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Romance by Ralph Lauren

It's making me really nauseous.

I need to sell this bottle as soon as possible. Any takers?
18th April, 2011

Armani Mania for Women by Giorgio Armani

I bought this because my boyfriend used to wear mania for him on our first year together. We just turned two this month and whenever I wear this i always seem to be transported back to those first few days of our courtship. Ahh those days were intense. Mania will last until after you shower it's stays on you like good memories. It makes me feel very sophisticate and makes me very proud to be every inch a woman.
22nd August, 2006

Innocent by Thierry Mugler

this scent really smells very happy. reminds me of carnivals sweet and younger days of my life carefree and full of dreams. I think it's because of the honey.
This is a quiet but strong scent do not be mislead.
22nd August, 2006
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Weekend for Women by Burberry

i don't like like this very much but my boyfriend loves it on me. Just wanted you to know that. I dislike the bottle design ( not efficient at all)
Very long lasting. can't wait to finish the 50ml bottle. bought this on impulse at a packaged sale online.
10th May, 2006

Vanilla Vanille by Body Shop

I like the old version of the juice much darker and stings when i spray it on my neck. But that version lasts a lot longer than this new one. But i also have the new bottle which needs to be replaced immediately. Lasts best when you layer with shower gel and lotion. ( i love the lotion) Got both bottles at their sale, the old one when i was in college, the latest one just a lil over 2years ago. Both have incredible effects on men.
Vanilla is my favorite basenote of all time. (currently adding Amber & Patchouli to that list)

05th May, 2006

Lavender by Body Shop

I asked my brother to buy this for me for my birthday. I found it to overpowering that it almost smells like a man's cologne. I gave it to my boyfriend who loved it.
05th May, 2006

Extraordinary by Avon

Top note : Grapefruit, Guava,Pepper, Raspberry rose, Tangerine

Middle note : Chocolate Orchid, Golden Ginger Flower, Lotus Flower

Base note : Sandalwood, Vanilla, Patchouli, Woods, Musk

Interesting. I don't have it. But I will soon.
03rd May, 2006

Wish by Chopard

This is the first perfume i have bought online got the 2.5oz EDP for less than $30. Starts really strong and overwhelming but develops into a lovely warm scent them at the end of the day you are left with this sweet powdery scent that i like. I bought this because most people think this smells like Angel by TM (which i find interesting) I love bottle in blue diamond.
03rd May, 2006

Little Black Dress (original) by Avon

i don't know if they have discontinued this beautiful scent, but i can no longer find it in my avon lady's catalog! i have the powder, and edp decanter in 25ml that i always keep im my purse no matter what perfume i wear in the morning i keep handy for emergency. I love it that smells sweet and milky and not really cheap. Although it is. Im buying more once i see this back in the catalogs. I also read somewhere that this scent won an award. Just go google.
03rd May, 2006

Sweet Honesty by Avon

It is a classic scent that i decided to buy. it really reminds me of my nannies.
03rd May, 2006