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Green Irish Tweed by Creed

after so many discussions on basenotes, decide to give it a serious go and bought a small bottle and wearing it now for few days.

It smells very frresh, classy green. Works for office, casual out, night out... very universal so to say
Longevity: I get full force 4-5 hours. Thereafter it gets a pleasant close to skin frag. People can still smell it on you even 10 hours later if they come very close to you.
Sillage: first 3hours, then its gone.

overall rating: If you look for a gentleman's green smell.. GIT is a good choice!

Does it smell like Cool Water: NO!
Cool Water smells right from the beginning "Sweet and Aqautic".
GIT smells "Green and Fresh Herbal"

To me they are different...!
02nd June, 2010

Bois du Portugal by Creed

I just bought a 75 ml yesterday without testing it on my skin. Just felt like taking the risk and see how it goes.

It went Perfect. Decent woody scent and long dry down.
Amazing Sillage, and amazing longetivity.
I only had two sprays at 8 pm in the evening and could still smell it at 6 am today when I woke up.

It is a gentleman's scent if not exaggerated during application (very strong!)
Excellent composition by creed! Absolute 5 star for me!
21st October, 2009

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

Absolutely timeless and wonderful!

I am wearing it for the last 7 years. Smells fresh and woody. Great opening. The top notes are great but unfortunately are gone right away you put it on. However the Vetiver can last for several hours.
I wear it both in summer and winter and I have a dry skin...

Eau Sauvage is non-aggressive, Gentlemanly masculine, and non disturbing to people around you, and yet makes it presence notable.

A masterpiece!!!
16th October, 2009
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