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    Nueva Maja by Myrurgia

    Beautiful aldehydic floral with an oakmoss-musk base. A classic.

    25th September, 2012


    Epris by Max Factor

    I have some manufacturer's samples of the concentrated cologne. This fume seems to be a strong oriental floral with a pronounced civet note. Probably some patch and moss in the base, too, but I wouldn't call it a true chypre. It has a balsamic structure, like Youth Dew. It reminds me of that, Charles of the Ritz Senchal and Kismet (the vintage one, not Lubin). Strong, sexy and a bit skanky! A winner!

    01st July, 2012


    Absolue Pour Le Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    Because I often wear drrrrty vintage fumes -- Intimate, Bal, Occur!, Parfum de Peau, La Nuit -- I didn't find APLS especially shocking. (In fact, the vintage Shocking sample I wore the other day was much more so.) APLS felt like a slightly darker/dirtier version of Alahine, which I wear amped up to compensate for its lack of longevity. We're just so used to antiseptic smells these days that we've lost our tolerance for any skank.

    I liked APLS very much and would get it if I could afford it. But for now I'll stick to the civet monsters I have.

    11th April, 2011


    Nicole Miller by Nicole Miller

    Warm, honeyed tuberose and ylang make this fragrance like sunshine on a winter day. Not for the haute perfumistas, but for women who want to smell nice and be happy. Nice ambery drydown.

    22nd December, 2010


    Cabochard by Grès

    The 1970s vintage EDT I have is rich, lively, ambery. All leather lovers should find some for the experience. The contemporary stuff is a shadow of the old dame, alas.

    I'd love to sample the vintage extrait.

    06th December, 2010


    M de Morabito by Pascal Morabito

    Heroic, masculine fragrance. Dark green, penetrating spices, super sillage. may contain oud wood -- has a Mideastern vibe.

    11th June, 2010

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