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Eau de Galliano by John Galliano

John Galliano's first perfume for women is as complex and creative as the man himself. It's a floral aldehyde but like a prism it changes at every twist and turn.First impression is definitely and aldehyde with a hint of Chanel No 5 with the iris and bergamot, then comes the powdery scent of powder puffs with the violet and rose as if you just stepped into a showgirls powderroom, then there's the intoxicating scent of musk, amber and a sensual woody undertone like an 18th century boudoir.
The bottle itself reminds me of one of Galliano's gowns with the glass twisted and moulded to look like cinched gothic ballgown in fuschia and black adorned with a gold rose.John Galliano's first perfume has taken us from the catwalk to your dresser. You may not be able to afford a Gallliano creation but at least you can loose yourself in the aroma of one.
18th October, 2009

Calyx by Prescriptives

This was a favourite scent of mine back in the 80's. It's fresh, fruity and free spirited. The appealing scent of peach,apricot, bergamot,melon,raspberry ,botantic florals the softness of musk with a hint of fresh mint similar to a chilled glass of Savignon Blanc brings me back to fun days in the sun surrounded by good friends laughter and music. The perfect fragrance for an Australian summer.
17th October, 2009

Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

This is not a complex blend of notes which makes it scuptiously delicious. A mix of orange zest, cocoa bean, star fruit and vanilla pod.
It reminds me of hot drinking chocolate warm and chocolatey on a cold winters day...
17th October, 2009
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Calycanthus by Acca Kappa

The calycanthus flower is found in Venice and blooms in the heart of winter. To received this flower is to give a gift of love and care.This pretty wildflower intoxicates the air in the Venitian gardens and reminds you that spring is not far.It's heady scent warms your spirit just like the honey in this fragrance.The bouquet of honey, jasmine and musk does this little flower justice.Acca Kappa have captured the 'pretty' alluring aroma in their version. The blend is sweet and balanced and creates a true dulcet floral. The more you inhale it the warmer your feel...It makes you smile..
15th October, 2009

Ambre Gris by Pierre Balmain

This is one perfume that should be a must in anyone's scent collection. A completely unique unisex scent which opens with a zing of pink pepper only to be sweetened by the cinnamon and lulled into a soft sensuality by the tuberose and imortelle. All this merges seamlessly with the smokiness of the gaiac and myrrh leaving a sillage of musky softness by the white musk and ambergris. A true masterpiece in the world of fragrance.
13th October, 2009

Alchimie by Rochas

This has always been a favourite of mine.
It's fruity top note of blackcurrant, plum, peach,grapefruit, pear and bergamot flows seamlessly into a floral mid note of lily of the valley, jasmine, wisteria. heliotrope. rose and the milkiness of coconut. All these wonderous notes are then warmed with the base of vanilla, caramel, amber, tonka bean and musk only to be finalised by the finest hint of liquorice.An exquisite gourmand that can be worn a warm summer day or a cool evening walk..
13th October, 2009