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Musc Botanique by Strange Invisible Perfumes

This fascinating scent contains no actual musk. Alexandra Balahoutis used botanical molecules that closely resemble those in musk, to create a "botanical musc", which is meant to communicate the sexual essence of plants. As you can see from the other reviews, the musk is quite convincing; people feel very strongly that there is musk in this perfume.

I love this, as I do love all of Balahoutis's perfumes. Many of them are not "easy", but they are really interesting and evocative to wear.

For me, Musc Botanique is very sensual and aphrodisiac, something I would wear for a hot date. It writes stories in my mind immediately, and opens doors to ways of being i don't usually experience. I become more feminine, more flirtatious. The geranium opens up the amber and frankincense adds a slightly medicinal bite in the beginning, which quickly mellows out. There is something reminiscent of Damiana, an aphrodisiac herb, though it is not used in the blend.

It's captivating and exciting.
21st October, 2009