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La Nuit de L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

I got a sample of this last week and liked it best of all the ones I had. Even beating out Gucci by Gucci, hugo xy and a few l'eu d'issey frags. I love the opening. If the top notes lasted all the way through it would be great. But the base isnt too shabby, just a little weak and wet rubbery-ish. It reminds me a little of 360 Black but not as sharp, w/similar sweetness. I bet this stuff would be nicer if i could spray it from a bottle. Get a good soaking.. :) Its more appealing to me than my bvlgari soir and gucci phII. And I loved the bvl soir, but that sh*t is strong. I wondered what the soapy taste in my throat was after i got that one last year til i put two and two together. lol
30th August, 2010

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

I haven't worn it yet. But I sprayed it on a ralph shirt collar i have hanging up and a cotton pad. Its very unique, to me. Its doable... Sweeter spice, pimento cheese sandwich, woodsy, eggnog at new years, and big red gum? haha I don't like it as much as I do the smell of chili powder. Though I probably wouldn't wear chili powder.. oh I let my wife, niece, and sister smell it and they wasn't too crazy about it.
08th November, 2009

Bulgari pour Homme Soir by Bulgari

Cant say much else other than I'm addicted now to it, and my niece (20yr old) said it "Smells good, no wait, lemme smell again... yeah that smells Reeeaaaly good!" Smelling it as I type this it has a really clean smell and the musk is awesome and im not a musky fan. It reminds me of something but i cant put my finger on it.
08th November, 2009
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Stetson by Stetson

My brother has worn it for years and has bought it for me on several occasions. My 66 yr old uncle has bathed in it for years too... I hate it cause every cowboy wanna be in the south wears it. There are definitely tougher colognes out there.
05th November, 2009

Axe Dark Temptation / Lynx Dark Temptation by Axe / Lynx

I love chocolate and this smells like I just got done baking a chocolate cake and rubbed it all over me. But.. I dont want to smell like that unless im really baking a cake!
03rd November, 2009

Axe Clix / Lynx Click by Axe / Lynx

The deodorant stick smells good on me at least lol i do think phoenix is a bit better spray
03rd November, 2009

Axe Phoenix / Lynx Phoenix by Axe / Lynx

quite addictive. has a nice fresh smell on top and cools down quite nice
03rd November, 2009

Romance by Ralph Lauren

My wife got this a few years ago and I don't like it at all compared to the mens in which I got around the same time. Ive tried some on today & the base reminds me of when I was a kid running around wal mart's pet department after school while my mom was working in toys. The lady that worked in pets must have worn something similar from that era (like 1987-88') reminds me of her. She was in her 50s then. I'll stay neutral on it since I enjoyed my time in the pet dept. lol.
03rd November, 2009

Stetson Untamed by Stetson

My brother bought me a 1oz bottle of this several years back. I prefer it over the original Stetson. It has a sweet smell to it. Reminds me of playing pool. The wife doesnt care much for it though. Been sitting so long it has stuff floating in it now.. no idea what it is.
10th October, 2009

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

I loved this scent. My fav of the (4?) not including the Romance line. I used it fairly quick and had the bottle in the cabinet til a month or so back I took out the bottle which still had a tiny drop in it, ripped the cap and squirter out with a pair of pliers and put it on leaving the bottle on my desk to air out for a week so i could keep smelling it... I think they put cookies in it
10th October, 2009

Romance for Men by Ralph Lauren

i liked it. smells fresh. dont really smell the pine in it, but now that i have a headache from sniffing my polo green anything can smell good
10th October, 2009

Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur by Pierre Cardin

The unique bottle design launched this fragrance into the stratosphere with Pierre Cardin’s futuristic look on life. In an era that requires both prestige and value, Pierre Cardin is second to none.

I honestly don't see how this could be possible. Back about 10 yr ago a friend gave me a half bottle and it was putrid. It had to have been an old bottle or something cause its like the lemon, leather (sweaty leather sandals) and benzoin reformulated into something that smelled akin to kerosene mixed with diesel fuel (yes the stuff u put in tractors). I was a wee bit younger then. But that smell is still stuck in my membrane in the spot where all things rancid fester. Maybe one day I'll give it another sniff if I see it out somewhere and relive my horror.. Sorry guys, although I do like the smell of Old Spice
10th October, 2009 (last edited: 04th November, 2009)

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

Ever since I smelled a friend bathing in this in his car I have been obsessed with never smelling it again...
10th October, 2009
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cK one by Calvin Klein

I loved this stuff when it first came out. Havent smelled it in a long time but I remember it somehow. I dont think id wear it over some Armani but if it was give to me id definitely spray it on from time to time.
10th October, 2009