so you never know)!

I just wish they'd bring this scent back :)
27th September, 2009

Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana

This is my favourite summer instantly transports me back to summers spent with my family who live on the Amalfi Coast. On me it opens with a fizzy, pleasantly zingy 'Champagne'-type lemon & orange scent, which soon softens to soft-florals, bergamot, sun-ripened Italian citrus, and smells like a day on a southern-Italian beach with the olive and lemon groves around......bliss!
27th September, 2009

Vanille Amande by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Pure Amaretto...reminds me of my family who live on the Amalfi Coast! Just wish I could find a stockist in the UK
27th September, 2009

Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel

Like many others this was one of the first perfumes I ever owned as a pre-teen! I love it just for the nostalgic value but even though as a smell I think it's still very pretty, as a woman's perfume it just smells cheap.
27th September, 2009

Alyssa Ashley Vanilla by Alyssa Ashley

A beautiful true vanilla...they used to stock it in Boots when I was a teenager but I haven't seen it for years now which is a shame. Now I've moved on to Compoir Sud Pacifique's Vanilles, but I can't find them in the UK either!!
27th September, 2009

Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur a rose-lover all I can say is 'maybe it's my chemistry', because it smelt awful on me! It was like I'd piled on cheap old ladies' talc and perfume, and smelt of wee on me! Not good. On the plus-side I've given 2 stars for the bottle design which is tactile, smooth, sensual, beautifully coloured, and a true design classic :)
27th September, 2009