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Gendarme by Gendarme

Rather new to the game, I am just now discovering Gendarme, thanks to those here on Basenotes! Though it took a little while to find it (even in NYC's perfume district), I have secured a bottle of this refreshing scent.

My first impression is that it is clean, sheer and crisp. I agree that it smells a bit like freshly-laudered shirts, but that's ok with me! The feeling is a bit short-lived as it seemed to have disappeared on me after a couple hours, but I hear that the scent gets quickly lost on the wearer but others can still smell it. I don't know if that's true, not comments yet from friends/ co-workers.

I have experimented with other "clean" scents such as Clean for Men, Showerfresh Clean for Men and Banana Republic Classic -- all of which just didn't "click" with me. Gendarme "clicks." It's a great pick-me-up scent for a briefcase or gymbag.
08th November, 2009