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Mitsouko by Guerlain

I've been a Guerlain lover from my rosy days of youth...L'Heure Bleu and Shalimar have been my staples for over 40 years.
Not that I haven't strayed, as a true lover of fragrance, I've tried and loved, loved and discarded more than a few other fabulous perfumes over the decades; Chanel, Gres, Lauder, Chopard, so many others....
But the one elusive prize I've not possessed has been Mitsouko.
Now that I am in my (50ish) dotage, and should be respectable enough to find at least one true lover, er, fragrance, I dared to flirt with Mitsouko.
So, I shall confess: while dancing the tango with Tom Ford, I saw an old, used bottle of the Mitsouko on a dusty shelf. Unseen, I slipped it into my hand, and onto my skin, meaning to return it to its place, unknown...but the swirls of scent and elegance and beauty and decadence and exquisite timelessness overwhelmed me, and the little dark bottle slipped gently to the floor.
And so now, while Mr. Ford and his Black Orchids escort me much of the time, I secretly love Mitsouko; my inner self swoons with pleasure whenever we are together.
That is Mitsouko.

01st December, 2009