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Allure Homme by Chanel

If you like Havana cigars then you'll like this because that's what I think of when I sniff it. There's a whiff of cedar too and a big whiff of quality. This is top stuff for making an impression. One of my stalwarts and highly recommended.
01st April, 2004

Pleasures for Men by Estée Lauder

I received this as a present and I've never been more disappointed in a fragrance. The top notes are stingingly powerful, almost nauseatingly so, this quickly dies to... nothing. Nothing is a relief after stinking yourself up with this stuff. I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy and the remains of the bottle (99.5ml!) will shortly be binned. Don't waste your time guys!
29th March, 2004

Chemistry by Clinique

I feel compelled to write after reading your previous contributor's comments. I have used Chemistry since 1995 and I get complimented on it by gorgeous women frequently and they're usually smiling too! Women love Chemistry. Unfortunately Chemistry is no longer available here in the UK (except in Harrods, London).
13th March, 2004
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Cuir de Russie by Creed

Only just found this, (very informative), and see a review of my all time favourite creed fragrance...
russian leather...
I would not even attempt to describe it...except to say that if you think that Royal English Leather really does have the fragrance of fine old english leather then you will find that russian leather conjurs up fantastic images of Cossacks, Winter, Log Fires, Hot Horses......May sound fanciful but I beleive that Creed put more than a modicom of consideration into the naming of thier fine fragrances.... and for me, at least, this is one fragrance that really does work well.
Have only been able to buy from Harrods in the 250ml glass bottle with the leather bound stopper... but at circa £120 worth every single penny!
15th February, 2004

Jungle pour Homme by Kenzo

An absolute favourite. Always gets positively commented on and the fragrance lasts all day, mellowing out nicely. Sometimes hard to find in Duty Free shops though - anybody know why?
17th June, 2003

Gendarme V by Gendarme

Gendarme V is another incredible fragrance that is sweeter and more "Greener" than the original. The fragrance is so unique that people pay attention to it. If you want a warmer heavier version of Gendarme get the V. You won't be dissappointed!
14th May, 2003

Gendarme by Gendarme

Gendarme is the most fabulous fragrance out on the market today. It is elegant and sexy at the same time. I always get compliments from women whenever I go out to a bar or club. Your nose gets used to Gendarme very quickly (so you cannot smell it on yourself after about an hour) but others will notice it on you many hours after you've sprayed it. Purchase this incredible fragrance. Good day.
14th May, 2003

Space NK Man by Space NK

Warm, spicy natural essences keep you fresh for ages and don't inflame hypoallegenic inclinations.
OK i'm being trendy (or trying to - you must get bored with the one-liners and chat-up geeks???) but was given this as a freebie in Manchester and have kinda taken to it. Slightly costly but hoping they have more in stock when i'm able to return to ask for a bigger load.
PS great website!
07th June, 2002

Swiss Army by Swiss Army

Swiss Army is one of the best colognes you can buy today. If you want to attract the ladies, use Swiss! The scent will last you all day.
22nd April, 2002